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Greetings to all my dear readers and to this prestigious community, for today I have some recommendations about Epson printers, and their most frequent errors, all the recommendations that I will give in this post must be carried out by someone with some basic notions about computers, otherwise take the printer to your trusted technician.

Epson printers were among the first to adapt the continuous inkjet model after home adaptations became popular, when Epson brought out their 4000 series and 5000 series range of multifunction printer’s bulk printing became more popular.

You used to have to put in a new cartridge when it ran out now you just needed to buy the ink bottle to refill the tanks, but a number of errors started to appear over time in these printers, some of them quite strange which we will also mention in this post.

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Las Epson tiene un sistema de errores que le dicen al técnico, no al usuario, que es lo que está sucediendo con el impresor, uno de los más comunes es el error 0XF1, un error que le dice al técnico que el papel está atascado y los rodillos no pueden proceder a jalar o sacar el papel.

What we should do is open the printer to check if there is any paper left in the rollers or if the paper in the input tray is jammed, (take the paper out, put it back in, restart the printer, and that's it).

Now another quite common error is that of the ink is exhausted even though the tanks are full, this error does not prevent to continue printing but it is a problem in the censors of the ink tanks that with the passage of time end up getting damaged.

What you should do is enter setup/maintenance/reset ink levels.

Select all colors and reset.

Now an error is the truth I do not know why, is that all printers come with a predetermined maximum number of prints, when that number is reached the printer will not print more, until the pads of the printer are replanted.

It is a number that when its limit is reached nothing else can be done from the printer to solve it, fortunately there are programs for each printer that allow you to reset this number, but the complicated thing is to find the program that resets the version of your printer, in my case I had to use programs in Portuguese to solve the problem.

I would give you the steps of the programs but it varies in each version of Epson, some examples would be for the 5190 Resetter Epsonl5190 is used, you can get in some pages for free but beware of viruses, greetings.

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Hello @rubenp!
Very interesting this information that you present us, since I did not know about the maximum number of prints. The truth is that today little work is done with prints for several reasons, they are expensive and most of the paperwork is done digitally but they are still a good option and it is necessary to know how to solve certain problems. Thanks for sharing!

Hi dear friend @rubenp

I haven't printed anything for years, I don't buy any more ink, but my printer is Epson and many times these errors have happened to me, they are very annoying.

god bless you

Hello @rubenp
It is a great advantage to have the knowledge you have, as it allows you to identify these situations and be able to solve them, as well as solve the problems.
And thanks for sharing this information, sometimes you could have the solution very easy at hand and not see it, because we have no idea what to do.