How much does it cost to build a new generation computer?

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Yes the new generation of computers is here, but even for those who have as it is a lot of capital to invest in a computer, we are talking about that to put together a computer with Ander Lake, DDR5, board, and power supply is approaching 1600 Dollars.

Let's say we are going to build a new high-end computer with all the necessary requirements to own a current computer.

The first thing would be to buy the motherboard: PRIME Z690-P: (233 USD).

It is one of the cheapest on the market and you might find it at this price if you are very lucky as this is only the suggested price.

Processor: i5-12600K. With integrated graphics, this way we avoid having to buy a very expensive dedicated graphics card and include it in the budget, price of the processor (415 USD).

DDR5 RAM: I know that the boards and the processor also work with DDR4 but if you want to enjoy the experience of the Ander Lake processor you must buy DDR5 because otherwise you will not see the difference between this generation and the previous one, For this case are two modules of 16GB Total 32 GB (440 USD)

Power supply: Thermaltake SMART 600W ATX 12V V2.3/EPS 12V 80 Plus (65 USD).

Case: a simple case that helps with space costs approximately (50 USD).

Already having all these components we will be able to build a computer of a totally new generation, with capacities that will yield us for any type of work or demand, I have not included graphics because unless you play video games in ULTRA I do not see the need.

We are talking about the cost of building a high-end computer today, and buying the components correctly, I did not include peripherals because their costs are not as high as the other components, we can also reuse the old pc we have and this will not affect the computer at all.

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Greetings @ rubenp
Thank you very much for sharing this interesting post about technology. I really had no idea how much a new computer with these latest generation features could cost us. No doubt they are important element to be able to know and be updated with this computer world.
Thank you very much for sharing your post.

it's a pleasure to bring you this kind of content which is the world in which I operate, thanks for reading my friend @dgalan


I did not realize this will cost so much :O What would be the main purpose of this computer? Becasue I feel like you could get a cheaper one if you just use it for the regular stuff like emails and web browsing :D

I know that you mentioned that you dont inculde any GPUs. But what be a affordable one to get in your opinion?

As for the use we are talking about a high game computer where you can do video editing in 4k, streeming, video game of last generation, high definition 3D designs, server mode and many things more, regarding your second question for graphics we are in a very difficult time, everything is very expensive, but I would recommend a GTX 1080.