Robinia, an investment project backed by the people

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Hello to all the PH community Today I have the task to tell you a little about Robinia project that was born from the foundations of this wanted and prestigious platform called Steemit.

Robinia, with its token made an important chess move for Steemit, recently in conversations with some colleagues of the platform, we talked about that Steemit needs to attract investors, to be able to generate resources and fill the pool that little by little has been emptying, the most polished in the matter surely know what I'm talking about, to good "understander, few words".

Once Robinia, created that bridge between the Steemit token has allowed to bring new investors, to be able to generate profits with the exchange of token their purchase and sale in the market.



Now well in the Smart Chain network which we know is at one of the highest points in these last months with the NFT Games Boom make the token market is full of people investing, which makes this project even more feasible.

The token is called "Robinia" RBS currently in the market is trading 0.2166 USDT a unit and it is still a good time to invest before cryptocurrency prices skyrocket.



These alternatives Defi, generate confidence because there is work in it, and the key to success lies in its community, which in this case a large part come from the Steemit platform, which is consolidated for many years, for its seriousness.

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With all the fuzz and hype going on around the project recently, it definitely seems to be a big hit soon

Hi, @mandato, the truth is that it is a commitment from us to the project and its success will depend on us.

This is one of the decentralized finance project that I have been following closely and I can see that team behind the project is doing create which will surely visible in sometimes. Although their native token price is quite low but I believe it will do better in coming weeks and months. Thanks for sharing this fantastic post about robinia swap.

is it decentralized project @alokkumar121?

I'm myself not sure if Robiniaswap, pancakeswap or uniswap are decentralized in any way. There is clear one point of centralization when it comes to Robinia :)

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Best regards, @alokkumar121, it's an interesting investment project that makes it easier for us using Steemit currency.

Hello @rubenp
The Robinia project as well as all of them need the support of the people, as well as to be supported by good platforms, such as Binance Smart Chain and Steem Blockchain. I think that alone can be enough weight to feel more calm and secure.

Hi @josevas217, that's the way it is, we also need good publicity to attract more people to Robinia, thanks for commenting my friend.

Yes I agree with you robiniaswap is a good project and the team is also very dedicated to the success of the project , now and then they launch new service which help in the growth of the token and the project.

Greetings @rubenp
Thank you very much my dear for sharing the publication. The RonibiaSwap Project since its inception needs the backing and support of investors to be able to consolidate, it should be noted that it has many investment goodness to generate profit.Hopefully a short time can consolidate as some DeFi of the existing market.

thank you very much for sharing your publication.

Hi Dgalan, that's what we all want, greetings and thanks for commenting.

Greetings colleague @rubenp no doubt we are in the presence of a project with great potential, hence the support being presented by the group behind Robina Swap. Excellent material. Greetings


@tipu curate 5

Thank you Mr. Piotr

Dear @rubenp

Thanks for sharing some of your knowledge and experience related to this particular project. I'm myself also quite involved in RobiniaSwap and I hope for the best to their team.

could you perhaps check out my latest post (MINING RobiniaSwap (RBS) Tokens? Could you be making one of these mistakes?) and help me bring more traffic to it by resteeming this publication?

Yours, Piotr