If I could ask God ONE question and God would give me an immediate answer, what question would that be? β˜ͺβœπŸ•‰β˜Έβœ‘β˜¦

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I really do continue to have my Conversations with God and we as a whole do that right? In some cases they are wonderful, here and there they are discourteous and griping, once in a while we battle with God and in some cases, we shower additional Love on him. That is the manner by which my science is with him. At the point when I am confounded or I really want direction, I have inquiries or I want ideas, I request his assistance and exhortation, and trust me he is consistently there in some of the other structures. God's approach to noting is one of a kind.

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However, say that assuming I have an opportunity to have an immediate discussion with God and a chance to pose his One inquiry where I could get a moment answer then what will it be? Well, that would be somewhat troublesome, in light of the fact that there are so many things that I would need to ask him and know from him, however once more in the event that I need to pick only a certain something, it must be something where I could never track down answer anyplace in this world.

So, my question to him will be-

Will this circle of Karma and the pattern of Life and Death and resurrection at any point end for a Soul?

This is one thing that has generally been at the forefront of my thoughts, and regardless of how much ever I read regarding this matter or converse with otherworldly Gurus this question never has a 100 percent good response.

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Assuming we have a day to day existence Karma is unavoidable, in light of the fact that each move that we make great or bad makes a Karma, and afterward, to take care of that Karma a living thing is required means you will continue to resurrect to take care of the Karma, on the off chance that the Karma has been great likely you will have a superior life, while perhaps bad then the existence of difficulties but rather regardless the existence will be there. So then, at that point, how can one break this pattern of rebirth.

Imagine a scenario in which I would rather not be at any point brought into the world in any life structure on Earth at any point down the road, do I have that decision at a Soul level. A few exceptionally complex things, however at that point these sort of inquiries and interest I have consistently had.

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Certain individuals have faith in the hypothesis of resurrection, though some don't. I have a deep-seated conviction that yes we truly do continue to resurrect over and over and it has been demonstrated with more than adequate cases all over the planet where individuals have reviewed previous existence encounters, which obviously stands up that the existence we have isn't the first or the last human structure we are in to.

The Matrix, the 3D recurrence trap, all of that I have perused, I genuinely couldn't say whether that part is valid or not, yet indeed, on the off chance that I need to relate this plan of things, I can say according to my own convictions that all of that is valid and our Soul is always in a snare. So how might I get liberated from this snare?

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All that we have seen for hundreds of years is Wars, Pain, Suffering, and Greed and it is something ceaseless. To the extent that human existence exists these things will proceed. Regardless of whether there are 100 individuals on this whole planet these things won't stop, such as the human instinct. The best way to break liberated from this is by not returning to human existence once more. In any case, the general purpose is that Karma never leaves anybody and for that, we continue to return over and over. So how does this end, or I could in fact inquire? Will it at any point end?

Assuming you get a potential chance to pose God one inquiry, what will it be?

Thank all 😍😍.....

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