What is the price of Steem?

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I am still out traveling, but I noticed that there has been quite a lot of movement when it comes to the price of Steem in the recent days. That is very nice, and I am very fond of it, especially when the price is increasing. But, there is something that is way more important than the actual price of Steem that we see in this very moment.

Maybe you think I am stupid when I ask about the price of Steem, after all, you can just visit CoinMarketCap, or check it on Binance or maybe view the price on several charts on TradingView at any time. But, I am not think about the actual price of Steem. I am thinking about the price of Steem as you see it on your inside. I am thinking about the price of Steem when whenever you earn a token.


What is the price of Steem, the way you see it?

This is very important, because it has to do with the perspective you have whenever you build, publish, and work on the platform. The last post I published on Steemit a few days ago is currently having a payout of $2,4, whereof it is supposed to be 1,6 Steem tokens and 0,6 SBD. With today's rate in which I trade my SBD to Steem on the inner market, the post should give me a payout of approximately 6 Steem tokens (or something like that). And that is when it is important to work with a perspective.

Maybe you think that it is a lousy payout with 6 Steem tokens for a post that you have worked with and published, especially if the price of a token is somewhere between $0.2 and $0.3. But, whenever I earn a Steem token, I don't see the price at the moment. To me, a Steem token is worth $1 or more. In other words, if one of my posts gives me 6 tokens in total, I consider this to be at least $6. I might not see it at the moment, but I know that the truth is different. And that is what keeps me working, publishing, and being diligent, even at times when the Steem price is far away from what I see on the inside.

That is also why I encourage everyone to work even harder than ever right now. This is the time to build and to gather as many Steem tokens as possible, which will make you even stronger, and maybe even give you some Steem tokens that you can sell for profit whenever the price should get to $1 or whatever you see on your inside!

What do you think? Do you see a Steem price on your inside? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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We really have to look at the steem price from our inside, that is at a price where we really want to see it, I think the steem price is undervalued, steem has a big project behind it so I don't rule out it getting to be worth $8.00 steem, as that was its all time high in January 2018.

Cheers mate and thanks for your valuable input.

Where are you? 😆

I think I see both but only really think about the exchange rate between SBD and Steem because my intention is to continually power up and not withdraw. Perhaps I'll withdraw one day (when 1 Steem is worth $10,000).

I monitor the exchange rate on a daily basis so that I can get "a feel" for whether it's a good time to convert or not (it's potentially worth an extra 100% depending upon when you convert).

If you know where I can find a historic graph of steem plotted against SBD, I'd love to see it. My current analysis has the best purchase rate of 0.055 and best "sell" rate of 0.11 which shows the 100% extra Steem you could get by being patient. The recent 7 day average bing under 0.06 has been good for anybody receiving payouts recently.

As for I enjoyed the privilege this blockchain has given me to be able to blog, publish and interact with others here. That alone is worth more than how the price is going.

I don't take a look at price unless I want to sell so I don't have to say but Sbd has made steem blockchain snd it price amazing recently.

I think is cool when the price of Steem seems stable.

Parece que tenemos una misma visión yo siempre me refiero a steem a un dólar aunque está bajo pero es el precio ancla y la gente me ve y dice un dólar pero no es jajjaa en la Biblia dice UE se llama fe certeza de lo quE se tiene aunque no se vea aún y yo pienso desde mi interior que irá revalorizandose con el tiempo