COVID-19 Global Death Toll Crosses 600K

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The global death toll as a result of COVID-19 crossed 600K yesterday. The total confirmed cases are around 14.7 million. Some of the most affected by countries like the US, Brazil, India, and the new entrant South Africa are finding it very tough to contain the rapid spread of infections.


There are concerns all over the world as the virus seems to have started a second wave and it looks more deadly. WHO has recorded a rise in the number of daily infections which is a sign of danger for the whole world.

The USA leads the global infections, followed by Brazil and India. The USA is also the county with the highest death toll with over 143K people dead. It is followed by Brazil, Mexico, Italy, France, Spain, and India. Infections have been on a rapid increase in some U.S states like Texas, Arizona, Florida, and others.

South Africa has jumped to number 5 spot in the list of countries with most infections. Although the death toll isn't worrying, South Africa now has half of the total confirmed cases in the entire continent of Africa. What is more worrying is that if the virus spreads in other African countries with less medical facilities, it would cause immense damage.

Many countries around the world have implemented strict restrictions on the movement of people. Even though Australia has only 12K infected people, it is taking some good strict measures. They have made wearing a mask in public mandatory in Melbourne. Hong Kong also issues tougher rules on wearing of masks. Many other countries have been doing the same thing to prevent infections.

Some experts are of the opinion that the lifting of lockdowns wasn't done in an effective manner previously and they are blaming governments for the inefficiencies and rightfully so. With that said, people have also played a part in not obeying the rules. Many people around the world resisted the lockdowns and roamed freely without even wearing masks.

I see it myself, earlier people were so scared of coronavirus and took strict precautions if they had to go out. But now, it looks like people don't care about coronavirus anymore. They will do whatever they want. Many people have stopped wearing masks at public places and that number is only increasing.

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Looks life people have started disbelieving in this😒
This can be very dangerous as per the stats suggest.

Some people just don't listen. My own family members gp out without wearing a mask. Jo matter how hard I try, they just don't listen.

Hi friend @syedumair
There are many different realities in each part of the world. Where I live, in Bogota/Colombia, this is crazy, people are on the streets as if nothing happened, if you have to use mouth caps to get out, otherwise they can fine you, but still people on the street.
This doesn't seem to end.
The governments are in a difficult position, if they lock up the economy they end up bankrupting the countries, and if the people remain in the streets, the virus continues to advance. I wouldn't want to be in a government position right now.

It has to be a combined effort. Both sides, that is the government and people have to work together in order get rid of this pandemic. But then again, some people are ignorant, they don't play by the rules and you will find them everywhere, not just in a particular country.
These are tough times. I hope the damage caused is bearable. That's the best we can hope for.

Many of the deaths were natural deaths yet they were counted as covid deaths