the benefits of being part of the PH community

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Greetings to all the community, I hope you are well and in good health, in this article I want to share with you the enormous gratitude I have towards the community, because thanks to this community and the support provided by @josevas217 and @Crypto.Piotr I had the opportunity to buy my new glasses. it is with such actions that we understand the value of being part of a community. a popular saying says "the man alone goes faster, but the man accompanied goes further", as a member of this community to know that I have the support is certainly a great motivator.

another saying goes that no man is an island and that we all depend on each other to get ahead and achieve things in life, a person who understands the value of a community and a community that understands the value of the individual is a community destined to succeed.

In my particular case, having the support of the community has helped me on many occasions to overcome crises and has also helped me to overcome health problems.

I don't know if you are aware that the community has a fund for medical emergencies, although this fund only covers a part of the emergency, it is important to highlight that for the size of our community it is certainly a great help.

In this world where we depend on our skills to create quality content, knowing that we can count on the community for which we develop that content is something incredible, I don't know if other communities have this initiative but ours does and it is very efficient with the resources it has.

I am also personally very grateful to @José217 and @Crypto.Piotr for the support they have given me during all this time, sometimes I have needed guidance and orientation, sometimes I have needed financial help and sometimes I have needed help to solve a medical problem.

On every occasion I have encountered the willingness to help from these people who are leaders in the community, which is why one of my greatest hopes is to see our community strong and growing.

In a few days I will receive my glasses and I will finally be able to avoid suffering headaches due to lack of glasses, all this was possible thanks to the fund that Project Hope has to help the community with medical problems.

We have a community that really cares about its members, they are always thinking about how to improve and how to help the community in a better way, this makes me think that this community will grow and be one of the most important in all steemit.

We have great leadership and a community of content creators committed to the community.

Soon I will share with you the pictures of my new glasses, for now I can only thank the community deeply and widely for helping me in every moment I needed it, project hope is not only the community for which I create content, it is my digital family that I love and for which I have a great sense of belonging.

I hope with all my heart that soon we can have our own token, our own market and our own economy, this community will be an example to follow for all the other communities in steemit I am sure that with the leadership we have we will achieve

Thank you very much for all the help I have received during all this time, without a doubt this community has changed my life and my family's life for the better, thank you very much.

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Good job! You just got yourself a 100% upvote from ACOM. Enjoy!

Greetings @trabajosdelsiglos, I totally share your words of gratitude with @crypto.piotr and @josevas217, they are people who help their fellow man without expecting anything in return and this PH community is the best in the world and we would say the maracuchos.

I actually do have some expectations @carlir

I focus on supporting people who share similar interest and values. Who are team orientated and want to be an active part of Project.hope.

And I expect, that those people who I support will be willing to put an effort to be active and engaging. Who engage with other members. Because real community cannot be build if its members do not care about others and are only focusing on their rewards.

I seek people, who have similar vision to mine and I'm here to serve them. Knowing, that our goals are often quite aligned :)

Hello friend @trabajosdelsiglo.

Project.Hope is a community where we feel like family because there is constant support thanks to the human quality of all its members in space @josevas217 and our leader @crypto.piotr, they are very attentive to any help we can provide as is the case that we share on this occasion, I hope you enjoy the most of your glasses. Greetings.

Greetings @trabajosdelsiglo ❤️💕

There are really many advantages of being part of Project Hope community and I must say I have never regretted being part of this great community.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕❤️

Wow what a nice community. A community which protects the right of it's member and also striving to create a great impact to both the community and the economy.

I hope with all my heart that soon we can have our own token, our own market and our own economy, this community will be an example to follow for all the other communities in steemit I am sure that with the leadership we have we will achieve.

I will be anticipating for this because it will go along way in promoting this community.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💞💞

hello @hardaeborla,
thank you for your words my dear friend, I wish you have a great day

Hello @trabajosdelsiglo, I am very happy to know that you will soon have your glasses, it is essential to have a pair to read, for daily life and to publish in PH. I am very happy to know that you have had the unconditional support of pH, I am very proud to belong to the PH community, and I am deeply grateful for the great consideration that PH has for its members.

See you soon friend, we'll see how your new glasses look.

hello @ tocho2,
in my case the glasses were already something very necessary, we are lucky to be in this great community that helps its members, thanks for the comment.

This is not the community it's a family as a whole people which belongs to different countries having different language but are bonded by the one goal and aim to grow together.

the man alone goes faster, but the man accompanied goes further",

This community will continue do what's its good at which is being there for each together we all can achieve more height.

Certainly this community has helped alot im not an exception thanks to everyone that makes this possible cheers.

Hello @trabajosdelsiglo, I am very glad that you have received support from our beautiful community, this is a sign of the hard work that you have been developing in order to improve and grow this platform. Undoubtedly your main concern is the welfare of its users.
Best regards

The benefits of being part of this wonderful family of Project Hope is so numerous. Many of use have benefited and still benefiting from this community. I must say that it is a blessing to be part of Project Hope.

It is great to know that you are getting a new glasses, thanks to @crypto.piotr, @josevas217, and other members of the community.

Bless you

hello @samminador,
you are right, this community has a great leadership that I am sure will make this community the best in all of steemit, thank you for reading and commenting my dear friend.

Greetings @trabajosdelsiglo I join in thanking our leader for the support he has provided and for allowing us to grow within the community.

Undoubtedly he has become an elemental pillar within PH that drives us to keep moving. Greetings

Hello @trabajosdelsiglo
The idea is precisely to be able to help as much as possible. This allows for greater cohesion among all.
Certainly, it is a support that is given through ph-emergencyfund, it is not always possible to support with everything but a support will never be superfluous.
Thanks for the mention. Thank you for expressing your appreciation.
It is good to know that you have already been able to solve that problem, which is health, and it is essential to be constant on the platform.

hello @josevas217,
I personally think you are doing a great job, thank you for everything my dear friend.

Hello @jobs of the century, it is a great satisfaction to know that you have been able to finance your glasses, thanks to the community, as you well mention projecthope advances together in favor of guiding and supporting a collective that every day makes great contributions to steemit.

So long, have a great week.

hello @amestyj,
it is a great relief for me to improve my eye health, all thanks to this great community. thanks for reading and commenting, it is always good to see good writers taking the time to read and comment.

Been part of PH community has been really a happy experience for me. And it's good to see you appreciating the kindness of the leaders of this community. I hope that PH community grows stronger and stronger.

Hello @trabajosdelsiglo

I liked what you mentioned in your publication "man alone goes faster, but man accompanied goes further", certainly accompanied or rather organized in community we can achieve goals that individually will be more difficult to achieve. I am glad that with the help of our leader and friend @crypto.piotr you were able to buy your new glasses, this is another example of the social role and brotherhood that prevails in Project.HOPE. Blessings to you and yours.

Best regards, be well.

This is a great community, we are not only a group of people who write in a paid blog, but we have also formed ourselves as a community of learning, support and growth. The founder @crypto.piort and the whole team of administrators know us and care about the quality of each of the articles, besides being attentive to our human side. Being here is a real opportunity to change your life for the better.

This is a great community, we are not only a group of people who write in a paid blog, but we have also formed ourselves as a community of learning, support and growth.

Exactly. You have nailed it. I couldn't put it in better words.

Hello dear friend, very nice words to the community and to these two people. They certainly deserve this and more, they have worked hard to help others and to keep the project going. Best regards.

hello @franyeligonzalezthey
are doing a great job, their help is much more than just a financial contribution. they can always be consulted and in all cases they always provide a great solution, thanks for reading and commenting.

Yes, you have mentioned the most important point, project hope is not just a community, it is a family. We love one another.

@crypto.piotr is just too wonderful, even for my upcoming wedding, he has covered some part of the expensed. This means a lot to me.

Aside from the help we get from the community, we also have opportunities to explore growth in all aspects. Reading the contents of sevral other users builds us up and this increase our knowledge innthe scope of any subject.

hello @adesojisouljay,
you are absolutely right, this community always shows its members that we are highly valued. congratulations on your wedding, thanks for reading and commenting.

Thank you too friend.

Project Hope is literally making Steemit great again :)

Thanks for sharing your experience, and congratulation on the new glasses :)) @trabajosdelsiglo

Hi @trabajosdelsiglo friend that good post where we can feel and read all that our community supports us, I have also been supported by the community when last year I got sick of Covid with my family, very good your publication that refers to the solidarity that exists in our community, many greetings and success.

hello @aplausos,
that's nice to know, there are many people who have interesting stories with the community, thanks for reading and commenting, your comments are always a source of inspiration for me.

hello @trabajosdelsiglo
What good news my friend, no doubt that the Ph community is the best, and is always supporting each of its members, I also use lenses if I know what you were going through, I hope they arrive soon and you do not have problems with the formula. The leadership of this community makes all the difference.

hello @dgalan ,
I think that in a few days they will be delivered to me, thanks for your good wishes.

Greetings @trabajosdelsiglo,

Our community is one great community among others which is because of the people our community have , GREAT COMMUNITY OF PEOPLE

thank you so much for sharing : )

Congratulations on your new glasses buddy, like the name of the community implies, it is a community that gives hope to everyone. I am excited to be a member of this community, being a part of the communiry alone is a blessing on it's own.

In fact Project Hope is a great community in the Steemit ecosystem. All members of PH are one and you can easily get connected to people with similar interests in the community. I commend @crypto.piotr and other members of the community for the support we offer to one another.

Yours @salamdeen

In all honesty, the project hope community made me feel at home on the Hive and Steemit platforms. it's the best community by a large range for me... Thanks for helping us always @crypto.piotr

hello @lebey1,
thank you for reading and commenting, your opinions are always valued.

Dear @trabajosdelsiglo it is wonderful to see you grow withing our project hope community.
It is also so nice to see that new member come in and join and carry on the values that were part of the community when it was started.
Good to see you here and reading your post is very reassuring.
Good luck to you.

It is exciting to read beautiful testimonies from members of the community, it gives me the assurance that I am in the right place and hopefully, one day,I will also be able to share my own testimony about the community also.

Without a doubt PH is an example of what other communities should do but do not do.
Like you my experience in it is extraordinary and the help of both crypto.piotr and the rest of the team invaluable.
In difficult situations they have been there and in one way or another have become part of the family.

this is a great community. One can read about different topics and learn a lot and the community is also very encouraging. It's one of the best communities taht supports its members and also helps in forming holistic views about various interesting topics.

Its a real pleasure to have you around @trabajosdelsiglo