Why am I sharing the photo of my daughter Diana Isabel's first month of birth in the project hope community?

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Hello friends of the community that gives us all that hope and is as necessary as #Projectohope is.

The reason why I share the photo of the first month of my daughter's birth in this community is very simple, since I was a little girl I was taught a great value and that is to be grateful.

I am grateful to all the friends and users of this community, I feel like family, my friend and leader of this community @crypto.piotr is a person who has managed to direct the reins of this great family called Project Hope, under his leadership has been able to pass a time that has been special for me, as is the birth of my daughter Diana Isabel Balzan Carrascal.

Everything explained above makes me come to the conclusion that the best thing I can do is to share my life experiences about the birth of my daughter as a gift to all users of this great community and especially to a great human being as is @crypto.piotr.

I want to share with everyone the happiness I feel today with this gift that God has given me, my little Diana Isabel, who today celebrates her first month, for us it has been a source of joy to celebrate her first month of life by our side.

Many will wonder why so much happiness, but since I was little my grandmother used to celebrate every month and then every birthday, I have no memory of the months but my birthdays yes, always made me a nice lunch to celebrate was not much but for me it was enough to make me feel happy.

My grandmother always told me to never let a special date go by without celebrating that it didn't matter if it wasn't a party but something to remind me that it was my day, since then I have learned how important it is to celebrate my children's birthday, I always make a cake and a small toast to my oldest son, he tells me that it doesn't matter the gift but the chocolate cake filled with chocolate should not be missing for his birthday.

For this reason I am celebrating my daughter's first month since she will always have those beautiful memories with her, her father @carlos84, my person @sandracarrascal and her brother @gaming.yer, we are very happy with the arrival of our ray of light, as it came in the most difficult moments when I found out I was pregnant we were given the news that my husband's brother had died or his uncle, and when my daughter was born a day before my husband's uncle died and this angel came to bring peace to our families a refuge for so much pain with two losses so close.

That is why today I advise all moms and dads not to let the special dates of their children pass without celebrating them and without expressing how important they are in our lives and how much we love them, it helps them grow up with a high and happy self-esteem, it helps us to strengthen our family ties and feel more loved.

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Hello @sandracarrascal!
Thank you for sharing this important moment with us. It is very important to keep these traditions in the family, to share and give thanks especially for one more month or one more year of life. We will always carry them in our minds and hearts no matter how big the celebration is, the important thing is that we are surrounded by the people who love each other and love us the most. Greetings and blessings!

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter - Diana Isabel. She is a new addition to the family of Project Hope. It is adorable to welcome her to the family. We all celebrate her.

PS: She is beautiful

Cheers dear friend

Thank you very much friend @samminator. Exactly is a new member for this wonderful project, today is being part of this great community and I hope that when he is older also continue here with this great family.

Greetings and thanks

Greetings @ sandracarrascal
I wish you the best in the world for you and your family, congratulations to the little girl Diana Isabel Balzan Carrascal, And as we say here in Venezuela. THE DADDY FELL ASLEEP

Thank you very much for sharing your post.

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Dear @sandracarrascal

I always found it quite shocking to notice how darkhaired kids are ... hairy :) When I was Diana age, I had almost no hairs (as most blond kids seem to be) :)

Anyway, such a cute little girl. Im sure she is bringing tons of joy into your life.

Diana Isabel Balzan Carrascal.

Does she have 3 names and one surname? Or 2 names and 2 surnames (after father and mother)? How does it work?

For this reason I am celebrating my daughter's first month since she will always have those beautiful memories with her

Correct me if I'm wrong ... but will she remember those memories? :) Isn't she little bit to young? :)
Surely you and @carlos84 will remember that amazing time with your little kido.

Post resteemed and upvoted already :)
Yours, Piotr

Greetings friend piotr. Most of the little children are born with little hair, but my Diana has enough hair, and if you are right this beautiful girl is very happy to our lives came at the time that we needed more joy to move forward.

She has two names and two last names, her first name is Diana Isabel and her last name is Balzan Carrascal.

The children will remember what we parents help them to remember with videos and photos, that is what they will always carry with them for the rest of their lives.

When they are of age we will sit down to remember beautiful moments of their childhood.

Greetings friend and thank you for your valuable support

Thanks for being so responsive @sandracarrascal

big hug to you and Diana :)