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Greetings dear community, today I want to talk about why I prefer Android instead of IPhone, this is a technological analysis that I have been doing with both brands in different products they offer being Android my favorite but I'll tell you why, in the market for mobile devices and others away from the PC world that is totally dominated by Microsoft, which even failed miserably trying to enter the market for mobile devices.

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Android AND iPhone are fighting for the first place in this category of operating systems, which include a variety of hardware quite important within the technological world, such as:

Music playback devices.

  • SmarthTV.
  • Cellular telephony.
  • Router among others.

So what does Android offer that IPhone doesn't?

The answer is simple free services, Android is an operating system based on Linux, ie is open source, allowing the user to modify parts of your code to adapt and improve it, which also happens when we also compare Linux with Windows, the big difference is the support for the operating system, and that Android if you have a variety of programs that come out within its platform, ie is a pioneer in relation to the development of new APP and native games, which makes it very marketable products.

iPhone is an Apple product that was developed exclusively under its standards, and privatized its services, having to pay for virtually everything that Android offers for free, such as the vast majority of apps among others.

Make no mistake Apple is not a bad brand, far from it, but its economic demand to the user is exorbitant, but without offering something that others can not have, ie its exclusivity is based on mere speculation and fashion of their products.

I know a lot of people descend this brand but they rely on the collective experiences of the quote-unquote exclusivity of the brand, but the reality is that devices like Samsung and Redmi bring out very high quality products that in some cases surpass the iPhone in many ways.

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Hello @rubenp, I have also thought this about certain Apple products such as phones for example. that simply do not bring any novelty other than that offered by the different Android models that we can see today, then why pay for an expensive device if Android offers very good alternatives at a better price?

I think it's just a matter of fashion