Reddit decides to close the Dubsmash by the end of February 2022

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Reddit closes the popular short video forum Dubsmash. The company has announced that February 22, 2022, will be the last day of the program,


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which will then come to a halt. Dubsmash will no longer be available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and you will not be able to use the app.

Dubsmash Closes In Several Months


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The news comes after Reddit acquired a video creation platform last year. The aim was to bring Dubsmash video tools to Reddit. The motive seems to have been achieved.

As a result, Reddit will now be introducing new tools for people, especially “Dubsmashers” to create short videos easily. The official blog written by Reddit states that "the Dubsmash team was speeding up the Reddit video, so Reddit segments will feel familiar to the Dubsmashers."

First, the in-section component of the Reddit system gains the ability to adjust playback speed, timer, and the ability to determine and edit various video clips. Users can upload videos in three ways: landscape, portrait, and fill. Similar to Snapchat and Instagram,

Reddit users will also be able to apply AR filters with the help of new Reddit-first lenses.


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There will also be a new video editing tool, which will allow users to add text stickers, graphics, and filters. Users will also be able to add voiceovers, adjust volume levels, and reduce or rearrange videos. New video features will become part of the video category within the Reddit app.

For you to remember, these video-based features were added to the iOS app in August of this year. This is the Instagram Reels-like section (even TikTok), which features short vertical videos. The category allows people to vote/reduce votes/reward/share video.

Fast forward to now, Reddit's decision seems to be making a profit as video content has gained popularity on the platform. Reddit reported a 70% increase in total viewing hours, a 30% increase in daily video content buyers, and a 50% increase in short-term video content usage over the quarter.

Although, it remains to be seen whether Reddit plans to incorporate or not the ability to add sounds and music to its platform, which is compatible with popular short video platforms.

Also, we do not know how the trusted Dubsmash user domain, which includes the majority of Black and Latinx users, will be affected by this.

Maybe switching to Reddit (or other platforms) will be their best option, which will eventually increase Reddit video content numbers as well. What are your thoughts on Dubsmash closure?


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Looking forward to your responses : )


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Hola @teky
Debo confesar que no tengo cuenta en Reddit, de hecho la conocí hace poco. Sé que es de las importantes, y que se maneja mucha información realmente importante ahí, pero por cuestiones de tiempo no me meto en más cosas, sin embargo, partiendo de esto que comentas, debo asumir que la empresa está trabajando en mejorar continuamente su producto, lo que habla bien del proyecto y del equipo que está detrás del proyecto.

Hello @josevas217,

Reddit is a very nice platform, Reddit is having more than 400 million users, it's a great platform, very secure also and ad-free. in Reddit, there are plenty of communities /groups which are providing very informative content

Thank you for visiting and commenting : )