Being Realistic About Your Targets And Your Dream

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It is true that we have been advised to create big dreams, yes it is good, because a big dream can motivate one and create the zeal to pursue after it. However, it can also discourage one if it is impossibly big. This is why you have to set logical and achievable target so that it will not end up becoming your bane and then become counterproductive. There is a kind of target that you will set for yourself; an obviously impossible target; you will lose the zeal to give it a trial and will become unwilling to attempt it.


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Even when you have a big dream, it will be easier and better if you break it into multiple micro-dreams and pursue them one after the other. By achieving one, it will give you more zeal to pursue after the other and then your progress towards the ultimate target, instead of just waiting to jump from ground zero to the apex. For example; you may have a dream to achieve your doctorate before a particular age. But you cannot just jump from nursery school to doctorate degree. It would be almost impossible. You have to go from nursery, then pass through primary and secondary, before going for your first degree and then you will go in that order till you achieve your doctorate. It is by achieving the first goal; nursery; that you will have the zeal to go for the next and higher goal - primary.

One of the reasons why many people tend to give themselves impossible target is because of comparison. You have to understand that you are not in competition, so do not allow someone's successes to set a precedence for your own. That someone has achieved a particular thing does not mean that if you do not achieve that thing then you are a failure. More so, you do not know the story of that particular person and you do not know how far they have come. Furthermore, you should also understand that you have your areas of strength which may be quite different from that other person, and you also have your weaknesses which may be the other person's strengths so remove competition mentality from your mind and focus on yourself.

It is worthy to note that when setting targets, you should also consider your present capacity. You will agree with me that something that was impossible for you sometimes ago may become a walkover for you now. So you have to try to develop yourself and your capacity to take on your targets. No matter how a fish motivates itself nor sets a target, it cannot fly, so your target should be centered around possibilities, not insanely impossible.

There are times that when you listen to motivational speakers, you will tend to believe that you are omnipotent and invincible, and this may become your bane because trying to convince yourself against the obvious is not particularly advantageous. But when you understand your strengths, weakness and limitations, it will guide you towards creating your dreams. Your dreams will become easy to achieve when you are functioning in the area of your strengths. Take Messi or Ronaldo for example. It is true that they are sportsmen, but they were also careful to select the area of sport which their strength is centered on - football. Imagine if Messi had gone for basketball because he saw Lebron James doing well in it, he will be floored in the sports.


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Even though your dream is meant to be big, at least big enough to motivate you to action, it should also be small enough to encourage you to act. There is no point in desiring what is not attainable. It is true that everything is possible to the determined mind, but you need to separate possibilities from insanity, so that it will not weaken you. Meanwhile, what matters may not even be how big you have dreamed but how you have executed the ones you have dreamed. Having a dream without fulfilling it does not count because it is only the result that will authentic your dreams, otherwise it will remain as just a dream.

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Although they are our dreams, it is within that scope when we must be more realistic and know the scope of such achievements.

Greetings my friend and thank you for sharing.

Well said. We should set realistic and achievable dreams, not something obviously impossible and discouraging.

Thanks buddy



That's right. A big dream will be easier to achieve if it is broken into micro-dreams.

Thanks buddy

greetings @samminator
although dreams do not cost anything, we must know with charity what are the objectives to try a route with our tool and get it, always think big, but it is achievable and realistic, because sometimes we think for example that I will win the lottery, but I do not play it.