YouTube Removes dislike statistics From All the Videos

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In an important move that could change the behavior of viewers on the platform, YouTube has decided to remove the dislike from videos. However, the dislike button does not move, and the dislike now will be visible only to the creator. Going forward, viewers can choose not to like videos without seeing the number of disliked videos found.

YouTube Removes Dislikes Statistics

YouTube makes the calculation of dislikes confidential in order to avoid targeted harassment or "unwanted attacks", as the company puts it. As mentioned above, this change will not affect YouTube creators. Creators can continue to see the exact amount of dislike in YouTube Studio to know how their content works locally.


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This announcement comes after YouTube made an attempt to hide the unpopularity of limited users. During this experiment, a Google-controlled broadcaster noticed a decrease in unpopular attack behavior. In addition, it also found that this targeted dislike occurs mostly on channels from younger creators.

“We heard during the study that some of you have used a number of social media statistics to help you decide whether to watch the video or not. We know you will not agree with this decision, but we believe this is the right thing to do in the area, ”the company wrote on its blog post.

While YouTube's decision to hide dislike statistics will help creators, it will inevitably make it harder for the viewers to determine if a video is worth their time, especially if it is an educational video-like lesson.


With YouTube no longer showing the dislikes statistics, YouTube Rewind 2018 will go down in history as the most unpopular YouTube video. According to Wikipedia, YouTube Rewind 2018 received around 19.67 likes (and 3 million dislikes) before the counts became public. Speaking of retribution, the company also decided to stop making end-of-year videos called Back to earlier this year.

While YouTube may not approve, it may also cause fraudsters to use this status to appear legitimate. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.


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Greetings @ teky
Undoubtedly they are elements that serve to value the preference, but I also believe that beyond that we must value the effort and dedication to make the videos beyond whether we like them or not. It is also very important to point out that there are smear campaigns by companies in the same industry to discredit the work of others.
Thank you very much for sharing your post.

Greetings @dgalan,

Well said, If the video is providing information that is worth watching the video then Disliking the video will be demotivating for the Creator, Yeah there are people who don't watch the video for even 1 second they just dislike it, it's not good

Thank you for commenting : )

I think is a wise move. :)

hi @teky

I wonder what will be next. Removing comments which are not positive ? What a BS

Hello @crypto.piotr,

Yes, it's not a positive sign, it should be transparent to all the people.

Thank you for commenting : )