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Greetings wanted community and readers, today touches a discussion to analyze about the competition of processors from AMD and INTEL, Quantity or Efficiency?

AMD wants to counter its competition INTEL with processors with more cores, Intel on its own improves the performance of its processors with 8 cores 16 threads as is the case of the 12900k series, which even allow the user to overclock to increase the frequency per core.

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Who is more successful AMD increasing the number of cores in their computer, or INTEL going for fewer cores but more usable performance per core?

I don't think there is a wrong answer because both have processors focused on different computing capabilities.

Intel through Windows 11 and taking advantage of the output of RAMS ddr5 and PSI 5.0 achieved with 8 cores and 16 threads to achieve a performance far superior to its predecessor the 11900 k series, and in his day, compare with the AMD 5800X series.

Also in another post, we talked about the wall that exists on the multi-core that while operating systems, programs and video games are not specifically designed to take advantage of each core many of them will remain unused.

This is due to a programming problem where the program/software, makes requests to an X amount of cores and threads, in the newest versions of Windows 11 this process is being improved, in conjunction with AMD and Microsoft, since this type of processors like the threadripper, are very necessary for servers, that its performance is used much more in these cases.

The bottom line is that Intel is currently best in user computers, and AMD for servers, each has its share of the market, but that does not mean that both coexist trying to take the crown of the best processor company in the market.

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