TSMC Monopoly

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Good morning dear PH community, for today I want to talk to you about a topic that is related to my previous post. https://steemit.com/hive-175254/@rubenp/alliance-of-two-large-companies-for-the-mass-production-of-semiconductors"

In this post I was talking about some interesting deals that the company TSMC has and in the research I noticed that TSMC has a huge monopoly with respect to semiconductor manufacturing for technology.

The first thing I want to make clear is that these semiconductors not only affect computing, but also many other areas, and I will mention some of them so that you can see the impact of the chips.

  • Automobilism.
  • Aviation.
  • Maritime.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Security systems.
  • Mechanized agricultural production.
  • Scientific research.

A huge list that does not stop all this because of the shortage of semiconductor production, but we must ask ourselves some questions, can't we speed up the manufacturing process, if we get vaccines in just 1 year, most companies have said that this shortage goes until 2024.

Well one of those responsible for this problem is TSMC who own the primary manufacturing core, with deals all over the planet and with different companies.

In the same factory where the semiconductors for your home PC come out, a Boeing 747 flight radar comes out.

These are some of the companies that rely on TSMC for semiconductor manufacturing for component fabrication.

  • Lenovo
  • LG.
  • Toshiba.
  • Samsumg.
  • Coirsar.
  • AMD.
  • Sony.
    • Among many others, its only competitor in the United States, Intel has launched the preparation of new factories, but also for production after 2023.

      TSMC started out as the center of all technology production of at least 65% of the technology consumed in the world, who would have thought that we would live in an era with a shortage of electronic component production.

      drawing made by: @rubenp

      I think it is most likely that China will be the one who will have a new semiconductor factory, which in turn will crowd the market, since with only two companies in the world, it is a market where a third party would be a perfect fit.

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      Hello friend @rubenp.

      It is important that China can participate with a new semiconductor fab to create that competitive market, which in turn will crowd the market, as it needs to expand into a market where there are more semiconductor suppliers.

      Greetings and thanks for your input.

      Exactly, my friend, until now no one noticed that TSMC had the technological power grab in semiconductor manufacturing until the shortage started.

      Hello @rubenp, In the midst of the era of the best technological advances, no one could imagine or anticipate a shortage of conductors and electronic components, since they are known beforehand that they are essential and trust in continuous production maintaining the balance between supply and demand, but the The year 2020 was disastrous for the entire planet, so a certain discontinuity in production is justified, and there will always be more than one company making the best of this problem, turning it into a great opportunity.

      Correct, more production is needed, but apparently they are stretching the times because they are selling more expensive and producing less, which for a while will favor them until someone else builds their semiconductor factory, in this case China.