Are computers going to be faster on DDR5 with Ander Lake?

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DDR5 RAM memories are not mandatory to have the new ANDER LAKE processors from INTEL, why? Here I explain it to you.

Greetings to all lovers of the world of technology, because if it is not long before the launch of ANDER LAKE, which means that the DDR5 compatible boards will be selling like hot cakes, it turns out that no, the boards available with ANDER LAKE, will come for both DDR4 and DDR5, with backward compatibility, this is already guaranteed by one of the CEO of Intel, but perhaps we can use previous generation boards in these ANDER LAKE, because the socket of the 11 Aba generation will continue to be compatible with these processors, in addition to what will cause a higher sale for the company at the time of greenbacks.

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At the moment it is unknown if it will worsen the performance of the computer, to use memories previous to this processor, but I have it a little clearer.

The processors do not have their own memory to store and sort the data that will come in and out of it, that takes care of the RAM memory, so the more RAM memory we have more information we can send to the processor to run, but do not be confused have nothing to do with the speed of execution, the storage of the RAM has to do with amount of data speed is measured in frequency, currently in DDR4 in the best we have frequencies of 3600 MH if over clock, if the frequency of memory is higher then we find a higher data transfer.

DDR5 RAM memories will not come with more capacity, in fact they will be basically the same capacities of DDR4 up to a maximum of 16 gb per memory, what will change is its frequency which will be 4500 Mh without overclocking.

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This translates into memories capable of sending as much information as these ANDER LAKE processors will demand, so performance will of course be affected but only people who do tests that exhibit and demand the computer to the maximum will notice it.

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hello @rubenp,
Most of the options that are on the market to give more performance to a computer generally is not taken advantage of by the common user, only specialized users notice the difference, from my point of view it is better to know what you are going to use the computer for instead of spending a lot of money to have a computer with great specifications that then you do not take advantage of its potential, interesting information Thanks for sharing it.

Greetings friend, @trabajosdelsiglo, you are right, I do not think there are many cases of unused hardware and especially here in Venezuela, we even want to design images and edit videos on a "canaima" of 2gb of RAM, but surely if there are people who do not take advantage of the hardwere so it is important to know about it.

Greetings @ rubenp
Very interesting news that you share with us from the technological world, no doubt we must take it into account for the best use of our pc or laptop equipment.
Thank you very much for sharing

Thank you very much friend @dgalan, I need to talk about laptops Quality / price I leave it for the next post, thanks for reading me.