Microsoft and Intel in campaign to sell Ander Lake, affect Windows 11 performance on AMD

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Good morning to all my dear readers, do you want to catch up with the latest computer news? Then this is the right post for you.

The new Microsoft operating system, Windows 11 can already be purchased in full, if your computer is not 2015, we already talked in other coaction about the requirements of the operating system and that special hardware requirement that brings, What surrounds us and brings back to the forefront to Windows 11 is AMD, I'll explain.

If you have a modern computer with AMD processor then do not install Windows 11, because a statement was released by one of the CEO of AMD clarifying that it is 11% slower using AMD on Windows 11.

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What happened? Why Windows 11 goes faster on Intel processors than on AMD, typical market trick, to which we are accustomed Microsoft, what happens is that Windows 11 during its development was tested with Intel processors both the new generation that is not yet released, "ANDER LAKE" as with processors of the eleventh generation as are the i9 11900k so the operating system gets better performance per core on these hardware as its main development was made with this intention, that sure there was money involved, now well Will Microsoft will risk such a way to lose all AMD users?

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The answer is a "of course NOT" they know that AMD people are developing new processors that include in Cen4, and that will be a big demand this performance problem will be patched, but it is a marketing strategy for the release of Ander Lake that will be very soon which will perform very well in Windows 11, improving the predecessor Windows 10.

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If graphically enters well through the eyes this new operating system, and people who can afford it will buy it for sure, in short people with AMD processors wait for their time, which will surely come when the operating system for AMD processors patch, if the Moder community does not do it before, greetings to all and see you in the next one.


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