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Greetings to all the community I hope you are in good health and sharing in family, in this article we will talk about the legalization of cryptocurrencies in Ukraine and how the crises are the engine that helps the adoption of major changes in human development, I hope you like it and you can leave a comment.

A few days ago it was announced that cryptocurrencies would be legalized in Ukraine, in the midst of the war that this country is going through and the current struggle for its survival, the political leader and president of the republic Vladimir Zaleskia passed a law that allows Ukrainian citizens to trade freely with cryptocurrencies.

Considering the amount of donations the country has received in cryptocurrencies, it is logical that the government should think of ways to stabilize the economy in times of crisis and war, one solution is to allow citizens to protect their savings in a currency free of any control, leveraging the economy in cryptocurrencies gives a respite to citizens and the government that now does not have to worry about attacks on its financial system.

It is said that crises serve to advance humanity technologically, when a country is in crisis or at war the first thing they do is look for creative ways to maintain their individual economies. In that sense cryptocurrencies have proven to have an unparalleled efficiency, countries like Venezuela and now Ukraine are benefiting from the freedom offered by cryptocurrencies.

From my point of view I believe that if it were not for the Venezuelan social crisis and now for the war in Ukraine cryptocurrencies would not have advanced as fast as they are doing now, the world is experiencing a global crisis in that sense cryptocurrencies are the answer of humanity for its economic evolution.


An important point to keep in mind is that the more serious the crisis the faster the changes and adaptations that citizens must make, that is why this law that allows Ukrainian citizens to trade cryptocurrencies does not have a defined legal framework.

In other words, first it is necessary to act and then to order the market. I personally believe that the government has managed to raise more than 100000000 dollars in cryptocurrencies and is trying to keep the economy safe from Russian attacks, in that sense, what better solution than cryptocurrencies that do not depend on any financial institution that can make them a target for Russian hackers.

In conclusion, the Venezuelan crisis boosted the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies in the country and now the conflict in Ukraine has opened the door to the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies and their entire ecosystem in Europe, which is undoubtedly a historic step for the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

tell me what do you think about this law legalizing coins in ukraine?

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Good job! You just got yourself a 100% upvote from ACOM. Enjoy!


Greetings @trabajosdelsiglo,

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has enacted a law officially making cryptocurrencies legal in the besieged country.

The new law, which received the president's signature on Wednesday, will allow foreign and Ukrainian crypto exchanges to operate legally in Ukraine in what is being seen as a vital step to developing a legal market for virtual assets in the country.

Moreover, the new law will also create a regulatory framework for an open crypto market in Ukraine for the first time.

hello @winy you are absolutely right, personally i think this can serve as a basis for all of europe to have a better vision of what coins are. it is also likely to create a legal framework in countries that border ukraine.

@tipu curate

Hi dear friend @trabajosdelsiglo

tell me what do you think about this law legalizing coins in ukraine?

the main reason that the apises do not legalize the cryptocurrency is tax evasion, this type of problem as in Ukraine opens a window in this debate, personally I am glad that the Ukrainians have this initiative and I hope it helps them

god bless you

hello @ramsesuchiha
right now it helps the government raise millions of dollars in donations, not to mention that they have an open door to pay for the weapons being sold to them. thanks for your comment.