how to seize opportunities to become more prosperous

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Greetings to all the community I hope you are well and healthy, as always I will share with you in this article my views on opportunities and how we can capitalise on those opportunities, I hope you enjoy and can leave a comment.

One of the things that all human beings long for is to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that life gives us, it is not always easy to take advantage of these opportunities because it seems that opportunities are elusive and rarely easy to get, some people think that opportunity is a goddess who does not waste time with those who are not prepared to take advantage of it.

Possibly these people are right and this goddess of opportunity does not waste time with those who are not prepared to capitalise on opportunities, so I believe that one of the wisest things human beings can do is to be in a constant learning process that allows them to be prepared for opportunities.

Preparation and constant growth in the skills required to take advantage of an opportunity is one of the habits that allows people to establish a path from where they are to where they want to be.


How many times in the past have we missed opportunities just because we were not prepared, I think it has happened to all of us, in my country they say that opportunities are bald, that is to say you can only take advantage of opportunities when they are in front of you, because once they turn their back on you the opportunity will have passed.

The best advice I can give you is to keep yourself in a constant learning process that increases your preparation in the area in which you want to stand out, perseverance and preparation are the basis that allows people to access new and better opportunities.

Whatever happens in your life you must never stop being prepared for new skills and more knowledge that will allow you to do more and more every day with less effort and fewer resources, if you do this you will be ready for when the next big opportunity knocks on your door.

It is said that it is no use waiting for the opportunity to improve your life and become more prosperous if you are not sufficiently prepared to seize it when the opportunity knocks at your door, preparation must be a very internal habit which can work unconsciously just like the habit of brushing your teeth every morning.

In conclusion, opportunities in life are often difficult to obtain and capitalise on, that is why only prepared people are able to see the opportunity in time, and even more so, they are the most qualified to take advantage of them. Whatever the goal in your life, constant and conscious preparation must be a habit that is internalised unconsciously, just as a boxer dodges a punch by a conditioned reflex, so must your ability to see opportunities be a conditioned reflex.

thank you for reading this article, I love you very much.

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Greetings @trabajosdelsiglo, entertaining reading that you share with us in this opportunity, no doubt I agree with many of the aspects mentioned in your writing of which I will focus on the following sentence.
"I believe that one of the wisest things that human beings can do is to be in a constant learning process that allows them to be prepared for opportunities."
So we must learn to take advantage of the opportunities that life gives me and make the most of them. Greetings and may you be well in your work.

hello @madridbg,
thanks friend, one of the things that robs us of opportunities is the lack of preparation, that's why the more prepared a person is the more likely they are to succeed. thanks for reading and commenting.

Opportunities come to us on a daily basis but what makes the difference between people is how they have taken advantage of the opportunities they come their way. As opportunities come, it is your responsibility to take advantage of them.

Nice piece buddy

hello @samminator,
you are absolutely right, each person is responsible for taking advantage of the opportunities that life gives them, thank you for reading and commenting.

Hi @trabajosdelsiglo, very good article, no doubt we must be in constant learning and take advantage of the moments we have free to educate ourselves about what we like, since, as you mention when the opportunities come to be prepared to demonstrate that we are prepared enough to efficiently take on any challenge.

See you later, have a great week.

hello @amestyj,
education is a great path to success, the more skills we have the more likely we are to succeed. thanks for reading and commenting.

I agree in many of the aspects you raise, opportunities come and go, sometimes we take them, sometimes not and in many cases these end up being good or bad, the important thing is that we must be available, as many want to take them but are not prepared and end up not only losing it but taking it in a bad way.

hello @joseph1956it's a real honour to have you comment on my articles, i really like your way of writing articles. thanks for reading and commenting.

Hi @trabajosdelsiglo No doubt my mom used to tell me that oprtunities find you ready, aware and willing, sometimes it is not easy to detect oprtunities, those who are waiting and attentive do better, good post, greetings and success.

hello @aplausos,
I like that saying, thanks for sharing it, one of the skills that we neglect the most is preparation, that's why when an opportunity arises very few people can see the opportunity. thanks for reading and commenting.

Opportunities doesn't check if we are prepared before it comes. It's our job to prepare ourselves and then wait vigilantly for opportunity, so that we can grab it readily when it comes to us. Thank you for this great post @trabajosdelsiglo.

hello @whileponderin,
that's right my dear friend, first is the preparation and then come the opportunities. thank you for reading and commenting.

@tipu curate

Hello @trabajosdelsiglo!

Life is full of opportunities and if we give ourselves sometime to think about it we will know that we have missed a lot of them before and maybe we are missing some now. That's why we should start making good use of those chances because once they pass they will never come back.

Thanks for sharing!