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What could be a double-edged sword, but it has its good side, to access a MetaMask wallet the most important thing of all is to save the keywords they give us, as these will be the only way to recover the account when you change browser or computer or even if the wallet plugin is damaged.

These words must be placed in the same order in which you saved them.

Recommendations for saving the password:
  • Write it down on a sheet of paper and safeguard it well.
  • Keep it in your trusted devices, never in your cell phone.
  • Protect your files with the password by making a RAR file and putting a password on it.
  • Upload it to your cloud, but first save it to a password protected RAR file, this way it won't matter if your devices are stolen.
  • Once the password is secure we only need to place a password on the wallet.
  • Use passwords that have capital letters and numbers and symbols, this will help increase your security level.

Once inside it is ready to use, just like Steem key Chain, it will ask you for a confirmation, which in this case is known as a signature to access the wallet data.

At the top is our link for transfers, this unique address allows us to send it to receive transfers to our MetaMask wallet, at the bottom we have the coins we have added, and at the top we have the network through which we will process our cryptocurrencies.

How to add a new coin in the Wallet?

  • Step 1: Use the add tokens button at the bottom.
  • @Rubenp


  • Step 2: fill in the form with the token data, for that you must access the token's website, for example using the page:

    I search for your preferred currency, when you click on it you will see the information of the currency. Using the contract link, enter the symbol that represents the token, for example (BNB).
  • Step 3: using the Smarth Chain network is always recommended because it does not charge as much interest as Etherium.


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Thanks a lot @rubenp, It is always important to have a reminder about the security of our wallets.
Incredible as it may seem, an accident could occur and you lose your login and recovery password.

Hi friend @Tocho2 I say this from my own experience so I alert you and help you so it doesn't happen to others.

Greetings @rubenp, very simple but very important tips to keep in mind if we do not want to lose access to our assets, either by changing computer or to prevent theft, the same platform warns us about the dangers of not properly save the recovery phrases or share them, but often we read these warnings so fast that we do not realize their value.

We must use the tools at hand to protect and safeguard our most important information.

If matamask is a very secure wallet, and if it is breached, it is always by the user handing over the keys, that is one of the biggest problems that arises and that is the user himself.

Thank you so much for this important information and reminder to keep out account safe and secure.

As we all know hackers are going more and more advance and hacking account of individual so that we cannot become a victim of the same.

Greetings @ rubenp
Very interesting post about the security of our wallets and especially the Metamask, are very practical tips and important to keep in mind for the safety of our financial resources.
Thank you very much for sharing.

Hello friend @dgalan, yes, it is definitely important to safeguard both physically and logically in a secure way.

Greetings my dear @rubenp, thanks for sharing with us some computer tips to keep our metamaks keys protected, otherwise we run a high risk of losing our cryptos.

See you later, have a great weekend.

Thank you very much friend @amestyj, it's always good to be useful, thanks for reading me.

Hello @rubenp

Good post, thanks for socializing these intuitive tips, it is always advisable to keep our keys in physical form, in my case I am is what I always do.

Best regards, be well.

Hi friend @lupafilotaxia, thanks it is always good to remember our computers can stop working.

what the heck is meta mark ?

Mr Piotr is right, the translator separated the words Meta-Mark and it is MetaMark.

There is no such a thing as MetaMark.

It is MetaMask.