The Unimaginable Abilities Within You

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You cannot underestimate the abilities that are embedded in everyone. However, one thing that seems to limit them from actualizing their full potentials is their own mind. The limitation of the mind is what manifests in the limitation of other aspects of the body. So to be able to break through the later, you have to break through the limitations of the mind first.


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A few years back, I read about the story of a woman that was working on her SUV. The vehicle was suspended with a jack so that she would be able to work on it to fix a few things. While in the process, her little kid that was playing outside ran into the jack right before her own eyes. The jack snapped and the kid got partly trapped under the SUV. Right at the spot, the lady reach out to the SUV and with her bare hand, lifted the vehicle and pulled out her kid with the other hand.

Now this may look like some superhuman science fiction but it actually happened. However, what happened at that point was that the limitation of her mind was suspended and her whole muscles acted with a single purpose - to lift the car. On a normal day, she would not have achieved that feat because her mind will not let her, as a way to protect her from harm. But in that situation, she acted without the consent of her mind's limitations.

The case of this woman goes to prove that everyone has unimaginable strength but, of course, your body and your mind are hiding it from you. Furthermore, there are many other abilities that you have, but with the limitation of the mind, might not be fully realize. The process of realizing them is firstly to acknowledge that you have the ability. Without the awareness of your inner abilities, it will be almost impossible to consciously unleash them.

After knowing that you have inner abilities, then you must make the move to act on them. For example, some people are gifted with artistic abilities but without putting it to work, they may not fully realise it. No matter what you think your abilities are, the truth is, there are still more that you have not unlocked.

You cannot unlock your inner abilities without taking steps and making moves. Most times, these steps will require a form of risk which you have to take. As a matter of fact, if you are scared of risks, then you have already placed a limitation on your abilities. The truth is, risk is a fundamental part of life and it is riskier to avoid this fundamental part. So instead of trying to avoid taking risks, leverage on them to blaze the trail to success.


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The people that have made it in various fields of human endeavours are not different from you. What puts a distinctive and evidential difference is the action they complement to their dreams. Depending on talent alone may not take you far, you must put in work. This is the reason why, even though the likes of Messi and Ronaldo have unequalled talent, they still need to work hard for it to be actualized.

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You are right, we all have hidden ability in us and we just can't get enough of us until we get our mind and heart focus on getting the extra ordinary achieved.

That's right. There is an unimaginable amount of hidden abilities in everyone, we only need to give expression to them.

Thanks bro

Only he who is aware of who he is can know what are those unimaginable things he has inside to offer, I can't speak in the plural, but I can speak in the first person and I am aware of my strengths and everything and how far I can go and achieve, but I am sure I didn't know that until I became an adult.
not everyone knows themselves.

The human has the huge ability to do anything he just think about his goal and nature a person is his own creator and make or destroy himself totally depends on him.

Hi @samminator

After knowing that you have internal skills, you must make the move to act on them, this you mention is a way to induce the internal analysis of our skills, many times we forget that we are ourselves that we are the ones that we have to act on them.

Best regards, be well.

Hello @samminator!

I believe we all have the talent and ability to do something better than others or at least being special in it, yet it all depends if we manage to find it first and then work it. Without working on what we have from talents or abilities we won't be able to develop such talents and succeed in a certain field in life which might seem very disappointing for many people.

Nice read, thanks for sharing!