Twitter to expand its subscription service TWITTER BLUE

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Twitter said Tuesday it would give access to the users to admit-advertising papers from The Washington Post, Reuters, BuzzFeed, and other publications through its subscription service, Named Twitter Blue.

The donation is part of Twitter's plan to find new sources of profit. In January, the company acquired Revue, a magazine-producing service, Service that allows people to create newsletters it would take a small percent of the subscription as a fee to newsletters writers. And in May, Twitter bought Scroll, a subscription company that builds advertising-free reading services for publishers.


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In June, the company introduce Twitter Blue and a plan to charge users a small amount as a fee for extra new features similar to the capability to edit bookmarks and resize tweets. On Tuesday, Twitter said it would ask users to pay$ 3 a month for those features, as well as access to articles without advertisements.

"In headway of our commitment to strengthening publishers and supporting publishers and free media, part of the Twitter Blue subscription figure goes to publishers within our network,"

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wrote two Twitter design directors, Sara Beykpour and Smita Gupta, "Our goal is to help each publisher make 50 percent further per person than he or she could have by giving that person advertisements."

Twitter also said it would modernize Nuzzel's associated features, a service handed by Scroll that warns users about extensively participated papers on Twitter.

Twitter shut down Nuzzel during the accession of Scroll, which created a roar from users who said the service had helped them cut off the sound of their crowded social media feeds.

The company said it would also give subscribers early access to new features, allowing them to test products and give feedback. Twitter Blue is available in the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, Twitter said.

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