the possible scenario for the Russians

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Greetings to all the community I hope you are in good health, this time I want to talk about the possible scenarios that Russian citizens will face by the economic sanctions imposed by the West, it should be noted that in Venezuela these sanctions were imposed, so I deeply believe that the Russian economy will face this scenario.

The first thing to keep in mind is that no country is self-sufficient, so having good relations with the whole world is one of the main guarantees to enjoy the prosperity of a nation. If the nation decides to isolate itself, it will suffer the same fate that Cuba, Venezuela and Iran are currently facing.

That is why the West imposes sanctions to try to destroy the economy of its enemies, Russia is a country whose economy is not that strong, the lack of strength in its economy derives from its corruption and extreme climate.

The first challenge that the Russian economy will face is devaluation, in this sense both rich and poor will see their purchasing power drastically reduced, the upper classes will be the first to seek refuge by buying gold or investing in property, the lower classes will be the last to be able to cope with the devaluation. When they notice the devaluation it will be too late to act.

With the arrival of the devaluation the Russian state will have to apply an exchange control, so that people do not take money out of the country, I imagine that like Venezuela the government will give it a more friendly name so that people do not panic, at least until they have secured the forces of law and order that will be available to control the population.


In short, after the devaluation, the next step will be a strong exchange control to prevent people from aggravating the problem.

At this stage the common people will begin to feel inflation, that is, the disproportionate and unreasonable increase in the prices of daily consumer goods. With price inflation a silent monster is born, the so-called speculation.

When merchants understand that inflation cannot be stopped, it will be installed as a culture to increase prices without any reason, this will make it difficult for the State to guarantee the supply.

After all, the fewer products there are available, the greater the possibility of increasing prices and obtaining better profits.

The State will try to apply measures such as price controls to guarantee the supply of the population. It is worth mentioning that this type of measures will initiate a black market of products and services.

A black market that will be installed as a general culture and that will be the only way to have products and services, I am convinced that the Russian government will have to severely punish the people who are part of the black market.

But since it is the military who commonly initiate the black market, the punishments and tax measures will strengthen the black market and aggravate corruption in the country.

The last chapter of this story will be a massive migration of Russians to Europe, with a devalued currency, strong exchange control, disproportionate inflation and state control over the daily life of the citizen, the common Russian citizen will have no choice. but to leave the country.

Especially considering that it is very close to countries with very good lifestyles, first the millionaires, then the middle classes and finally we will see massive migrations of people as was the case in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

In short, the West uses the economy as a weapon and the effects of this weapon can be seen in countries like Venezuela and Cuba, which enjoy governments and rulers who live like millionaires, while their people have to face all kinds of adversities.

I doubt very much that Russia and especially Russian politicians who live very well, are aware of the problems ahead for their economy, after all they were the least affected, on the other hand the Russian people will have to face an uncertain destiny .

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Hi dear friend @trabajosdelsiglo

In short, after the devaluation, the next step will be a strong exchange control

the russian economy is not prepared for this , i think the russian leaders never imagined such serious sanctions , the problem is that they are already there and they can not go back , the ones who suffer the most are the normal people it is a tragedy

god bless you

hello @ramsesuchiha,
you are right, russia never imagined that they would put such big economic measures. even china is on the side of the ukraine. thanks for reading the article my friend.

Hi @trabajosdelsiglo Dear friend, they will repeat the history already known by the Venezuelans, we will prove that these socialist economic political systems are the plague of the world, the Russians will have a daily life with scarcity like Venezuela, but with much cold, good your analysis, success

it will seem like poetic justice, because it was their government that promoted hunger in Venezuela. now they suffer because of the same government. thanks for your comment.