Intel caught the evil of DLCs

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Hello dear community I bring you this cool news from the world of computers for those who like me love this world, well yes! It seems that Intel is going to enter the fashion of the DLC I explain what is a DLC.

DLC: DownLoadable Content, I must emphasize that this downloadable content is not free it is content that is downloaded after the development of the same and is charged for it, the pioneers in this market of the DLC that is nothing more than selling you a product in pieces to charge you more is already implemented in the world of video games, where they can charge you up to 20 dollars to add a character to your video game, that kind of commercial policies we are talking about charging you more than once for the same product.

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Now this all started with some leaked posts on Redit, which showed an INTEL project for its new XEON processors, this is the range used for Intel servers, who would start using the "Threadripper" technology already implemented with AMD which are processors with a lot of cores.

It turns out that the same article showed that the INTEL content for this processor would not come out in full, because after its sale at full price, they would charge a DLC to improve the performance of the computer, as this comes capped, not to use all the cores, and with this DLC you would be buying the drivers that activate these cores.

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It seems to me these policies are the opposite of what I would expect from the technology market, definitely these last two fiscal years have been the best economically speaking for Hardware companies, while others went bankrupt they sold more than ever, and now they come with abusive consumer policies.

What can we users do to avoid this?

Don't buy the components, or make post groups complaining about these policies, as the bad publicity would only cause people to go to the competition. Greetings to all and see you in the next one.

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Greetings @rubenp, thank you for sharing this relevant information, without a doubt the technology market is moving very fast.

Fast on a rough road for users.

I think the best option is not to buy these products, but to somehow manifest the scam they are running.
A Trojan horse in a nutshell.
They already realized they can do it, I am sure more than one company will follow that example to charge multiple times for the same product.

I am glad you understood the point @lanzajoseg, you are right this can be passed on like a disease to other companies.


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