Is it too late to key into cryptocurrency?

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One thing that all cryptocurrency holders has been praying for is to see cryptocurrency globally hitting apex height. We want people from far and near to hear about it, people from North, South, West and East to also hear about it. We want a situation whereby children if being asked can say what is cryptocurrency without anybody aiding them. We just want it to go mainstream so that old women can also define what is cryptocurrency without needing to ask anybody for guide. Just like how money can be define by almost everybody without much hassle, this is what we want for cryptocurrency. We want it to be the talk of world all the time.



Cryptocurrency has same criteria as money, the only difference that they have over each other is that one is papper/physical money while the other is online/digital money. They both are money and it can be used to do any thing anywhere in the world. Although cryptocurrency is still banned in some countries, but surely restrictions cryptocurrency is just waste of time because as time progresses, everybody and country will surely needs it. Cryptocurrency is here to stay and nobody can stop it.

what is money

Before I digresses further I want to define what money is. This is simply for us to get the concept of what cryptocurrency is all about too.

Money can be defined as physical commodity that is generally accepted by individuals as a medium of exchange. In as much people believed in that thing to serve as a means in which they can trade by simply running one or two transactions, then it is money. Different countries has their own means of money which they used in carrying out their trading activities. Money value differs through the backings it got through the people who believes in it.

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What is Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency can be defined as a means of exchange which is being carried out online. This type of money is sometimes referred to as the internet or digitalized money. It is not physical money and can't be one unless you convert it to physical cash. The first cryptocurrency/online money is called Bitcoin, it is through Bitcoin which was created by Nakamoto Satoshi that all other coins came into being/existence.

Qualities of cryptocurrency?

i. With cryptocurrency you don't need to visit the bank before you can transfer or receive money from anybody in the world.

ii. Decentralised system; Cryptocurrency is like 90% decentralised. What this means is that you can do whatsoever thing that you like with your asset without being controlled.

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iii. Easy to trade: You can sell your cryptocurrency with ease without the need to pass through one or two questioning.

iv. You don't need to visit anywhere before you can own an account. Your smart phone is simply your bank. You just have to have the coin that you want to own in it online wallet.

Is it too late to key into cryptocurrency?

Is it too late to own money? When I was asked this question, what I said was the answer that I gave above. Since it is not too late to have money then it is not too late to own the digital money. You should stop seeing cryptocurrency like a Ponzi scheme, cryptocurrency is a different ball game. You should bear it in your mind that you must know what you are doing, this is simply because when it comes to cryptocurrency, whatsoever result that comes from it you will be accountable for it. My answer to the above question is that it is not and never too late to key into cryptocurrency. This is simply because we are in it era and the features of cryptocurrency is noticing modernization all the time.

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I am really happy with cryptocurrency amidst how it has impacted the world globally. I remembered when my friends used to send me money from any part of the world, I will need to go to bank and queue up just to cash it out. The embarrassment was something else. While trying to collect your cash you will see some person's being referred to as scammers and their fund will be taken away from them. Well, I am grateful that it is not so again, cryptocurrency has changed things. With cryptocurrency your digital fund is in your account online, when you want to sell it you don't need to pass through any insult. You just have to sell it online with ease.


The digital money called cryptocurrency is already here to stay, this invention will be here for a very long period of time because of how it has impacted the world globally. Check through statistics you will see some countries has accepted it as their medium of exchange already. It just started as more countries will have their own digital moon soon. I am very sure that with time more and more countries will embrace it because of how precious/vital that it is.

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Greetings @tfame3865 ❤️💕

What a very lovely excellent publication! I personally do tell people that it's never too late to invest in cryptos and join the cryptocurrency train because it's really the future. What twall matters most is to learn and understand how cryptocurrency works and from there you're good to go.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕❤️

hello @tfame3865,
it's never too late to learn about the world of coins which will soon be a form of money recognized worldwide, now if we talk about historical highs I think that in the next bull run the price of BTC will reach 100k, with everything that is happening in the world is only a matter of time for that to happen.

As much as is experienced in the crypto sphere at the moment, the truth is that crypto is still in its infancy. So I believe that we are all early adopters and it is not late to hop into crypto.

Nice piece bro

Nice good job bro
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Some time ago it was said that cryptocurrency was the future, I would dare to say that today cryptocurrency is the present, greetings and thank you for your support with this publication, greetings.

Traditional banking system is a complete wreck, it is highly frustrating as well. Cryptocurrency provides a great level of ease with making transactions, the fact that it also comes with a minimized charge compared to what a regular bank will charge, just makes the usage fascinating.

If you take a closer look at the development in the crypto space, you will realize that, the development is exponential. The adoption keep increasing as time goes on and I believe one day, crypto will be a common to everyone one just like our conventional fiat currencies. Believing that it is too late to key in to crypto is just like dealing the barter trade with the mindset that it is too late to follow the modern economic model.

Greetings @tfame3865,

Its never too late to invest in cryptocurrency but whenever someone likes to invest he should have basic knowledge about the market and that particular cryptocurrency in which that person is going to invest in :

Excellent read : )

As per my thinking it's not to late to enter into the crypto space everyday is the new day we can invest in anytime when we have money.

But invest in the good project so that you will get the return soon.

Instead of thinking about late or early I think that making a right strategy for the long term can be a good idea to generate good returns in crypto space

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