If you want to make everyone happy, don't be a leader - sell ice cream!

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Yesterday, I was out on a short trip, and just along the road, I saw the following sign.

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If you want to make everyone happy, don't be a leader - sell ice cream!

I just smiled as I saw it, and I also made sure that my wife noticed it. There is something so easy to understand about it, but most people never really see how true it is, until they actually become a leader being responsible for others. What do I mean?

If you just sleep in your bed all day, you will not cause trouble for other people. You will not say things that will hurt them (but you might hurt them by not saying anything at all). But, imagine that you are the father of some kids. That makes you a leader, no matter if you like it or not.

Every day you have to make decisions that will influence your family. Some of your decisions might make you popular (like taking them out to eat an ice cream). Other decisions, like telling them that they are not allowed to watch (more) TV or play more Brawl Stars on your/their phone, will make you unpopular.

It might make you popular if you tell them that they can play without limits, but it might be that your kids will hold it up against you later that you didn't really care about them or spend time with them, instead, you just gave them a monitor and did your own stuff instead.

Being a leader isn't easy...

If you have read my earlier sentences, you probably understand that being a leader isn't easy. So many people long for fame and leadership positions, but not many of us are eager to carry the responsibilities and hardships of a leader.

A popular decision today might be what will cause trouble and accusations tomorrow!


What is the conclusion? If you want to make everyone happy, don't be a leader - sell ice cream!

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Hello my friend. Being a leader is not easy to know the responsibility that rests on your shoulders, when we are parents we begin to make leaders and many times we see it difficult, just knowing that you have people of different characters in your charge or for example my husband is a leader in his mother's house and has the responsibility of his mother and his brother besides are both sick, has a newborn baby, it is not easy, Thanks for sharing such a nice article.

There are so many destinys and family situations in which we have to take responsibility. It isn't easy, and sometimes it will make us feel like we are stuck between two bad options. Which is the best of the two bad options? In the end, we are all leaders and we have to learn to make decisions, even if they will not even please ourselves nor the people around us!

Well, wonderful work full of analogies and wisdom when it comes to directing, being a leader is something you are born with and then you get stronger, but it really is not something easy, just the fact of having people with different backgrounds makes it a little complicated, but you can achieve a great job and now... Let's eat ice cream!
thanks for your contributi

Hehe :) Yeah, I guess I will have an ice cream instead - at least now it feels more comfortable at least! :)

Being a leader is very easy, I wonder how the leaders feel when controlling their subordinate. To crown it all managing humans is the hardest thing to do. If you like help the whole world people will still speak ill of you.

Greetings friend, very true and easy to understand analogies, especially those of us who are parents understand them well, and it is the same in other aspects, our decisions, even if they are well founded, will not be to everyone's liking, but it is our task to lead a family or company, not to try to please everyone.

It is impossible to please everyone... maybe in the moment it is possible, but later, they will discover that it wasn't good either to always be pleased! Hehe :) Life was never meant to be easy!

Being a leader is very easy, I wonder how the leaders feel when controlling their subordinate. To crown it all managing humans is the hardest thing to do. If you like help the whole world people will still speak ill of you.

Wow, your articles always win when it's about the title and the wisdom.

It's been a long time since I commented on your posts I guess, right?

Being responsible isn't really easy, no matter what you do, there will always be something that you've missed and might make people think that you aren't responsible. Taking the time and thinking deep into decisions might make such mistakes way less, and that will also increase the feeling of being able to be a leader, a responsible leader.

No matter if you are planning to do anything or not, there will always be responsibilities on you, either for yourself or for others.

Nice read, thanks for sharing your wisdom!

Hehe, it has been a long time since you commented, because I haven't published an article here in more than a month! So, I have been busy this summer, but hopefully, I will get more time to publish and comment more in the upcoming months! :) Thanks for visiting!

hello @unbiasedwriter,
all human beings lead their own life so in one way or another you will be a leader, now there are good leaders and bad leaders, this is where we have to be aware that it is not our responsibility to take over the feelings of others, the good leader seeks the best outcome for everyone no matter how many do not agree because if you seek to please others you will abandon your happiness and depend on the emotional stability of others, many artists fall into drugs just because some of his followers speak ill of him, on the other hand, the good leader moves forward despite destructive criticism.

This is such a nice message, thanks for sharing with us.

I know myself as a business leader how hard it is too make hard decisions. Sometimes they impact people's lives drastically. I just need to remind myself of the goals we have and think about the good of the wider team. The hardest thing is firing an underperforming team member. However, it is unfair on the rest of the team who are putting all they have into the job.

What you are writing about is one of the main reasons why I do not want to be a business leader. I hate the thought of having to fire employees, sometimes because they underperform, or because they are not needed anymore, or for some other reason. But, that is the cost and price of being a leader!

Its quite funny how must people are clamoring for leadership it means more responsibility not everyone can handle such task i guess.
Thanks for sharing nice to read from your.

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Having a leadership is more about delegating the right tasks and finding people who are more skilled than yourself 😀