Identify devices for upgrade and replacement

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Good day dear community, following as my modality of tops today I want to bring you a series of tips related to the compatibility of components, that is every time we want to improve our computer, or change a damaged part we must learn to recognize the following models and features, because computers, components are not retro compatible with previous generation components. As well as on the contrary they are not either.

Number 3

Data Storage Compatibility.

Every computer has a device to store data, some of those cases are magnetic disks or solid disks, in other cases M.2 or some external device; then we must learn to differentiate the port and the cable with which these devices are connected, to avoid making mistakes when buying them.

screenshot taken by: @rubenp


Previously came a cable in the form of "strip" called IDE this connected the hard drive to the motherboard, which indicates that our computer is something old and requires a hard drive with the same connection.


The sata technology came to revolutionize computing to such an extent that despite being more than 20 years old that technology is still in use, making the cable smaller and much faster, having latency levels that go below the second.


This type of connection appeared in mid-2011, becoming quite popular due to its speed and ability to transfer large amounts of data at very high speed and without the shortcomings of durability that brought their predecessors, quickly became the storage device par excellence.


So by identifying the different ports and devices where the storage devices are connected we will avoid confusion.

Number 2


The processors or the central processing unit CPU, is one of the most difficult parts to identify with the naked eye, and also its manipulation is somewhat delicate, for people who do not have experience removing processors, I do not recommend them to uncover these components, now if you want to know what is needed to know what processor our computer works with, in addition to knowing what generation it is you must follow the following steps:

  • Click start then right-click on the computer button and select properties.
  • In the system section we can observe the exact name of our processor.

Now to identify the port of our processor we must uncover the computer and check on the motherboard which model of board we have, so we can enter the official website of our board, so we can check which generation belongs to the processor and up to which processor is compatible our motherboard.

Number 1

The RAM memory

This is certainly one of the devices in addition to the storage unit that we most want to change or improve, so it is important to know that a RAM memory comes in generations known as DDR Double Data Rate being the most common DDR2; DDR3; DDR4 and DDR5, because if the DDR5 is already out but as of this publication the boards that integrate this new RAM memory are not yet out.

screenshot taken by: @rubenp

A RAM memory is integrated by a series of pins on both sides the most common way to know if it is the same RAM memory is that the dimensions of the pins changes depending on which generation it belongs to, which makes something simple to the eye, in addition to checking on the label of the same if it says DDR4 or any of the above.

I hope you liked my post, see you in the next one.

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Well look what a class you have brought us, thank you very much for such wonderful and useful concepts for the repair and repowering of our equipment.
thank you very much, it has been helpful

Greetings @joseph, thank you very much, knowledge is power is my favorite phrase.

Hello @rubenp
Particularly I'm a bit ignorant on these topics, I really don't know much about it. I only use these tools, and up to there, I don't do more. But I think it is certainly very necessary to know. To have a notion of what to do when a problem arises, or to understand when they talk to you about this.
thanks for the information.

Well you can't know everything in this life, well maybe you can hahahaha

Good point my friend, in fact many non-technological people are not aware of that, that somehow they must always be aware of those components that over time deteriorate and lose their ability to function at 100%.

that's right my friend @@@lanzajoseg, it is very important to keep the equipment with good performance if the computer does not lag the user either.

Hello my dear friend @rubenp, thank you for educating us about the computer equipment used by us, without a doubt your information is very useful for me. In knowing how to select the devices this success so that we can efficiently develop our tasks.

So long, have a great week.

We are at your service, a basic knowledge in computers can fix the day, in case of a problem like this one.

Gracias por escribir en español !
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Hello @rubenp, This series of tips on computing is always timely.
For me it has always been easy to change memory cards, I have done it several times on several of my teams. And I remember that the first time I "burned" the motherboard of an old computer, hehehehe

But the most delicate piece is the processor without a doubt, I never touch that back.

See you