Mechanical discs take less time in these conditions.

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Hello community as usual I want to bring you some tips to avoid slowness in our work computers, so that we can not only understand how it works and how it came to be damaged, but we can also learn how to solve the problem in question.

The computer as a fundamental tool of our homes, nowadays a work station for many of us, requires some attention, which if you do not have professional technical assistance could cause discomfort in the user when realizing that the computer is not working properly.

Theoretical basis:

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Hard Drives: are mass storage drives, which allow the computer to securely store data for later use when the user requests it.

RAM Memory: Random storage memory that allows the user to execute computer tasks by interpreting, organizing data brought and sent by the processor.

Defragmenting: A Windows Microsoft tool that allows the common user to diagnose and reorganize the data on their hard drives.

Currently many computers in Venezuela are still using mechanical hard drives, as they are cheaper, but this bringing problems even in people who are assembled computers low and medium range; it turns out that these computers are playing a large amount of data for which they were not manufactured, which shortens the life of the hard disk, plus the amount of information that we use delete and reinsert.

What I mean is that before these hard drives didn't have to process so much data at the same time, but technological advancement has made even opening the browser a major data input, which has made the lifetime of mechanical drives much shorter than before.

Also the user rarely defragments their disks to free up space and reorganize data which I recommend to do on local disk C at least once every 3 months.

It is easy just type the word Defragmenter in your search bar select the disk to defragment use the defragment button, it will take a while but if your hard drive is still good it will work properly again once you finish all the steps.

It is important not to stop this process as it may cause some errors.

The RAM memory consumption is given by the amount of programs that we have to start with the operating system, which will give us a consumption that could exceed the capacity the amount of memory we want to use.

Remember that the more RAM memory we have more programs we can run simultaneously, in the case of Windows 10 the startup program is in the task manager and Windows 7 by typing "msconfig" in the start bar.

I hope you have been informed and liked this post I will see you in the next one.


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Greetings friend @rubenp although I only know about the uses of these devices, it is good to know about its operation and the mechanics that allows them to store a large number of information that later we will retrieve quickly and with just a couple of clicks. Excellent contribution

Hello greetings @madridbg , thank you very much for reading me, that's what we are here for.

Hello @rubenp, the storage units are fundamental in our computers, in particular I consider that if there is the possibility of being able to change the HHD hard disk of our computer for an SSD hard disk do it, because these disks are much more durable and improve the performance of our computer.

absolutely my friend @carlir in fact I have already talked in previous posts of mine about the differences between mechanical disks and SSD and M.2

Hello @rubenp
I think I have already told you about it in other opportunities. I don't know much about these things, but I think it's important to educate ourselves to prevent our equipment from going into chaos, I particularly check some videos on YouTube to be able to solve some things. At least that's what I think I do ha ha ha
But without basic knowledge it simply becomes impossible to do much. Thanks for sharing this information.

Greetings @josevas217, it's like that, the truth is I do not expect everyone to understand these concepts but the one who likes computer science as @carlir and myself, "we do as the moccas with the hands", because it is valuable professional information.


Hi friend @rubenp.

Thanks for sharing everything related about mechanical disks taking less time in certain conditions.

Regards and thanks for the support.

No my friend, if you use a computer from 25 years ago, but you have an important data slack because you work on it daily, I am sorry to tell you that it will not last long because the level of data handling 25 years ago is not the same as now, you can do maintenance and have it under ideal temperatures, the hard disk has a useful life of reading and writing that in these times is very little.

Hello mate!

Technological advances are actually playing a major role in reducing the lifespan of hard-disks and some other computer parts. As we can see the data that needs to be transferred at a time keeps getting bigger and bigger everyday that's why HHD is getting old for such things.

We for sure need to keep an eye on the RAM, as we might have many background applications that are running while we aren't in the need of them so we probably should close those.

Nice information, thanks for sharing!

Hello @lennyblogs just as my friend technology is leaving a little behind this mechanism of mechanical disks, greetings and thanks for reading me.