A smile always soothes the soul

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Greetings again my dear friends of this wonderful platform, in many occasions of our existence we forget that the best thing in life is to show our smile because in this way we can transmit all the joy, peace and above all love to our existence because we must learn to value every moment we spend in this world.

Maybe many people around us do not like our smile, and that we are constantly happy, however, we have to sow this important habit in the people around us regardless of whether they value it or not, when we see a child smile we feel the greatest of tranquility within us, then, let's put into practice the culture of a smile before the difficulties that we may face.

It is thought that the expression of smiling relieves our soul, that is, our interior, and with it, our body, personally I think this is very true, of course, there are times when we can not smile, but certainly are exceptions, so when we can smile let's do it without any fear because it is one of our best presentations to life, and also in this way we can demonstrate that we have learned one of the best life teaching as is to smile.

Many things that in the course of our existence we learn and unlearn in life, however, do not allow our smile to be overshadowed by some circumstances of life that do not favor us too much, the important thing is that we are still alive and surrounded by people who care about us, and this undoubtedly deserves our best smile of happiness.

Until another opportunity my dear readers.



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hello @rbalzan79,
a smile is an important part of the relationship between people, especially if you are selling a product or providing a service, a smile can make people happy a smile is the best tool for life that you can have.

Hello friend, you are absolutely right when you express the following:

A smile is the best tool for life you can have.

I think the same thing because when we smile we show the pleasantness of our personality.

Thank you for such important words. Greetings and many successes.

Hello friend, it is true, a smile can brighten our day and we can also give joy to others, the smile is contagious and also releases in us substances that generate pleasure and happiness. Greetings.

Hola amiga, thank you for sharing your excellent words with all of us as you express below:

Smile is contagious and also releases in us substances that generate pleasure and happiness.

I totally agree with you. Greetings.

A popular adage says:

Smile is the best medicine

I agree with this and I must say that the benefits of a true smile cannot be overemphasized. There is a kind of relief that comes to the soul when a smile is given.

Nice piece here buddy

Hello friend you are absolutely right, smiling with sincerity helps us in our emotional aspect in every way. Thank you for your excellent comment. Greetings and many successes.

It is so, always absolutely always laughter heals the sorrows of the soul, just as laughter can become a healing form, laughter is filling our life with joy and happiness, when we are happy we live longer.

Hello friend, thank you for your excellent words, actually you are absolutely right, smiling helps us to improve our emotional state and that is fundamental for our behavior. Greetings and many successes.

Greetings @ rbalzan79
A smile changes the mood and the dark environment that may exist , besides smiling is always good for health. The smile conveys joy and if it comes from someone who we know is going through some bad time is indicative that it is improving .
Thank you very much for sharing

Hello friend @dgalan.

You are absolutely right, it is important that we can smile despite the momentary obstacles that we may face in life, smiling allows us to regain our confidence and happiness. Thank you for your extraordinary words

Hello @rbalzan, such a nice post you have here.
A bright smile does not only help the body feel better but it helps create a better atmosphere as well.

Hello friend @gbenga.

You are absolutely right smiling allows us to get our tranquility and inner peace, and also, to radiate it to the rest of the people around us. Thank you for your excellent comment. Greetings and many successes.