what matters is not what you think but what you do.

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A greeting to all the community I hope you are well and in good health, In this article we will talk about the importance of actions beyond the importance of thoughts. It is said that actions take us from where we are to where we want to be, that is, it is the actions that generate the results while thoughts at best only generate actions, I hope you like it and you can leave a comment.

In life it is important to know where we are and to know what are the values and principles that govern our actions, with this information in mind we can trace a path from where we are to where we want to be if a person does not know what his or her priorities are , most likely he will not find a logical way out of his current situation.

Today people try to succeed using only their thoughts, i.e., they make plans and goals, they set long term objectives but forget that it is the daily actions that take the individual from where he/she is to where he/she wants to be.

Constant actions when transformed into a habit allow us to have predictable results, at this point I want to tell you that if we can predict a result through an action we can very possibly find these actions that generate the result we want.

Wilfredo Pareto wrote a rule that said that 80% of our results come from 20% of our actions, that is to say that a few actions are the ones that generate the totality of the result you expect. with this in mind it should be an objective to determine which are those actions that will generate the result we expect.


If we wish to achieve a defined goal, it is important to know that beyond thoughts, actions are the ones that will generate the opportunity to materialize the goal.

As we all know we live in an era of humanity where we all want immediate results, people looking for quick results with the least amount of effort have developed a series of methods that focus on the exclusive use of thoughts to attract what they desire.

From my point of view people who claim that with the power of the mind you can attract wealth and achieve goals live a fantasy, the reality is that only actions generate results, if you only rely on thoughts your goals will only remain in your mind, on the other hand I understand the power of focused thinking to motivate the person to perform actions.

Focused thinking alone will not generate any kind of result or at least a measurable and predictable result.

In conclusion, focused thinking is only useful if it leads to constant actions, if a person manages to focus his thinking towards defined actions he will be able to achieve his goals in this life, it is said that if he can dream it then he can achieve it. Dreams refer to focused thinking and achievement refers to the continuous and constant actions that are needed to materialize that dream.

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Having a focus mind is the exact thing to do if you want to get things achieved. Never seek for much advise as discouraged mind might try to talk you into having second thought.

hello @tfame3865,
you are absolutely right, focus is one of the most important things we have to achieve. thanks for reading and commenting.

Our dreams and our actions should be backed up with actions in order for them to be profitable. Action is what brings our thoughts to actualization.

Nice piece buddy

hello @ samminador,
without actions everything remains in the world of dreams, that's why actions are so important. thank you for your valuable comment.

hello @trabajosdelsiglo.
actions are the ones that speak for people and make them known , the truth had not heard those words about of Wilfredo Pareto wrote a rule that said that 80% of our results come from 20% of our actions, but he is absolutely right, it is not to think and vociferate , the best is to act and in a positive way.
Thank you very much for sharing

hello @dgalan ,
thanks for reading and commenting, it is always good to see your comments, it helps me a lot to know that you like my articles.

Hi @trabajosdelsiglo Undoubtedly very interesting your publication, I consider that the first thing is that the mind creates it, the idea arises. The mind is so powerful because it exerts a direct influence on our conscious acts. From my point of view, it is essential to learn the power of the mind, our actions, emotions, feelings and thoughts, concentrate on our desires, seek improvement permanently. thanks and greetings.

hello @aplausos ,
you are right, the mind has great power over people but very little power with respect to results, that is why ideas must be backed up by actions, thanks for reading and commenting.

Hello friend, you are so right, people pretend to achieve many things in their life but do nothing to make it a reality. We must set goals and objectives that we can achieve, create new and healthy habits, that is the most important thing to start and achieve our dreams. Greetings.