Asia's First Crypto ETF is getting Launched In India soon

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Crypto prices are not going to the moon in the new year but seems like things are going in the right direction. The entire crypto community is expecting mass adoption but to have it in place we need more innovation and crypto-related investment instruments. Since not everyone can be a trader so there must be a bunch of options available for investors. The options like SIP (Dollar Cost Average), Funds, Index, and some others bring more investors to the crypto space.



There is a great thing that is about to happen in the crypto space and its going to happen in India. Asia's First crypto ETF is going to be launched in India soon. EFT is an exchange-traded fund that is listed in the stock exchange and it can be done the same way as we can do with company stocks. As of now, we have ETF backed by some groups of companies and even by some sectors but an exchange-traded fund back by crypto is something special. Its the first-ever ETF which will be launched in India soon.

Torus Kling Blockchain IFSC, a joint venture between Mumbai-based company known as Cosmea Financial Holdings and Hyderabad-based Kling Trading India, has inked a Memorandum of Understanding with the BSE's international arm India INX to develop digital asset-based products in India

This ETF fund is going to be launched with the collaboration between Torus Kling and one of the financial institutions based out in India. With the launch of this ETF investors are going to have some investment benefits and it will also bring better-regulated investment options for Indian investors in crypto.

The Crypto future is bright and more crypto-related products are getting introduced. Crypto is a revolution and now slowly people and governments are trying to understand more about it. India has already got its crypto index for 15 coins and its called IC15 which is certainly a good option to review the performance. Investing is not one day game and it requires a good amount of research to determine the right product and also the amount along with tenure. Such innovations where we have index already and now with the first-ever crypto ETF in India will add more value to the crypto ecosystem here in India.



India has got quite a good number of traditional investors who invest in the stock market and commodities and this sector is regulated. All these trades happen through reputed exchanges but with crypto, they are not sure and confident because of lack of regulation. With such instruments where these exchanges and reputed financial institutions are involved so, it will help gain more investor confidence.

Although I have never been a pro stock investor however I know some of the investors who want to invest in crypto but they are somewhere not confident due to lack of regulation. I hope with this type of new products and innovation. It would interesting to see how it turns out to be a great value addition in the crypto community here in India.

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Greetings @reeta0119, how great that your country is giving you the opportunity to advance in this dynamic world, as represented by the blockchain.

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