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Within the recent weeks, I've received a few enquiries on how our Project.hope community economy works. So perhaps it would be wise for me to write a publication regarding this topic summarized in one post.

In this publication, I will also discuss some challenges our community has faced in the beginning of its existence and the solutions we've tested and implemented to solve them.

If you would find our efforts worth supporting, then consider delegating a small amount of SP or joining our curation trail (more info at the end of this post).

Without further ado, let's get into it ....



Each community is facing some problems and issues in one way or another. More often than not, those challenges are quite similar. And not addressing and handling them often is a cause for such a community to fail and sometimes eventually slowly disappear.

Major problem which most communities are facing is the fact that only curators and authors are being rewarded for their work and efforts. Only those two groups are receiving STEEM tokens for either creating quality content or by curating it.

Whoever tried to manage the community would quickly understand that it is important to also incentivise other important key roles. Moreover, we all need to find ways to reward our most engaging members, moderators, team leaders and perhaps some developers or even graphic designers for their efforts.

Those were real issues which we had to face and address at the early stage of launching the Project.hope community. Problems which many other community leaders are struggling with till this day.



At some point I've learned about the possibility to set up a beneficiary on published articles. And it hit me. What if I would ask everyone who publishes within Project.hope to set up a small percentage of beneficiaries to our community budget account? And use those funds to grow the project? Then an idea was born.

So we have started by introducing a system, in which we would request that every PH member would set up 20% beneficiary to @ph-fund on each post published within our PH community. Those funds initially allowed us to rapidly increase our growth.

For the first time we could afford to reward (with steem tokens) few most active members and moderators for their time and efforts.

Luckily, the idea of sharing part of profit with the community fund has been approved by a majority of PH members.



Many things have changed within two years, which have passed since we've launched Project.hope. And so did our project's economy.

Currently, we are encouraging all PH members to set up 50% beneficiary on their publications to @ph-fund (community budget). And those funds are being used to cover various expenses:


Majority of those funds are then being distributed back to our community members. Depending on their role within PH and level of engagement.

This allows us to financially support people who can then focus greatly on being active within the community. It gives them financial means to support their life expenses, which allows them to invest more of their own time to read publications posted by other members and engage with authors (in comment section).
Our goal is also to support those who understand the importance of quality of their comments.

Additionally, we use part of that budget to reward a few team leaders and moderators for their input into building our common project.


For several months already we've been sponsoring online english lessons for a group of Venezuelans (currently over 15 people). Mostly struggling and underpaid former university professors for whom crypto is a life gamechanger.

It allows them to access worldwide financial / banking systems. Giving them opportunities to better their life.

We believe that by investing in their language skills we are able to bring more value to their content published here on Steemit and it would help them to grab more of those opportunities.


We've also established @ph-emergencyfund. I, together with former doctor @josevas217 are in charge.
This fund serves one main purpose: to financially support PH core team members in case they would face some unexpected medical expenses. Or in case their laptop charger would die and a new one would be necessary. This type of situation, for example.

We always try to be there for our members.
But ONLY if those members are indeed active and an engaging part of the community.

So far, we've helped several of our members in times of medical need. We've also purchased several laptop accessories which made our PH members work easier and more efficiently.


On top of all of that, we share 100% curation rewards , increased by a small percentage of received beneficiaries with all delegators.



For most new PH members the idea of sharing 50% of their post payout does sound initially discouraging. However, most of them changed their minds as soon as they learned how those funds are being used. And they realize that this model allows them to distribute rewards generated within the community between many parties involved. And they quickly realize that it's a win-win scenario.



We're encouraging our members to follow our strict NO POWERDOWN POLICY on Steemit. Our goal is to support (upvote) publications of those people, who are growing their own voting power (SP) and using only part of their liquid rewards to cover life expenses.

After all, supporting authors which are dumping all rewards and create constant selling pressure (instead of growing their account) is NOT our goal.



Every now and then I'm being asked if Project.hope exist on HIVE blockchain. The simple answer is NO, we don't.

We've tried to build our community on both chains (steem/hive), however many of our members experienced high level of hostility on HIVE and we've decided to "shut down our doors" over there and FOCUS SOLELY on building our community presence on Steemit.

SUPPORT PROJECT.HOPE (delegation / curation trail)


Hopefully I managed to hold your attention all that while. I appreciate your time :)

If you value our efforts, then please consider joining our curation trail. Nearly 300 people trusted us and joined it already.

You can also show you support by simply DELEGATING as little as 100 steem today.

RESTEEM and EARN an 115k SP upvote


I would also appreciate every resteem.
You can help us reach a wider audience and earn solid upvotes. I will drop 100% upvote using our @project.hope account (114k) on one of your recent posts.
(limited to accounts which have min: 100 SP, 100 comments and 100 followers)

LEARN MORE about Project.hope


If you like to learn more about Project.hope, then consider visiting those 2 links:
a) how did it all start
b) learn little bit about our history, goals and vision

You can find us on Steemit:
Our DISCORD server:

Yours, @crypto.piotr
Founder of Project.hope community

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Congratulations you have received a vote of $3.00 from @acom! Good Job!

Hello everyone i would like to share my part of the story in a short way.

Initially when i was a newbie so getting upvotes was always an challenge and even a 0.1$ vote would excite me up but still it was not that worth it.

Then i got introduced myself to the Project Hope which was an initial supporter for me for sure and @crypto.piotr has always been there for me in terms of supporting me.

As things changed i got busy in other works due to which i post very less but i can never forget how it hase given initial push which is an much needed thing for everyone starting new hear.

Thanks team hope so this project goes a long way up.

Thanks @sumit71428 for sharing your story with all of us.

You've been part of Project.hope community for quite sometime and I hope you will continue being active and engaging in the future :)

Cheers buddy, Piotr

I am very grateful to this community, we have certainly received a lot of support, we are like a family, for that reason despite some harassment to some members of our community we have remained united, always with the intention of improving and growing this great project.

For almost a year now I have been receiving English classes and it is a support that not everyone can give you, so thank you for worrying about the formation of all of us.

It is a pleasure for me to read these lines and write what I feel towards our community. Greetings.

Hello @project.hope
I already have more than two years as a moderator of this community, currently I am only in Steemit, and I must say that I am very grateful for the support I have been receiving for months. Indeed, when someone is told to place a beneficiary at 50% they are shocked, however, once they understand the use of those funds, they accept.
Few communities are active with the training process of the users, and the fact that I can receive English classes and that they are paid with steem is a sample of how much can be done having an order, a plan, a clear project.
I will always be grateful for the opportunity you have given me to PH for many things.
Greetings. Resteem to this post.

Thanks for being a good, active moderator here its a pleasure having you here.

Thank you for your kind words.

hello @project.hope,
a greeting to all the members of this community, personally I think the way the rewards are distributed is a real genius, because through this distribution the community members have the possibility to grow as people while their steemit accounts also grow, on the other hand overcoming all the challenges that during this time we faced is due to the leadership of @crypto.piotr and the commitment of the moderators.

I hope that this community, which has changed my life in many ways, will continue for a long time to come.


Greetings @project.hope

I really don't know where to start from when it comes to sharing some of the great impact @project.hope made in my life. Should I start from how I became a creative content writer with the help and motivation from @project.hope? Or should I start from where I had lost hope in writing or publishing articles on my blog due to the very little or zero reward I earn for my great effort if not for @project.hope who developed that great hope and spirit of writing in me. Or should I also discuss how the share and earn initiative program by @project.hope as enabled me to make further research about different cryptocurrency just to share my knowledge with people and also earn rewards for sharing my knowledge. Or should I discuss about how the English tutorial program via novel/book review has also impacted my life in one way or the other? Or should I share how I was able to meet different people and members of the community just by interacting on their blog post? The list is just endless!!

This is why I will always support @project.hope and I will also keep trying my best to make good positive impacts on the community. I agree with every terms and conditions being laid by @project.hope and I will continue setting up my reward beneficiary to 50% if that's what will help us promote and develop this community more than we can ever imagine.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💕❤️💕

Greetings dear friends of @projecthope, I take advantage of this space to express what I consider to be the great strengths of this noble community. Particularly I have been 4 years in this platform and few communities have transcended beyond the payment of reward for a publication, @projecthope has been responsible for structuring a community and best of all form and provide stability to their authors. that is not only receive payment in steem, but you have the opportunity to receive academic training of excellent quality as English courses for those who speak Spanish, which strengthen our writings in English to achieve a better understanding of the content socialized.

On the other hand, the emergency fund is proof that there is an organization that is concerned about the welfare of all members, it is impressive that I can have a small contribution to cover medical expenses that some companies in my country do not take into account and as a Venezuelan who has struggled every day in this beautiful country I value every opportunity that is given to me.

In order not to make this writing more extensive, I consider that part of all these achievements is due to the excellent leadership within the community, led by @crypto.piotr and a team that have shown to be excellent professionals who want to do things well and that has its merit.

On my part, I wish that we continue reaping successes that will surely come, because the steps that are taken are firm without any kind of improvisation, may you all have an excellent start of the week.


Hi @project.hope
I am fortunate that I got connected with this wonderful community on this platform. I am here for more than 2 years and have been part of PH for over 1.5 years.
@crypto.piotr is such an amazing person who always thinks o finding ways to support people and make them earn more. After joining the PH community I started learning more about crypto because its one of the categories I can and this worked in my favor because I got to learn a lot.
Piotr has been supporting me and because of his and PH support I am here on this platform. PH support has been a great foundation in my journey here on this platform and I don't that there is any other community like this here.
Talking about the 50% beneficiary, this has never been a problem for me because I started earlier with 20% and now I do it 50% but still, I am able to earn good so I think this is a way to support the community back.

Thanks a lot, PH for your support and I wish you great growth in the future. I will be here and will try to do my best to support you wherever I can.
post resteemed.

Project hope is very special for and I am in touch with @crypto.piotr since the time of HF 20. I still remember that I did not have enough SP for any activity on steemit because it was introduced after HF 20. Piotr has been a great support and once he started project hope community then it became like a home where I visit almost every day. Project hope is the biggest milestone in my journey and success here on this platform. This community is not just to grow themselves instead the goal is to grow the people who are associated.
I am fortunate that I am part of PH and I am very happy to support this awesome family through my beneficiary reward.
I can surely write a very long story about PH but to cut it short I can say that PH is such a fantastic family and its doing great work by supporting so many people to grow through financial support as well as learning side too.
I am so grateful to be part of this wonderful family and thanks to Piotr and @project.hope for the great support.
Post voted and esteemed already.

This community is not just to grow themselves instead the goal is to grow the people who are associated.

Very well said Alok :)

@project.hope is the hope of the Steemit blockchain. Glad you guys are here. Steem on!

This post brings me pleasant memories, somehow reading each line took me back to my first days in #ProjectHOPE.

In my mind, I still keep memories of those early days and how good I felt, to see a community organized, fraternal and led by an extraordinary person of great human quality as is our friend @crypto.piotr, which undoubtedly has had clarity to face the most difficult times we have had to go through during these two years.

Those difficult times have somehow made all of us a strong community full of bonds of friendship, a fact that is not seen in any other community.

I confess that #ProjectHOPE, has changed my life for the better and partly thanks to the support given to me during all this time by our friend @crypto.piotr, a person I admire and respect. I also thank my friend @josevas217 who during these months has advised me on topics in which I had never been involved in blockchain, but today have given me enough experience to continue helping the collective growth of our HP community.

Thank you, a thousand thanks to all the members of #ProjectHOPE.

Greetings to all my dear friends of our wonderful @Project Hope community, especially to all those who in some way or another make this community a family very well led by @crypto.piotr.

I have about two years in this beautiful community in which I have learned great things of vital importance in my life being one of them teamwork because in this way we have become strong in every way.

Personally it has always been a pleasure to share some experiences with our friend piotr in discord, he is an extraordinary person of great values and great heart.

Thank you for all you have done so far and I hope to continue sharing in this wonderful community that we have managed to build all with our joint effort.

he is an extraordinary person of great values and great heart.

I'm blushing! :)

In reality few people dedicate the time as you do with all of us, sometimes our multiple occupations and country situation does not allow us to be more in contact with you by discord, but, you are part of each of our families.

I will say just a few short things here, since I want to make a post telling my experience in Project Hope. But I must recognize and thank this community that has been of great help to me and to many, otherwise this post would not have so many comments.

The influence, the effect and how they have influenced the present and future of many here, is immeasurable. Thanks to those who lead this wonderful project. An honor to belong to this great team.

I don't think I will exaggerate if I will mention, that Project.hope had a huge and very possitive impact on my life within past 2 years.

It's very emotionaly rewarding to be part of such an amazing group of people, while knowing that we share so many similar interests, passions and values.

Same here. I would say, that PH was the only reason I engaged the Steem blockchain before I cashed out everything when I had a financial pressure. Thanks for all you do for this community.

Second that. It has helped me a lot. I have yet to become Dolphin on Steemit. So I hope to be one by contributing the project. I appreciate everything you have done for the authors and the users like me here :)

We have been growing with difficulties but with victorious steps, I have 2 years with the community of the project hope, since I started I always believed in the project, certainly for the oldest users has been quite hostile our stay in hive, however somehow or another and along with the company of our leader @crypto.piotr we have been able to fight and win the battles.

All the decisions on how to manage the economy of the project have been right from my point of view, that is why it is very important that everyone and others are added to the project and follow the healing path to make the project grow more.

It is true what is described in the post, when I started in Project Hope, I started by placing 20% beneficiary, but as the project grew I understood the reasons why it is necessary to increase to 50%.

I have had all kinds of support from great users of the community, a great support also from @crypto.piotr, both moral, economic and motivational, I think that thanks to the motivation that radiates along with those positive energies I am still active and aware of everything that means project.hope.

I just hope that great authors join this great project and keep adding good things to project hope.

I consider that I am one of the newest members of the project, and I really like the way of working, in addition to all the benefits they share with us, the use of a beneficiary account is a very good idea, because with the funds raised help us all equally, solving personal problems that we may have each of those involved, it is also possible to access an emergency fund, which manages to help us in any medical emergency, really thank you very much @cripto.piotr for allowing me to be part of this great project.

What a great way to organize a community, congratulations

Thanks @fannyrosa63 :)

Greetings dear friends. Really ProjectHope is a great community, in it we can find varied and very good articles about technology, blockchain or personal development. Certainly it has a model of economy that we must understand very well, but it certainly gives us great support, a fraternal environment where we can develop as authors and encourages us to be consistent and committed to the community, which really feels very united, I appreciate the constant support and leadership shown by @crypto.piotr in the direction of this project, I hope to continue here contributing content and supporting the growth of this great community.

reestemed, soon delegating...

@project.hope is a community that gives hope to content creators and engage content creators to keep on writing and improving on their write up.

I was away from Content Creation back in 2020 but when I saw the model of the community, I knew I have found the right community and ever since then, my writing have greatly improved.

I recently had my phone, laptop and money stolen and the community founder supported me with some liquid steem.

@project.hope is a community of love, passion for writing and engaging in write up of others. I'm glad I found this great community.


After a long break, I returned to Steemit in the first quarter of this year and I published posts in various communities. My goal was to understand whether the posts I wrote were seriously evaluated. In the meantime, I had the opportunity to meet @crypto.piotr. I have no doubt that when I publish a message in the Project Hope community, it will be seriously evaluated and rewarded. This would be also the case for delegators.

Best wishes and cheers up for the project.

I have read through the post.

I am following project hope all the way.

A community after the human development!

I have gone through the entire publication and i am really impressed by two things here 🙂.

  1. Project hope is making efforts towards teaching English to people and that's really good as it will help them in their life throughout.

  2. I liked the emergency fund thing very much. People who are giving their time to the community can surely face emergency situation and helping them in that time is really a great thing.

You won my heart for the emergency fund thing for your core team members 🙂 💛

Great, I have purchased and read the project policies.

PH has always been and will always be my home, the project where I can start and where my posts reached many people. They really have my support and I am part of the PH Trail. I continue to support them and increase my voting power.

Thank you very much for sharing.

purchased our project policies?

I don't understand @lenonmc21. What do you mean?

I'll like to say that ever since I've been part of the ProjectHope community, it's been a very beautiful feeling. Here it is a win-win for everyone involved. The running of this community is really excellent. I'll really encourage people to join our community, because it's amazing here, and you'll always be a winner with us!

Thank you very much for such a good explanation about the project.

what can i say, to be honest here, this community have been the best community so far thanks to @crypto.piotr, we all know how this community have really bless us one way or the other even after facing lot of challenges on hive, we still stand. kudos to everyone and to the whole community, am really grateful for the support


I quite disappointed on that. Not that you left HIVE. You assessment that HIVE is a hostile place is correct. And leaving HIVE was the correct decision.

However: you could have communicated that better

A last farewell message on all your accounts and a last farewell message with the last delegation reward would have been in order.

Hi @krischik

I'm not sure what made you disappointed. As far as I know, every single one of PH community member has been informed about moving away from HIVE. I've took the time to discuss it with pretty much everyone.

I've tried to reach out everyone I possibly could. I'm sorry if you feel left out.

Greetings to all members of @project.hope. Particularly I am very grateful to be part of this wonderful community, since my beginning I have received many valuable guidance from several of its members for my growth and consolidation.

Being part of PH has helped me a lot professionally and economically, something that I did not think could happen, I have been a beneficiary of the emergency fund to solve a technological problem which I am very grateful to @josevas217.

I also want to thank @crypto.piotr for the leadership shown, for his guidance and for always motivating his members in difficult times. I am sure that better times will come and I wish infinite success to the PH community.

50% is too easy. Great community, great moderators, great content, to a great cause.

I appreciate the idea. However, I am not posting much on social media due to paucity of time. Dear @crypto.piotr I also tried to resteem this post, but something is wrong here. It is not working.

Greetings @project.hope.
I've been working on the platform for a few months, but in this short period I have been able to realize the great contributions that this community has provided to many of its users. The simple fact of being able to count with a help in the medical part is essential for any person and much more with the situation of the country. In the same way to contribute in the academic formation of the users is worthy of thanks, since this shows how important are the members for the projecthope community.
Kind regards and thank you for the support you give me continuously.

Unfortunately for me. I don't have 100 SP 🙁. But I'll resteem this regardless. Well-done guys 👍 keep up the good work

Thanks for that reststeem @abdex9

I see that you're into crypto?

Consider joining our PH community discord server:

Cheers, Piotr

Joined 👍

Good morning MR Piotr, I was unaware of the fund for medical emergencies, very good initiative, we are all involved in this great project called ProjectHope, and I recognize the support provided to the participants of the community.

Excelente amigos quisiera iniciar ese apoyo incondicional hacia ustedes en crear publicaciones, que debo hacer como debo comenzar....

Greetings to this supportive community I have been one of the beneficiaries of projecthope at the time I thanked you through a post, now I reiterate that my family and I had health problems and we were supported by this community, not only in monetary care according to the circumstances but with your encouragement and motivational support, thank you very much.

Hello friends of the Proyecto Esperanza community.
Reading this post has allowed me to visualize, that as all have suffered these difficult times of the current tough economy, and have had to implement strategies that allow them to maintain, I also see that these strategies have been very good as it has led them to form a stronger community making it stronger every day, achieving the permanence of its members.
And seeing the feeling of brotherhood that exists among the members makes me want to be part of this community and be part of this great brotherhood.
In addition to this I see a great work team in front of the community and for me it would be a pleasure to be a part of it.

For me, i am very glad to be part of this great community and to have a place where my passion for writing is appreciated. I've always been a passionate writer and to be among this great community with other passionate and quality writers is a great pleasure. The community have been of great benefit not only for appreciating quality contents but also having a standard where i can also learn and improve my skills as a writer. As someone who loves to write about business related contents, i'm really glad to be part of this great and amazing community.

wow nice to be here @project.hope

Hello, I am quite new to the activities on steemit. While looking for communities to join, I came across project hope and after dropping a few comments on some publications I considered interesting, I decided to publish a post myself which was flagged.

I asked questions about the reason why my post was flagged and I did not get any response. I would really love to publish my articles here and I will like to know what I need to do to make that happen.

Dear @bimbo45

I've looked at your posts and I've noticed that you indeed published within PH community and your post has been muted. Most likely one of our moderators muted it, because this post is not related to any of our community topics.

I asked questions about the reason why my post was flagged and I did not get any response.

I'm not sure who did you ask. Could you share more details about it?

Consider joining our PH community discord server:

I will gladly talk to you.
Yours, Piotr

I simply dropped comments under some posts I found on the trending page. I will join the discord server right away, thank you.

Hi @crypto.piotr
I am proud of your humanitarian thinking and I would be happy if I could help.

From now on, I will increase the subscription rate to 50% and also transfer an amount.

Thank you for your good management 🌸

Hi @hosseinrad

Hopefully I will see you posting again from time to time within PH community :)

cheers buddy, Piotr

I would love to be a part of your team, if you would.

I really feel very happy to be part of ProjectHope community. It's really amazing to see how this community supports its members. The organization of this community is absolutely excellent. You'll definitely be glad to get involved with this wonderful community.

To our greater achievements ProjectHope!!!

Thank you very much for the invitation to read the post, it really seems to me a beautiful community, I like the way you explain why to delegate and how to grow together. I wish I could post here and I agree that we must contribute to make the community grow, excellent post. I had not read anything like this in other communities and I really like this one. Thanks

My friend, I think it is excellent the way you work and I see that you are very organized as far as plans and rules are concerned, but I see that no one mentions a certain specific topic, I am talking about the club5050 proposed by the curators recently. You say that we must program the beneficiary to grant 50% and participating in the club5050 also requires 50%, that is, 100% of the rewards would be covered and the authors would not really get steem to withdraw. I won't lie to you, I currently live off of Steemit and am part of club5050.

If I join your community how am I going to be able to get some sustenance if 100% are to invest?

Few communities take the beneficiary approach because it is really strong, in fact, I participate in two communities that have that model with a more flexible percentage, being able to set up 15% or 30%. This allows me to get rewards for my personal expenses and still be part of the 505050 club in a satisfactory way.

happy day.


#affable #venezuela

Thank you @leonelb for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.
And I surely appreciate your comment

I see that no one mentions a certain specific topic, I am talking about the club5050 proposed by the curators recently

I don't really know much about club5050. This is something not really related to our community.

Few communities take the beneficiary approach because it is really strong, in fact, I participate in two communities that have that model with a more flexible percentage, being able to set up 15% or 30%.

I do understand that there are communities with more flexible percentage. Question is: do those communities redistribute most of those beneficiaries back to community members? We do that. Most of those funds are going back to PH members, depending on level of their engagement (comments) within the community.

And I believe, that it is making huge difference.

I hope I'm making sense.

Cheers, Piotr

Wow excellent growth. Soon I try to start my journey here too..

Thanks for informing.

Upvoted and resteemed

As I can see you are doing several great projects under @project.hope initiative, so I'm happy to repost this story for you to get wider audience. Carry on with good work, @crypto.piotr.

Since I joined this awesome community, I only got support! It is really nice to read about all these interesting topics and altough my SP is not that high I am trying my best to upvote most of the communities posts :)

In my opinion this is a very interesting project!

Great project.

I hope, i can get support by comunity.

Thanks for your resteem @ponpase

i have completed my 2 years here and got decent support and love from the members. I am really happy to be a member of this community.

Medical emergency and online english class are the things which are most needed and i love to support this community. thank you...

Hello, I just received a notification from you and am interested in what you have to say and whether the 50 steem I delegate is enough. should I introduce myself in this community.

It's been an absolute pleasure been part of this wonderful community. It's been a beautiful journey and I'm happy to see this community growing more and more each day. It's a great family here. I'm really glad to be part of the ProjectHope community!

and thanks for taking the time to read this post @humor0404

Hello @project.hope
I can say that I am since the community was born was not easy to raise it, but gradually grew with the efforts of many, this community has become a great community, as it is now, I feel very proud to be part of this community, thanks to the advice that always gives us @crypto.piotr we have been able to go far, I have been the beneficiary of many things that gives me the community, I am very grateful for the support I'm getting since it started clear is a win-win.

I will always be grateful for the opportunity I have been given by PH for many things.

I am always at your service for any queries.

Yours, @lanzjoseg

I am not interested in your project from the word "absolutely".
Moreover, I do not like spammers to my wallet.


The only question that worries me is how can THIS increase my personal income? Personally on this blockchain, personally on this project.


Not a word has been said about this. Instead, you are offering to give you 50% for posts (for which in the usual sense, under standard conditions, I will get only 75%)


  1. Why should I give 50% to someone unknown?
  2. You say to vote 115K - but the majority of whom you vote for leaves only 20% -50% of the voting power. And this is no longer 115K, but half - 58K

So why should I be involved in this ??

So why should I be involved in this ??

Based on your tone @coar, my answer would be: I guess you should not.

Thanks for taking the time to comment and as requested: I won't bother you with any more "spam".

Yours, Piotr

My tone is quite normal. I am critical of all projects, your project will not be an exception.

It's like going to a store and asking - what benefits will I get from this or that product?
And get the answer: None! You definitely don't need this product.

OK. If I didn’t evaluate projects and gave money to the first people I met .. Right now I would be without money and without pants.
And another important point - competent investors understand that if someone writes to you, then he is interested in me, and not I is interested in him (Rule of Business Relations).

Good luck to you too.

Hi @coar

Please correct me if I'm wrong, however ...your tone sounded quite judgemental, negative and quite condescending. You also clearly seemed to be upset with my memo.
And I am sorry for upsetting you. That was not my intention.

And you surely have a right to sound this way and be critical towards project, about which you seem to have no knowledge about.

That's also your right. I don't have a problem with that.

However, my answer to your criticism (again, based on zero knowledge of our project) will be the same: you should not get involved and I will not send any more memos to you in the future.

You go your way, I go my own way.

It's like going to a store and asking - what benefits will I get from this or that product?
And get the answer: None! You definitely don't need this product.

Indeed. Quite a good example.
Cheers, Piotr

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Hello @project.hope

I am particularly grateful to PH for the support they have given me for more than 2 years, where I have learned a lot about blockchain, made new friends and shared very comforting experiences.

This community has given me the support that I needed since I started in Steemit, for which I am very grateful to it and to @cryto.piotr, its founder, who has guided and guided me on many issues of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
Wished regards.
Reeblogged this post.

Hi @project.hope
I am fortunate that I got connected with this wonderful community on this platform. I am here for more than 2 years and have been part of PH for over 1.5 years.
@crypto.piotr is such an amazing person who always thinks o finding ways to support people and make them earn more. After joining the PH community I started learning more about crypto because its one of the categories I can and this worked in my favor because I got to learn a lot.
Piotr has been supporting me and because of his and PH support I am here on this platform. PH support has been a great foundation in my journey here on this platform and I don't that there is any other community like this here.
Talking about the 50% beneficiary, this has never been a problem for me because I started earlier with 20% and now I do it 50% but still, I am able to earn good so I think this is a way to support the community back.

Thanks a lot, PH for your support and I wish you great growth in the future. I will be here and will try to do my best to support you wherever I can.
post resteemed.

@crypto.piotr first of all I would like to say project hope is very nice and beautiful community, it's like a second family to me all the members are very friendly and happy go person. Which understand each other and help them when they are in needed.

Now regarding the rewards distribution it's very perfect and we'll manage by the Team. And the best part is that we have some very interesting project going on like emergency fund and english class which no other communities have it.

I am thankful to crypto.piotr to introduce me this beautiful project because of this my life changes a lot. It's not about me most the people life changes in the project.

Apart from that I am very thankful for all the leader who are maintaining this project very well 🙂.

ProjectHope is a wonderful community. Very supportive to active members. I really love it here. You can literally feel the love in the ProjectHope community - and it's just amazing. I feel really good that I'm part of this lovely community. Resteemed.

thank you for the very useful information, I like the rules that have been changed from before, hopefully this community continues to grow rapidly.

The 50% beneficiary is obviously a hard pill to swallow, not just for new members. However, it looks like the option when you consider the fact that it helps the community to grow.

Great project on Steem who supports Great authors and people !

Without @project.hope, I probably would not be there on Steem. They are needed !

I am happily following the @project.hope trail on Steem to help curate other greath bloggers !

Let's GO !

Im glad to hear that our PH community is one of main reasons for your presence on Steemit @vlemon :)

Take care of yourself buddy :)

Dear Piotr your post takes me back to the time when you were about to start Project hope and how we would discuss things over skype. It seems just yesterday but I have been part of the journey that has its share of ups and plenty of down.
However no reason to complain as we have stayed together as a group and stood for a common cause and that is all that matters.
Personally It has been an enriching experience to be part of a diverse community. IT has been full of learning and experience sharing.
The crypto ecosystem is evolving and together we can go far.

resteemed to increase the reach

Dear Piotr your post takes me back to the time when you were about to start Project hope and how we would discuss things over skype.

Old good times @thetimetravelerz

I wish to have as much time as I had back then. I used to skype with so many people, but managing already succesful community is quite time-consuming.

Stay safe buddy

Greetings to all the members of this beautiful community of @projethope, I thank very much @crypto.piotr, @josevas217, @lupafilotaxia and all those who daily do their bit so that this community not only maintains itself but continues to grow.

The model used by this community is not only aimed at satisfying the economic needs of its members, but also promotes the creation of quality content and encourages learning within the blockchain environment in which we operate on a daily basis.

For me it is a true honor and satisfaction to be able and learn daily from the rest of the talented bloggers who write in this community, of which I am very grateful to be a part.

Thank you very much Piotr not only for all the effort and dedication to make our community grow, but for the real support that you have given to all of us who live here, a big hug.

Greetings to all

For me it is a true honor and satisfaction

I'm pleased to have you on board of PH @karupanocitizen. And thanks for those encouraging words

On top of all of that, we share 100% curation rewards , increased by a small percentage of received beneficiaries with all delegators.

I'm more interested if PH gives votes to the delegator, at least we can grow even though the percentage of votes given is small... Be loved ❤️❤️

Hi @steemadi

No, we do not give votes to delegators. But we share 100% curation rewards with those who delegate to @project.hope

Our manual upvotes are being used to support people who post within PH community.

Cheers, Piotr

It would be great to see Project Hope on Hive, too. By the way, 50% beneficiary is ok as long as there is a strong upvote from the community.

It's a great job. I took the initiative to stay here.

Its been an amazing journey growing along with the project hope. Its well organised and everyone in the community comes up with quality content which is like the cherry on the top! The ph-fund system is an absolute win-win in my perspective. Would like to end by saying thank you @crypto.piotr for always supporting the community and really glad to be a part of the ph fam :^)

hi @the-prithvi

The ph-fund system is an absolute win-win in my perspective.
I'm glad to hear that we're on the same page :)

Have been following this project since last 1 year. @crypto.piotr and the team is very committed towards community building and towards the members.
This is a win win situation for everyone involved.
Keep Going

I appreciate your encouraging comment @knowledgefruit :)

So sad to realize project hope closed it's doors on hive. I was hoping the issue would get settled. Nice publication,

Projecthope is a really nice platform and it has stand the test of time. Organising English class for Venezuelans members is really a nice idea has it will help increased their output and support for projecthope. I never knew projecthope is no longer on Hive and I think that is the best thing to do concentrate on one because one of my friend is even complaining of the massive downvote on Hive without a tangible reason. I have join the curation team but I will encourage all of us to set our 100% sp to projecthope curation team.

hi @jennyvic09

Would you happen to use discord ?

Consider joining our PH community discord server:

I will gladly get in touch with you.

Cheers, Piotr

It is a welcome development @crypto.piotr but there is an issue where even though we set 50% for @ph-fund we still don't get support in our publication.

hi @kenneth00

Would you happen to use discord ?

Consider joining our PH community discord server:

I will gladly get in touch with you.

Cheers, Piotr

I have joined the discord and my discord username is emma55

Such posts on a regular basis will keep people informed about ph. Great work. Resteemed.

Hello @josevas217 super grateful for the support that Project Hope gives each of us who make life in this community where we really feel valued, 50% as you rightly point out perhaps can be seen as much when you do not understand the operation and life within the hive that really gives many of us a new opportunity. Thank you and always supporting PH and its members

Despite I use to be busy in other stuff I always try to keep Steemit Blockchain in mind because thanks to this great ecosystem I built such a wealth I never imagined to have in form of crypto assets by sharing, writing, commenting and even voting. And bravo for all those amazing communities that are doing their best over here, where I can name the Project Hope group of course. Have a nice starting of week and please take care dear people. Regards from Latin America 🌎 #venezuela #affable

hi @alegnita

Would you happen to use discord ?

Consider joining our PH community discord server:

I will gladly get in touch with you.

Cheers, Piotr

Hello there. Not by now at the moment. Just a telegram account I'm owning where I am already in touch with a Community's group for instance. If there's available a group of PH in telegram I'd love to join there and being sharing with members by often. Regards once again then. #venezuela #affable

Greetings @alegnita, you can tell us your username in telegram. First of all, Thanks.

Perfect. Mine's @alegnita16 there. Hope to be in contact then. 👍🏼

The most organized community I know. I've never encountered a hate here. People are very helpful and very active. I do not contribute too much, but if I write something, there is always a reply and support. Piotr does everything to make the community feel very good here and personally he is a cool friend. Regards!

I'm surely a cool friend @jozef230 :) And vice versa buddy

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

Greetings all the members of this valuable community, in the staff since this community of Proyecto Esperanza (PH) gave me the opportunity to enter it, my personal, professional and economic growth began to improve remarkably, here there is a team of people who realize invaluable contributions to our community, this team is led by our friend @ crypto.piotr, personally and received financial aid to cover medical expenses and this is thanks to the Health Fund that they organized and created, without a doubt PH is a great family and I invite you to be part of it.

Dear sir,
Project Hope is a great project where you can breathe familiarity, teamwork, my best wishes from PAKISTAN


Nice graphics @nabeel :)
thanks for your supportive and encouraging comment. And best wishes from Malaysia :)

I was Sunday so I cant reply you fast .
I am happy to see you appreciate me sir

Hi @project.hope, I'm a little confused as to what the benefits are of delegating my HP to you. Could you explain that to me?

hi @playfulfoodie

Do you have discord? Perhaps we could talk directly via Discord.

Consider joining our PH community server:

Cheers, Piotr

I remeber you tried to explain all this a while ago on a DM. I get all of it now.

Thanks for reminding everyone what PH is all about.

So exciting to get s notification of this post on discord. It's really been a long time and I'm glad I'm fired to re-engage the PH community. I'll get to purchase some steem and power them up in a few days.

Indeed, @Crypto.piotr has been very visionary. I salute his courage in building this community to this present stand.

Post resteemed.

I don't have much steem power, but once I have I will support back. I will create posts within the community though.

Thanks for your supportive comment @tekraze :)

Is run by you? Interesting site

Hi, yes is owned by me. Thanks

Hello, I feel fortunate to be in PH, this community has the participation of very good bloggers, the best science, technology and blockchain topics I find only in this community and this means that we have very good material to share in the community.

The PH economy shows that it has been very well thought out and planned, in fact few communities have a similar model, many users are being benefited and the constant presence of new publications shows that teamwork really works and they are doing it very well.

And I feel fortunate to have you on board of our community @tocho2 :)

Thanks for dropping by and your encouraging comment



I just delegated, it was the only thing I was missing, because I already belong to the trail.

Thanks @alanasteemit :)

This is good. Weldone buddy.
How about we who don't post project hope related contents? Any incentive for us?
I intend to follow your curation trail and delegate a few token.

Good to know you're still around @maxwellmarcusart

I didn't hear from you in a while. Stay safe buddy

Yeah, and that's because you haven't been posting for a while.
Do you have any reply on the question above?

How about we who don't post project hope related contents? Any incentive for us?

i don't have enough voting power to support non-related content :(