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Greetings to all the community I hope you are well and in good health, with all that is happening in the world and the possibility of a full scale war we have to ask ourselves, what is the role of coins today? and how does the possibility of financing through coins open up. also how can coins help the Ukrainians win the war? I hope you like my article and can leave a comment.

Some time ago, sponsoring wars was something that only great powers did, that is to say, a military power extended credit to countries in conflict so that they could go to war. In that sense, whether the country won or lost did not matter much since the cost of the war had to be paid by the losing country.

If you analyze it coldly we understand that wars are a kind of business, a business in which a country could invest money and once the war was over it could recover that loan.

Now it seems that this system is changing, Ukraine a country that is currently in conflict with Russia developed a way to sponsor its war, the way in which this country is sponsoring its war is through donations made in cryptocurrencies.

Many people and platforms are donating money to the Ukrainian government, who uses that money to support their troops with logistics, weapons and food, at the moment I write this article the Ukrainian government has raised more than 35000000 dollars, a real madness if we take into consideration what is voluntary donations to sponsor the war.

These donations can be the beginning of the financing by the population of different armed conflicts all over the world, every armed group that wants to fight a war will have the possibility to be financed by the common people, if they use the cryptocurrencies and the power of the media to convince the world population that it is for a good cause.

War is a business which has now found a new and more effective method to finance itself, it is worth mentioning that not only people voluntarily donate cryptocurrencies, but also countries that have interests in the wars.

The freedom offered by cryptocurrencies will now be used to finance the wars of the future.

With all this in mind, it is very possible that the value of bitcoin will exceed $100,000. The demand for cryptocurrencies in the years to come will multiply, and bitcoins received as donations will also be put to many different uses.

With a larger market and many more companies accepting bitcoin as a means of payment, it is only a matter of time before bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies reach historic prices.

In conclusion, the war in Ukraine opened a door that will allow countries and people to finance wars all over the world, it may sound horrible, but that is also the reality of all fiat currencies and all financial systems that are currently used as a weapon. The financial system, a weapon with which people in different parts of the world can be enslaved or liberated.

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Hello friend @trabajodelsiglo

I have always considered that wars are the excuses to steal the resources of other countries, in addition, nowadays many wars are financed by the great economic powers of the world and now by one of these great powers, it is a sad reality.

It is unfortunate that it is a war that specifically brings about this type of progress. But it is so, and has always been so, wars promote many changes and they are not always good at the same time.
They will criticize later the fact that cryptocurrencies are used for that purpose, but as you say, some form of financing wars has always been used, for decades it was with dollars, now with cryptocurrencies.

hello @josevas217,
you are absolutely right, the most worrying thing about all this is that many criminal groups that make life in countries like Venezuela are already using crypto to finance their private wars.

for now it is not very common, but I think that soon it will be very common.

@tipu curate