My Dream For This Christmas

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Before We Begin here's a quick intro about me, I am currently a student from India, Pursuing computer science. I think of Christmas as a day similar to the new year where I try to set new goals since one of my biggest dreams is to be an intellectual but in Christmas, it's usually more family-related dreams.

We are in the last month of the year, The month of Christmas eve! On this day we spend time with our loved ones and usually have a lot of family traditions such as cooking an amazing meal and sharing it with all of your neighbours or it could be even decorating the Christmas tree!

Last year due to the pandemic a lot of people couldn't celebrate Christmas with their families. To be frank the pandemic helped me out during last Christmas (I am not saying the pandemic is good >.<) but then if there was no pandemic I would probably be in my hostel at college in preparation for the exam the next day. Instead last Christmas I could spend time with my fam, we watched a movie and had an amazing dinner together.

Taken form my camera

When I spend time with people I cherish, that feeling is hard to describe but it feels great and is priceless! This Christmas 🎄 my dream is more self-oriented because I won't be able to make it home due to exams. I am trying to be more financially independent and a more dependable person overall. To achieve this I started reading a lot of books based on finance such as "The rich dad poor dad", " the phycology of money" ...and also personality development books such as "Can't hurt me " and "Leaders eat Last".

This Christmas is very different from any other Christmas because usually we gift others or spend time with family. This time I plan on investing it in myself so that I can grow up to my full potential and help out a lot more people than I can right now.
If I were at home my dream would be to travel with my friends and family to a different country experience their culture, meet a lot of amazing people and lastly the food xD.

Am a big biggggggg foody, I enjoy a variety of food and would never miss a chance on trying out a different type of cuisine. I would like to gift my friends and family some gifts that I have in mind for them 😋. It's more like a token thanking them for everything they have done for me, it isn't enough but I want to show how much they mean to me. Hopefully, one day when I achieve my Christmas dream I would be able to gift them anything materialistic they desire :^)

This year on the 25th of December I would be spending my time with my hostel room mates working on attaining my Christmas dream.

Thnx for reading up to the end. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas 💖🎄. Let me know in the comments how you would spend your time on Christmas eve this year!

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