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Hello everyone

As you know, there are guilds in Splinterlands. As a guild, we enter the Brawl event and win some rewards.

One of these rewards is the Crown, which is required for upgrading guild buildings.

Another of these awards is Merit points. With 2000 Merit Points, a box called Gladius Case is purchased from the Guild Store.

There are five cards in the Gladius Case. When you open this box, you will get the five cards I mentioned.

You cannot use Gladius Case cards in regular ranked matches. You can only use them in Brawl matches.

However, the card points of these cards affect the collection points required to advance to the higher leagues. I just discovered this situation and I really like it.


[in game screenshot]

In the screenshot I showed above, you can see the five cards before the Gladius Case opens.


[in game screenshot]

In this screenshot, there are cards that I got from Gladius Case.


[in game screenshot]


[in game screenshot]


[in game screenshot]


[in game screenshot]


[in game screenshot]

My total collection points from five cards is 730 which is very nice. This opportunity is very important especially for players like me who are new to the game and cannot accumulate card points in these days when the game is at its peak.

To summarize, you can't use cards from Gladius Case, which you can buy with 2000 merit points, in normal ranked matches, you can only use them in Brawl matches, but collection points help a lot.

Thank you for reading.

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