Market diversification is positive for cryptocurrencies

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According to the portal “El Chapuzas informático”, apparently the central bank of China issued a statement prohibiting throughout the country any kind of handling of cryptocurrencies, then I went to corroborate the information with other media, and everything points to this is true, perhaps that is the blow that has affected the market causing its value does not exceed the barrier of 50 thousand USD, since the Chinese market, for no one is a secret is the largest in the world, now, is it as bad as proposed by the digital media?

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For those who understand the market well, you already know the answer, but if you are like me, you have that curiosity to know, does this negatively affect cryptocurrencies?

Let's try to answer in a very empirical way, as it is quite the opposite, and that it is the springboard we are all waiting for, to jump at the same time, if it is true the Chinese market is in my opinion the most important in the world! Nobody wants to stay if their sales quota in china, but the diversification of the market, and the depolarization of the economic power in cryptocurrencies, is or was basically all from china, as there is not a single power that manages everything, creates confidence in the market, for other countries to invest in cryptocurrencies, besides, I am sure that the big Chinese entrepreneurs with investments in cryptocurrencies, will already manage, because I do not think they will stop investing, because this system generates a lot of profits for them.

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Also, looking at it from the point of view of multipolarism, it is a good thing that the Chinese power over cryptocurrencies is diminishing a bit, since they are even the ones who mine with more power in the whole world, As a Venezuelan, I have learned that balance of power is important, because it creates trust in the system, something that applies perfectly to cryptocurrencies.

Of course I don't want it to be misinterpreted, my point of view, what I am referring to is that many other countries can join Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrency, or get out of it, it will not be stopped by the interests of a single Nation.

I think this is a situation where those who believe in cryptocurrencies, we are calm and waiting for that springboard to profit, making the right investment.

I hope you liked it, let's go to the next one.

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I think I share the same point of view with you. A point should come where a single nation's decision should not affect the crypto space. This is when it will be said that cryptocurrency has really gone mainstream. In my opinion, the world is becoming more aware of cryptocurrency and I think it is a good thing.

Excellent read buddy. Thanks for sharing.

Am sure the big entrepreneur that has invested in cryptocurrency and are making profit from it will not want to quit because of any government. Everybody prayer is to make profit and investing in cryptocurrency is the place we can make this silent huge profit without anybody awearness. With time the Chinese government will see the importance of investing in cryptocurrency and who knows since cryptocurrency is developing and gaining ground day by day they might see reason to invest and forget the issue of no single body managing it.