Splinterlands | A Gladius Pack Opening | 140 Collection Power | #club100

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Hello to everyone. I love Brawl events. It is very nice to get the Gladius Pack with merit points earned from Brawl events.

Gladius Pack cards cannot be sold, rented, delegated, or used in ordinary ranked matches. It can only be used in Brawl events.

In the early days, my aim was to wait until the SPS airdrop was finished without opening the packages. So I would have the number of packages x 300 airdrop points. I later learned that the Gladius Packs do not affect the SPS airdrop score.

Then there is no point in waiting. As 2000 Merit points accumulate, I get the Gladius pack and open it directly.


{Splinterlands In Game Screenhot]

RarityCard NameElementCollection Power
RareAjax LightfootLife40
CommonBertrol GobsonEarth10
CommonChimney WallstopFire10

In total, I collected 140 collection points. I have taken another small step towards my first goal of 15000 collection points.

I know I'm progressing very slowly. But I want to get into the silver league by collecting 15000 card points as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading.

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Greetings @volkiceper it is good to know that you are taking advantage of this game, although I do not know how it works I have heard that it leaves good dividends and entertaining experience. Regards

Nice post. This is one game that I just felt bad any time any day because I didn't partake in it right from day one.

It seems you are enjoying your the game?if it is so, keep enjoying it. Where you given their drop?

Thanks. I share your thoughts. I wish I could have started earlier.

Greetings @ volkiceper
A few weeks ago I started to play this game and I find it very interesting, the truth is that I still have a lot to learn but knowing interesting publications like this are very helpful. I hope that my experience can increase to have a better participation.
Thank you very much for sharing

Hello @volkiceper,

Game looks interesting will definitely try it : )
Thank you for sharing

Yes, it is a good game. If you have some interest , move now. :)