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What is MetaMask ?

MetaMask is a global community of many developers and designers dedicated to making the world a better place by using blockchain technology. Their goal is to instill democracy in access to a low-level web, and through this goal, transform the internet and the global economy into one that empowers individuals through collective bargaining, privacy, and free interactions.

In other words, MetaMask allows users to store Ethereum-related data such as public addresses and private keys like any other Ethereum wallet (meaning you can hold your tokens there) and allows users to interact with websites using Ethereum-based applications and contracts smart (meaning we turn your web browser into an Ethereum browser).

MetaMask allows users to do anything related to Ethereum (such as contacting smart contracts, sending/storing/receiving Ether, or Ethereum-based web applications and applications) with just a simple browser extension.

The advantage is that this prevents users from using all Ethereum software (MetaMask does this on their servers).

TIP: With MetaMask you have to approve all the steps you take. So if you want to contact a smart contractor, be sure to go to the MetaMask screen and hit verify to confirm sign in action.

Quick MetaMask Guide: Download extension, create a wallet, write your seed phrase, send ETH to that wallet, go to a dApp hosted website like IDEX, use Metamask to work with smart contracts on site.

How to install and use MetaMask ?

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First, let's start with a simple MetaMask that I assume you think you can do for some basic steps on your own (see detailed details on how-to-below nitty-gritty):

  • Install MetaMask


Go to and select "get extension Chrome" (or an extension of any browser they support and wish to use). Follow the directions. Make sure you create a strong password and keep your password and seed recovery in a safe place. The default account with the Ethereum-related public address will be created in the Main Network. You can use that account, or you can add more accounts by clicking the Round View button in the top right corner of MetaMask. Each account has one corresponding address.

  • Send Ether to MetaMask


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For example, log in to your Coinbase account and send it to the address associated with the account created in MetaMask. To get your public address automatically created while creating your MetaMask vault, click the “…” icon and then click “copy address to the paste board.” That will copy your address to your clipboard for you to paste.

  • Go to the site you want to use

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Each site designed to connect to Ethereum will create a different function. For this example, we will use CryptoKitties, but we can easily go to EtherDelta to buy tokens, go to an online token exchange, or contact a smart contract via the website. In our CryptoKitties example, the first step would be to create a CryptoKitties account by clicking on "start meow." Note how in the meantime the site has retrieved certain information from your MetaMask wallet (in this case, your public address)? This is because MetaMask and the Ethereum-based web application speak for themselves. Continue to follow sign-in instructions.

  • After you log in you will receive a MetaMask pop-up screen that confirms your login (actually from here every step you take on the site is verified with MetaMask).

Click “Sign in” and you are now logged in to get real and ready to buy online items online. This works just as well as it could on any other website, click on a product, click the buy button now, confirm the transaction. The only note is that your last confirmation will be for MetaMask (you will see a screen confirming details such as fees).

Now, wait. Your transaction needs to be recorded on the blockchain before you can receive anything you have purchased (in this case, your CryptoKitty).

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You now own the item you purchased. Once the transaction has been confirmed, your address will be associated with the token you just purchased. If you purchased a kitty, it is associated with a non-fugible ERC721 token (representing a cat you can watch/sell on-site). If you purchased a cryptocurrency, your address is now associated with the balance of a specific ERC20 token. If you have purchased an item of token goods based on Ethereum standards, here it is.

In fact, once your transaction has been recorded on the blockchain, you own whatever you purchased.

TIP: You need to pay “gas” to buy things with Ethereum. So you need to have more Ether in your wallet than you want to spend.

Why MetaMask ?


MetaMask was created to meet the needs of secure and usable Ethereum-based websites. In particular, it handles account management and connects the users to the blockchain.

Metamask blockchain Connection ?


MetaMask comes pre-loaded with fast connections to the Ethereum blockchain and several test networks via thier friends at Infura. This allows you to get started without synchronizing a full node, while still providing the option to upgrade your security and use the blockchain provider of your choice anytime.

Today, MetaMask is compatible with any blockchain that exposes an Ethereum-compatible JSON RPC API (opens new window), including custom and private blockchains. For development, we recommend running a test blockchain like Ganache.

They are aware that there are constantly new private blockchains that people are interested in connecting MetaMask to, and they are building towards easier integration with these many options (opens new window).



Robiniaswap project is owned by Blokfield.INC, a witness to the STEEM blockchain (@roadofrich) and the HDID Validator (RIZON Platform) Blockchain.

Robinia has long been using blockchain communities and services and is committed to using Decentralized finance secure services. We can identify it with many blockchains like STEEM, HDAC (ATOLO), and WICC.

RobiniaSwap's mission is to continually expand the Robinia project's user base and bring value to an existing customers.

The best marketing in the crypto space is collaboration and collaboration. RobiniaSwap 's goal is to create new applications to serve a wider audience within the crypto. One of RobiniaSwap's most recent projects, Steem Field, is preparing to introduce STEEM owners to the DeFi world.

Robiniaswap links :


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Robiniaswap official documentation

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Links :

You can find the latest version of MetaMask on their Official site
Need help for using MetaMask, visit Site

CC: @crypto.piotr @project.hope

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Definitely one of the best and also one of the most popular, it is one of the first and most used wallets, I have other wallets, but definitely metamask is the one I use the most.

This is one the best wallet I have used and will be continued using it , I like the simple Design and user-friendly interface.