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Greetings dear community, rumors have already begun to be heard about the next generation of graphics by Nvidia, the 4000 series, which may be divided into two parts as the first series to be released would be the GTX4200, GTX4400, GTX4500, it is estimated to open variations of graphic shit as the usual TI in addition to low-power versions for laptop.

Within the information I read in Reddy what caught my attention is that these graphics heat a lot, so the cooling process is still under development, also leaked the approximate weight that will have these thanks to be much larger compared to the 3000 series, these will weigh at least about 2 kg in weight.

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It will be necessary to use special brackets for the Psi port as the weight can cause almost any current Socket to sag.

I believe that an even higher graphic capacity is necessary, as currently there is even 8k and in terms of gaming, the best pc on the market does not get the Ciberpunk 2077 more than 70 fps.

As time goes by, audio visual technologies such as movies, special effects, augmented reality, video games, video editing, among many others are constantly demanding more and more GPU power, of course without leaving behind any other component such as the processor or RAM.

But what is said about these graphs?

It is said that they will be 30% more powerful than the current 3090 ti, which is pretty good but let's wait to see how much is its real performance, as it is only an estimate, I hope this post has informed you, see you in the next one.

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Greetings my dear friend @rubenp, thanks for sharing this excellent information, with your posts I keep updated in the computer world that is evolving at all times. I imagine that this new generation will be very powerful.

See you later, have a great week.

Hi mate, very good description of the GTX 4000 series, let's hope it comes to market and meets consumer requirements.

Greetings and thanks for showing us this valuable information.

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