What are you going to do with Vouchers ?

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After SPS tokens airdrop Chaos Legion was another hype that has created a lot of action in the gaming space almost everyone was either talking about the packs to planning to make some arrangements to bag more vouchers. At least the recent SPS price clearly says this because a few weeks back SPS price went down to $0.27 and then it made its all-time high with the price of $.95 which is more than three times of growth in just a couple of days. I believe it happened because people are trying to accumulate more SPS so that they can get more water tokens which will enable them to buy more CL packs.

Basically, things are linked with each other which means if you hold more SBS tokens then you are eligible for more rotors, and the more Walters your whole will also give you the opportunity to buy more pads during the please sale. I like the way the team has made the arrangement this way because this is helping the token to get estate which is very good for the token economy and that is why the token price is going and now seems quite stable at the price of almost $.80.


I will have more than 4000 FPS tokens which is making me eligible to receive one voucher every day that means I'll be having 30 vouchers after the month. This balance of 30 will also enable me to buy 30 packs and if I use the SPS token to pay then I'll be getting a 10% discount on the payment. Since one CL pack will cost $4 so for 30 packs it will be $120 which can be discounted if I pay through SPS tokens. I can get 30 CL packs for $108 and I think this will be a good idea since I will be the profit of $12 instantly.

Screenshot 20211019 at 9.10.43 PM.png

I thought of checking the price in hive-engine and I was surprised. One VOUCHER price is almost 22 HIVE which is about $17-18. If someone wants to buy CL pack in pre-sale then the person has to pay about $21-22 which I surely a high amount. For a moment it seems like that I should go and sell the vouchers but I am not going to do this. Because vouchers token price is tempting and its quite normal but I have decided that I will buy CL packs only.

Screenshot 20211019 at 9.28.57 PM.png

Probably its a good option for those who hold huge amount of SPS tokens and they will be getting more vouchers from the daily distribution of 33,333 tokens but I am not that lucky to be there. If we look closely then we realise that there is a lot of action in the crypto space and certainly no less in splinterlands because this momentum will continue for the next 30 days approx and once distribution is over then there will be real pack price revealed. There will be no linkage with vouchers token to buy CL pack and in that case price will go high for sure.

So looking at the long-term plan its better to buy Chaos Legion packs only and keep on holing. You never know if you get some high-value cards if decide to open the pack and even if there is the possibility to get an even better price to trade if you decide to sell the pack in the market. So I have decided for myself but would like to see what other players are going to do.

Thank you so much

Stay Safe

(images are taken from splinterlands website)

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Hello @reeta0119
I see that you are very clear on what you want in this game, it is important to have things clear in any investment, more than necessary, in order to make the best decisions and not fall into false alarms or movements that lead you to losses.

I agree with you my friend and thanks for your nice comment.

Hi @reeta0119

This you mention "I think it happened because people are trying to accumulate more SPS so they can get more water tokens that will allow them to buy more CL packages", this is the typical behavior you see in any DeFi platform, and this is one of the reasons why many developers take advantage to capitalize on the bugs of these behaviors.

Best regards, be well.

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Greetings @reeta0119, great information you share regarding Chaos Legion, and the plans there are to strengthen the token, the truth sounds very good idea, lack the execution to see if everything goes well.

Thanks for your valuable comment my friend.

Hi @reeta0119, thanks to your perseverance you will get a lot of vouchers, I think your decision to buy everything in packages is the right one, taking into account that in the long term they will be revalued. May you continue to have many successes, see you later.

Thank you for your valuable comment my friend.

@tipu curate 2

Hello @reeta0119!

Wow, you really have made a plan and already calculated everything you want to invest or buy for the future, that's mart way thinking about things and hopefully your plan will go well.

I didn't have enough time to get a chance to read more about what's going on in Splinterlands lately, but now I have some free time so I will make sure to keep up with the updates.

Thanks for sharing!

this sounds like a great idea. Check the game out. Thanks.

I was thinking about starting to play splinterlands. Do you have any advice for a beginner? I already understood the basic of the game but it seems very expensive to level up due to the card prices. Please correct me if I am wrong :)