Plant-based jet fuel could cut emissions upto 68% case study by a team lead by India scientists

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A case study by Indian team, Jet fuel based on a mustard plant can replace petroleum-base aviation fuel to reduce carbon emissions by 68 percent, according to a study led by an Indian scientist in the US.

The missing piece of paradox is, according to Dwivedi, the lack of local seed processing and oil processing infrastructure in SAF. "If we can access the supply of livestock and provide fair economic benefits to the company.

we can produce carinata-based SAF in the southern US, "said Puneet Dwivedi, a professor at the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources at the University of Georgia, in the US.

Investigators have noted that the aviation industry emits 2.5 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions from the US and is responsible for 3.5 percent of global warming.


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"SAF based in Carinata could help reduce carbon offset in the aviation sector while creating economic opportunities and improving the flow of natural services in the southern region," Dwivedi said.

SAF production prices from carinata range from USD 0.12 per liter at the low end to USD 1.28 per liter, based on existing economic and market incentives, the researchers said.

The price of petrol jet fuel was $ 0.50 per liter - more than SAF based carinata while current economic benefits were included in the study, they said.

Dwivedi is part of the Southeast Partnership for Advanced Renewables from Carinata, or SPARC, a 15 million project funded by the US National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Using SPARC, researchers have spent the past four years researching how to grow carinata in the southeast, examining questions about genetics and best practices for higher crop yields and oils.

With those answers in place, Dwivedi is confident of Carinata's role in supporting the region's economy and environment. “In the South we can grow carinata as a winter crop because our winters are not so bad and other regions of the country, "he said.

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