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I was checking my social networks, my I came across a video of announcements about nasa and the Artemis mission, well if something should know about me is that besides that I like technology I love space exploration, and theoretical physics, well, it turns out that I was seeing about the details of the Artemis mission is a set of launches to the moon that aim to install permanent bases that will make life on our satellite.

The Artemis mission is named after the Greek name Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and twin sister of her brother Apollo, this mission will be launched in conjunction with the private company SpaceX using modern rockets that can make round trip landings.

In addition to the high technology developed by NASA and HPE, the 12 modular supercomputing facility (MSF) computer modules will support the onboard instruments, definitely the best of the best on this spacecraft.

Of course, the Artemis mission will first have its unmanned phase, and in 2024 its first human mission, which will perform a lunar landing after 55 years.

For now, the Artemis mission has a June launch date, but the most exciting thing about this trip is that man will set up bases on the Moon, putting an end to so many incredulous myths about space, such as terraplanism and the alleged 1969 Moon landing scam.

We can all be part of this beautiful mission, because if you go to the following address:

You will be able to register your name, then your name and the name of the people who register will go to a USB memory that will be inside the Artemis mission to the moon, it is something very simple in the lower left side you will find the registry you just have to put your name and surname, without punctuation marks, so you will receive a certificate showing that your name is in the registry of the SD.

screenshot of the game taken by: @rubenp

The truth is that I think it's exciting that at least your name gets to the moon, registration is totally free, so you can do it greetings and see you in the next post.

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