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I'm sure by now some of you, my dear readers, are probably quite aware of our new recent PARTNERSHIP that we're currently forming as a Project Hope community. In his recent post @crypto.piotr mentioned about a unique and exciting collaboration. Between PH community and a group of South Korean developers.

And TODAY I would like to share more details about it and invite you all to become part of this new amazing venture.

The vision behind our initiative is quite simple: we strongly believe, that there are many developers who are doing their best to provide useful tools that are built on top of steem/hive blockchains. However, they quite often struggle with lack of exposure and traffic. Which is gretly discouraging and often the reason why those programmers are giving up and abandoning their hard work.

We want to change that.

Our goal is to bring value to STEEM blockchain, by using an already established network of bloggers and influencers (users mostly assosiated with the PH community) to support those struggling developers. To help them spread the word about their projects and tools. To help them bring attention to their efforts.

PARTNERSHIP WITH @RoadOfRich and @FutureShock


EVERYONE need to start somewhere.

And within the past few weeks I had the pleasure to talk to Nia. A South Korean developer, who is the CEO of the @RoadOfRich team. Some of you may be already familiar with their work.

Their main mission is to develop a game ecosystem built on top of blockchain. HOWEVER, this time around our goal will NOT to promote any new game.

Instead, we will focus on bringing attention to their newest product. A simple, yet very useful tool. A tool, which is a result of a collaboration between their team and @futureshock:


Hope we've got your attention already :)



Most of us knew BLOCKTRADES and often used it in the past, to convert STEEM to other major tokens (or the other way around). The main advantage of blocktrades has been to always: easy and convenient to use, as well as lack of KYC.

Unfortunately, blocktrades services are no longer available on STEEM blockchain. Which created some sort of void, since there are no other tools allowing to do the same.

This is about to be changed with STEEMSCAN

It's absolutely intuitive and a very professional looking site. Which I consider a huge step comparing to what blocktrades had to offer. I strongly believe that we need more simplified and user-friendly solutions to attract mass adoption.

Wouldn't you agree?

SHARE YOUR FEEBACK and receive 100k SP upvote on your comment


At this stage it is crutial to collect and analyze feedback. I would appreciate it if you could spare 10-15min of your time to visit, check it out and share your thoughts with us.

What are the possible pros and cons of this solution? What do you think about having a fixed fee? Would you see it as a valuable tool if you were to convert small amount of STEEM versus large sum? Who in your opinion is the target audience? Small fish or whales?

Every valuable comment will receive an 100k SP upvote.
On top of that we will contact each author of all most interesting replies. And we will offer an OPPORTUNITY TO COLLABORATE with us.

How cool is that?

IMPORTANT: it would help us most, if your feedback would be posted in the comment section before you have a chance to read other users comments. It doesn't matter if you will repeat what others wrote already. We care about genuine and honest feedback, based on your own thoughts.


I would appreciate every Resteem, as it would help us reach wider audience.



SteemScan review by @achim03:
Original SteemScan review by @futureshock:
RichofRoach discord server:

Truly yours,
@project.hope team



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Hello @project.hope , without a doubt, we needed a quick and easy way to transfer our steem to other crypts and vice versa

1} I don't know if it is a mistake but the minimum fee to transfer steem to btc is too high just to pay the exchange fee 230 steem is needed, it is too much money.

2} To change to USD and TRX, from what I saw the commission amount to change to usd is $ 1, to change 500 steem to $ almost 2 $ is charged while for that same amount of steem if we pass it to TRX the fee is 60 trx which is approximately $ 1, which indicates that for now the only viable option for small and medium amounts is to transfer steem to TRX

3} For a moment I thought that the fees were a fixed% but then I realized that changing 1500 steem to TRX cost 179.86 TRX while changing 1600 steem to TRX costs 80., so I assume that from 1500 steem the% of the fee is reduced by half, that's why I still find the steem fee to TRX a bit expensive, although it is undoubtedly the best option

4} Super friendly and intuitive platform, which is the most important thing to massify its use

I think that in general terms it is fine, it is only necessary to review the fees, I know that everything has an operating cost but at least that of the BCT seems a little disproportionate


Dear @hendersonp

I appreciate your feedback. I can only hope that team behind will read it and find value in your comment.

I think it would be great to use steemscan and collaborating with tbose developers.
It is an ergonomic and beautifully designed blockchain explorer.
According to a post from @futureshock it also brings ease for newbies.
They are introducing new tools.
They are also diminishing the middleman, that is you just need an address using some platform and one can get their crypto cashed out❤
A great initiative in progress if our community manages to build a long partnership with such genious Groups❤❤
And @Crypto.piotr, you are always working well for the growth of our community.
All of us are so glad to have you❤


I'd always seen ergonomic as an adjictive describing a physical environment, but I'd use it here.
Streamlined, easy on these, flowing, dynamic, adaptable, quick, all of these things. Brilliant really. They know how blockchain is supposed to work.

Thanks for the appreciation🖤

  • My early days on steem was serious because I found it difficult to convert my steem. So I sell them to onchain buyers because I don't know how to go by it. Blocktrade process was tough to understand too.
  • Steemscan is a great tool, with a friendly interface. A newbie who yet still new or has little knowledge can access and make use of it without difficulty.
  • I think the fix fee needs to be looked into. It might look unfair to those who might want to convert small amount.
    However, change is what every human should learn to adapt to. Blocktrade time has gone, steemscan might look like a complete stranger to us with views that might not suit some people. But this is just the beginning, I hope it will get better or more beneficial as time goes on.

The partnership between PH community and the group of South Korean developers is really a great new. Wishing for the success of it..
Post resteemed

Dear @benie111

I appreciate your feedback. I can only hope that team behind will read it and find value in your comment.

Hello @crypto.piotr It's a very great initiative a Great step taken by @project.hope

I did seen steemscan the day it was highlighted in the post from @steemitblog i visited it and as per my impression it looked very genuine website. A very simple user interface but amazing features inside means anyone can use it easily without any instructions.
And about the fixed fee it will not be great for normal users like me who withdraw a small amount of steem weekly or monthly because we will have to pay same amount of fee. Whales won't be affected as they are holding a large amount of assets they can convert a large amount of assets by paying certain amount of fee.
A my favourite advantages you don't need any KYC to use steemscan Just like on blocktrade used to be
So on overall basis it's great website less cons more of pros.

That is actually great news. I tried it already, but just with a small sum. As some of here below mentioned, for BTC, the price is so huge and it even doesn't make sense to convert small sums. USDT is not that good for small sums. So I tried TRX. It worked well, with a low fee, without KYC or any registration process. Perfect, really.

I am not sure if the fixed fee is a good solution because of the BTC sending, but I understand why it is.

I would love to see more currencies added of course, but as I understand, this is just a beginning and few more will come. I would suggest those with low fees so it makes economical sense for the traders. So ALGO, ADA, XRP, EOS and maybe Litecoin.


Ever since blocktrade departed a lot of person have been looking for medium to enjoy the services that they provided, but to no avail.

I was really happy coming across this great services rendered by roadofrich and futureshock, supported by project hope.

I went through the platform and I love how simple it is. It is one of the easiest platform I have seen where you can get your coins traded with ease.

I will look forward to using it and giving more feedback.

The is a very good initiative to hear about concerning the steemit platform.

For so long, I also have been wondering what system will rise up to cover the void blocktrade has created by no more functioning on the steemit blockchain and glad to see steem scan rising up to do that.

I just check it out and I must say I am already in love with the way it looks. Definitely it will be acceptable all around the platform and it will go well.

To see the leaders of the community working diligently in moving this steemit platform forward is something to celebrate them for also. 👏.

With our collective effort, the sky is just the starting point for the platform.

A big shout to @Crypto.piotr for his effort also towards moving the platform forward.

This will be resteemed right away and upvoted


Hice Re-Steem y respondo en español para quienes nos leen es esta lengua. Además me gustaría traducir este post para esta comunidad hispana que podrá crecer exponencialmente cuando maneje más información valiosa sobre la construcción de la red.

Primero quiero extender mis respetos a @crypto.piotr que con su amable y altamente ético post, me ha convertido en parte de su audiencia objetiva, con el compromiso de ser parte activa de los buenos proyectos que pudiera apoyar desde mi humilde participación.

En el análisis a la aplicación, Tengo que decir que en diseño me parece limpio y muy claro, para una experiencia de usuario cómoda y sin laberintos, veo que la comisión por transferencia es alta para quienes usan el servicio por cantidades muy pequeñas sin embargo, veo potencial el uso de Tron y su comisión es muy baja.
Yo recomendaría sin dudas a quienes usaran el servicio que usen Tron que además trae unos proyectos geniales para darle mayor habilidad al ecosistema para funcionar.

Felicidades por su alianza con @RoadOfRich and @FutureShock y a ellos gracias por el gran trabajo.


I like this partnership idea! Connecting different communities together and bring in more people to make a better community is wonderful.
I like the Korean communities and what they are doing to "their" communities. But hard to understand because of the language barrier. Using translator is not good enough to really understand what they mean.
I hope this partnership will fill in the gap between their community and PH community and hopefully make more individual connections to extend our reach.
I haven't use the conversion app yet, but I would love to test it and play with a little. It looks great, UI seems nice too. Fees look expensive though... maybe community members can get a special promocode or something?
I would love to try their apps or games that they are developing in the future too.

One more thing, beyond this conversion app and comment promotion, what is going to happen to the both communities and members? more details about that?
Thanks guys!!!

Hey, I've been checking the steemscan for a long time.
I think it's great that I don't need KYC, this calls other users.
I must also say that its use is very easy, easy enough to understand, and it is simply great that it is, because people in general when talking about cryptomonies, they get a little scared, and with so many keys and other particularities of the Blockchain they tend to get a little far away. And in this case everything changes, it's understandable for anyone, at least I think so.
Also the tools and graphics it offers are easy to understand.
This on one hand, but, I said that I have been analyzing the fees, etc, and I must say that I find it quite expensive when it comes to change to BTC, if they really charge the fee that is reflected. I don't know if it's a mistake or not, but a fee of 0.005 BTC is in Latin America a lot of money for a fee collection, it's about 60-65 dollars. I tried to update, to see if it was a detail, but no, that's what the fee says. I brought the image so you know what I'm talking about. In the case of USDT I think a fee of 1.96 USDT is reasonable, in fact I think it's low compared to other exchange sites.


Of the rest, except for that detail of the fee at BTC I think it's a good idea, an excellent project that comes to fill a gap that existed in this platform. It is also a good time to join forces, I think that together and with mutual support we can go further.

I had a similar error once, don't know why... but then it suddenly disappeared, and turns into a fixed fee of approximately 1 USD again. I am not sure if it deals with cookies or something else in the browser, but I saw a similar bug once myself.

I had similar thoughts on the fee which seemed prohibitively high to me.

Otherwise ( and I hope the fee is just a mistake), this appears to be another great initiative from @crypto.piotr

Seeing the crypto convert addition feature of Steemscan is a beautiful addition. Great to see how one can make conversions without KYC just as Blocktrades did.

I discovered steemscan some weeks ago when steemd nodes were down and I was in dire need of an explorer for Steem. I salute @roadofrich and @futureshock for this unique addition.

Here are reviews on the Convert feature:

  • Not very comfortable that 10 steem and below (for USDT and Tron conversions) and 230 steem ad below (for BTC conversion) cannot be converted.
  • Bitcoin base conversion fee of 0.005 is too high, that's about $45 at today's BTC price.
  • The UI of steemscan is awesome especially with the Dark mode feature.

I'll love to make a full post review after a robust usage.

Thanks @Project.hope for bringing this development to our notice.



  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Being a decentralization enthusiast, it is somewhat ironic to have to juggle with centralized and KYC-based platforms.
I love the idea of steemscan and I think it represents the soul of Blochchain technology. It is definitely useful for Small fish and whales alike.
I love the night mode feature which wasn't available with BLOCKTRADES.
Additionally, I'm fascinated with the ability to see the accurate price of steem against many other cryptos and fiat (USD, CAD, CNY ...etc).
However, I have some points I love to see them improved:
1)There is a bug with the fixed fees:
Yesterday, I visited steemscan and i tried to exchange some steem for TRX . The fee was 500 TRX !!
Today, I visited steemscan twice and to it showed me two different fees (2.4 vs 0.37 TRX)


Hopfully this issue will be treated soon

2)I hope to see more coins supported like Dogecoin since it is fast, has small transaction fees and it is wide spread between exchanges.

3)I also wish i could exchange steemdollar directly from steemscan

Finally, I'd like to thank the developer and PrjectHope for this initiative

Firstly, I'll love to commend @futureshock and @roadofrich for their great effort to come up with such a great solution which makes conversion of Steemit tokens into other cryptos which can then be traded easily for cash if required by the user involved. I also use this medium to thank @crypto.piotr for his great support and positive impact on the steem blockchain.

My Feedback About Steemscan

I've actually visited the website and I must say the developers have really done a very great job in terms of it's UI/UX design, aesthetics and some other great functionalities . I love the fact that it shows the current price and market supply of the crypto involved (steem). I'm also much more impressed about the light mode and night mode functions included on the platform.

Pros and Cons
The transaction fee seems to be constant irrespective of the amount of steem converted and this is why there's tendency of having negative value in the crypto converted. The conversion process will actually favor users who have huge amount of steem to trade or convert compared to users who may want to convert low amount of steem.

Some users may actually complain about the transaction claiming that the fee may need to be adjusted because you can't expect users converting high amount of steem pay the same transaction fee with users converting low amount of steem, they may come up with excuse like there should be a form of discount for users who intend to convert more amount of steem but I personally don't see anything wrong with the transaction fee since it looks affordable.

What do you think about having a fixed fee?

It seems okay to me since the conversion process will be more cool if it's done with bulky amount of steem. Users may ensure they have cool amount of steem before trading on steemscan.

Would you see it as a valuable tool if you were to convert small amount of STEEM versus large sum?

Lols.. I won't be skeptical about this but the fact is that i prefer converting large sum of steem using Steemscan and I may also use it for low amount of steem if there's necessity to do so.

Who in your opinion is the target audience? Small fish or whales?

I think the project is actually aimed at both small fish and whales on the steem blockchain since the conversion rate seems to be equal for both whales and small fishes on the steem blockchain.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborlaand and I hope you have a great day ahead

Late thank you for sharing your AMAZING feedback @hardaeborla

When I first read the post, I thought, finally! A replacement for Blocktrades. That in itself is huge! I have been using Binance and still nothing beats Blocktrades. So I'm all for Steemscan filling that void.


  1. I love how clean the interface is. It's intuitive and I immediately get how to use it. That's good especially when it comes to onboarding new users.
  2. I like that it does not require KYC. Hopefully, it never would. It's not an issue of anonymity for me but more of a convenience.

But now on to some of the cons.


  1. I have no qualms over USDT or BTC and I understand why TRX is there. But what about ETH? Hopefully ETH along with some of the other ETH tokens will be added on to it over time. I think having XMR would be a plus point as well. That really sells the whole decentralized idea.
  2. Having SBD available for trading would be great.
  3. I think having some features where you can lease steam would be awesome as well.
  4. Fees can be a bit high

Some features to add on:

  1. With the whole yield farming craze going on, I think having some form of fund for people to invest in with Steem would be good, something akin to comp or a mixed basket of different crypto assets.

  2. I think with all the different Steem engine tokens on Steemit, having some option to trade some of it here would be cool.

Now despite some negative comments given, I still think this is an awesome project and kudos to project hope for this. Really looking forward to see how this continues to evolve in the future.

I got to know about this website through @steemitblog post but never visited but after this announcement, I have gone through the portal. Few of the points I have as my findings-
1- Good that its not asking for KYC which makes it easy to use the same like blocktrades but I think they should be providing option to log in and retain the history of transactions.
2- As of now it offers steam conversion to USDT, BTC, and TRX but I that they are missing SBD. They need to add an option to convert from SBD to STEEM and STEEM to SBD. I have no plans to take away my steem token from steemit platform but I have been converting SBD to STEEM/SP a lot with blocktrades but this option is not yet here. Its of no use for the people who don't want to take out their steem away. I will certainly use this if they add this option and I am sure many people would be here like me.
3- Undoubtedly UI is simple and easy to use.

I understand that it's is in early stage and there will be much more coming in but such feedbacks would be helpful to add more functionalities and increase the usability of the website. Thank you.

Dear @alokkumar121

I appreciate your feedback. I can only hope that team behind will read it and find value in your comment.

Congratulations to @Project.hope for this amazing tool developed together with @RoadOfRich and @FutureShock. 🎊

For personal consideration I really like the platform. It helps those who lost the opportunity to use Blocktrades and allows to have a very attractive STEEM to USDT BTC and TRX exchange platform.
The only thing that makes me noise is the transaction fee. That keeps away those users who do not have as much capital or do not generate as much money on Steemit. For these users it will still be more feasible to make the changes from SBD to STEEM and move those STEEMs to other platforms or sell them with local intermediaries.

The initiative itself is great. I leave my comments that I know will serve all developers as Feedback. I can also understand the commission issue as a point of "Not everything can be free" / "There is a payroll to pay."

Saludos 🔺

Dear @jacorv

I appreciate your feedback. I can only hope that team behind will read it and find value in your comment.

I also would like to take this opportunity and introduce you to our Project.Hope community on Steemit:
Maybe you would find our community worth your attention.

Have a great monday,
Yours, Piotr

Thanks for the invitation, I hope we can do a crossover with the next technology theme of the Knitrias Project. @Knitrias.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hello dear @project.hope, @crypto.piotr and everyone reading.

I just did a little test and I have a few things to say:

First of all, it is the easiest way to exchange your tokens that I have known since I met blockchain, a system that anyone without much experience can use, this is very good for me.

The second is that some information is needed for new users, minimum transaction, frequently asked questions and those basic things that are anywhere.

On the other hand we need to expand the currency options to exchange.

Finally, they must include Spanish in the language options, we have many Venezuelans and South Americans in steem.

In summary, it is very easy to use this tool, in my particular case I never dared to exchange for TRX, today I did it and it was a great experience, I will continue using this tool in the future, I recommend it.


I find this to be a really interesting project @crypto.piotr and @project.hope.


  1. The idea, the fact of being able to convert STEEM to other cryptocurrencies is important.

  2. I was surprised by the fact that you don't need to login with a username and password, not even the use of a KYC procedure. This facilitates access to the platform.

  3. The user interface is simple, clear and elegant. The dark mode option of the interface is appreciated.

  4. The tracking and search options for transfers and prices are very interesting.

Possible improvements:

  1. Add more cryptocurrencies to the exchange possibilities.

  2. The exchange rates are similar to those found on other platforms, but perhaps more information could be given on what those rates correspond to.

  3. Set a minimum value for the transaction. Depending on the quantity to be exchanged, it may be the case that the user gets a negative value.

Really good job! Congratulations to the entire team!

Dear @photophoenix

I appreciate your feedback. I can only hope that team behind will read it and find value in your comment.

I also would like to take this opportunity and introduce you to our Project.Hope community on Steemit:
Maybe you would find our community worth your attention.

Have a great monday,
Yours, Piotr

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Steemscan review
Steemscan has a very considerable exchange rate these are the first thing every trader will virtually look into when making an exchange.
I decided to create a transaction using 200 steem which was converted for 0.00396153btc with a fee of 0.00050447btc which is equivalent to $27.39 and the transaction fee was $4.6.
Note exchange rate may vary due to constant fluctuation in currency price.
For a starting exchange company that actually need to survive in the competitive market I would say the rate at which fee for conducting transaction are been charged are not attractive and this might lead to having limited users in the platform.
Since there are other exchange platform that offer little charges for making transaction, it all about scale of preference and this are what user are looking for.

Aside the platform transaction fee I would say all other integrated features on steemscan are absolutely awesome.
It has a very good and easy user interface very easy to navigate and play around with, making conversion are just few click with well organized step interestinly user need no KYC to make transaction I find this very conviniente.
Support night mode and Dapp smart contract an open forum for developers to add interesting features the platform which I believe with time new interesting features will be introduce to enhance the platform performance. Transaction block are show these is to increase the platform transparency and user confidence about the authenticity of all transaction conducted directly on the platform.
In conclusion I would say steemscan is an amazing exchange platform that will strike the market with lot of interesting features that are yet to be introduced in the platform.
I would only make a suggestion, to see the transaction system especially exchange charges are looked into and adjust.

Pros of steemscan

  1. It offers fast transaction speed
  2. Transparency in block transaction which are show daily on the platform.
  3. A forum for developers to add interesting features to the platform
  4. Support Dapp
  5. KYC system not applicable
  6. good user interface

Cons of steemscan

  1. High transaction fee
  2. Limited exchange currency only 3, to attract more users other crypto coins need to be added on the platform.
  3. Customer support not available newbie might need quick guide and assistance directly on the platform live chat would be of great benefit.

Dear @mccoy02

I appreciate your feedback. I can only hope that team behind will read it and find value in your comment.

Have a great monday,
Yours, Piotr

Thanks so much


So it is giving me $6 if I exchange 8k steem. I know it is a bug but that's not acceptable if you are trying to be the go to exchange for all steem users.

I like the design but I don't find it as simple as blocktrades.

The fee is too high, 0.0005 BTC. I am not paying such huge fees.

Also, there is no ethereum which is a big minus.

Couldn't find a way to convert SBD.

I won't be using this service until the fees are brought down to competitive levels and the bugs aren't fixed.

First thing that I think is important to talk about is the fee, obviously the bigger amounts will have an advantage but at the same time it bring consciousness.

One aspect that I think is unique, at least I don´t see it very often is the possibility to see STEEM price at different FIAT and other major cryptocurrencies.

Also worth mentioning that for me seeing the charts usually is the catalyst to my transactions and both BTC and STEEM charts are very useful when it comes to make the decision to convert your coins.

I´m sorry, the more I explore the more paragraphs I add...
One last thing, I haven´t refreshed my witness votes in ages and this platform will probably be what makes me do it... Probably tomorrow, now gotta go to sleep. Hope I could help.

Best regards,
Diogo Santos

Dear @diogosantos

I appreciate your amazing feedback. I can only hope that team behind will read it and find value in your comment.

Have a great monday,
Yours, Piotr

Hello @project.hope and @crypto.piotr, excellent collaboration, I think it is something really incredible and necessary for other users to be able to exchange STEEM in other crypto-currencies or the other way around, that would allow us to invest both in steemit and in other platforms and still increase the value of the currency if you invest enough in the case of steemit.

Personally I think that the target staff would be the whales, since they move a good amount of STEEM, some small fish would be included too, it all depends on how much they want to invest in other cryptomonies.

If it looks valuable to convert a small amount of STEEM into a large amount and for that I think you should have a fixed rate, because if it varies it can either lose value or go up, but that will be determined by time and community monitoring.

In my opinion, a plus would be that it gives you the option, if you have digital coins and you want to exchange them and invest them to other crypts you can do it from that platform and that in turn you collaborate with developers of the same to continue improving in their work and supporting them to continue with their work.

From my point of view I don't see it as an unfavourable point, rather it opens many possibilities to those who need it and helps other people to expand and make themselves known.


Dear @suanky

I appreciate your amazing feedback. I can only hope that team behind SteemScan will read it and find value in your comment.

Please allow me to take this opportunity and introduce you to our Project.Hope community on Steemit:

ps. I've noticed that you're still playing holybread? ;)

Yours, Piotr

Hello @crypto.piotr, thank you for your word, I hope so, many have had good comments that are worthy to appreciate and take into account.

I have already joined the community, I would be interested in talking to you for discord, possibly in a few days I will write to you.

Yes, it is a game that since it began I liked and with the possibility of changing in time the bread crumbs to steem and allowed me to win an extra. Now they have migrated to hive and are putting more effort into the game.

Thanks for prompt reply @suanky

I have already joined the community, I would be interested in talking to you for discord, possibly in a few days I will write to you.

our discord server:

Looks very nice but I would not use it.

The very simplicity of the tool left me feeling that I was missing some information.

At the top we see that each steem is worth about 20 cents today. Then we can see tokens we can trade for, but we don't know how much those are worth in USD today.

This means that I have to click out of the site to see if I am getting a good deal or not.

Also, I was going to withdraw 20 steem just to see how the service worked, how fast it was, how easy it was to use, etc, but taking out 20 steem would have given me a negative BTC balance.

This made me feel like I would be paying at least 20 STEEM every single time I made a trade.

Lastly, and I know this is highly personal. I would like an option to convert using Litecoin. With litecoin, I find it easier to convert to actual $$$ USD. BTC was meant for large transactions while litecoin was meant for smaller transactions.

Again, I did not use it because 20 steem is about as much as I am willing to take off the platform, I am working on raising my SP.

i dont really know why my mind keep skipping this but i think i have the time now. first of all i really say a big thank you to this team for creating another means of exchanges after blocktrades for steem users to make us of, you guys are doing a great work

i had to check the website out and i really love the interface and it is really cool but lot of work still need to be put in place, currently we can only convert steem to usd, btc and trx but post reward is in sbd and sp, is there any possible chance for user to be able to convert their sbd to steem maybe later on and vice versa.

there should also be a medium which can allow users to be able to purchase steem or sbd using any other cryptos or their master or visa card. it will really bring in more users instead of them using external exchanges.

the fee is one thing that always attract users, i can see the fee isnt fixed, i saw 1 usd as fee and it change to 2 usd again, we need a fix fee and the one that can attract users to stay and make use of the exchange.

there are also lot of things to do but maybe another day when i get more use to the website. thanks

Dear @valchiz

Amazing comment buddy :)

I appreciate your feedback. I can only hope that team behind will read it and find value in your comment.

Have a great monday,
Yours, Piotr

This is interesting. I was just trying out #telkee app from #futureshock, and now I'm here looking at #steemscan.

First of all, what I like about steemscan is the dark theme. I always wanted a dark theme because one of the reason is, it save a little bit of screen backlight power usage. Another thing is, it just look cool, and easy on my eyes.

Functionality wise, I have done a quick scan through, it's quite user friendly and straightforward. I haven't dare to use it yet as soon as I scroll to BTC, suddenly my 20steem worth a negative value if I send these 20 steem to my BTC address. Was it the fee to high? Or steem does lose its interest in the crypto world? I don't know will I be feeling comfortable with the numbers I saw on the screen. Other than that, yeah why not?

Also, will be nice to have a handy checkpoint for users to browse through their previous transaction. If that is already in the pipeline, than its good.

Hello friends, the platform is very interesting, I like the fact that there is a replacement for Blocktrades and I do not doubt that they do a good job in the short, medium and long term.

With respect to the platform, in my opinion it should be directed mainly to small fish, I am sure there are more of these than whales, therefore the central idea of an exchange platform is to facilitate access and the process of exchanging Fiat currency for these small investors.

The fee seems excessive to me despite it being a standard fee regardless of the amount, I am not saying that they should not get paid for their effort and service to the community, however, the smaller the fee the more adoption it opens up and many more transactions will be completed in a day. By greatly increasing the profits they can make, leaving all users happy with the service.

This is my opinion about the platform, my congratulations to all those involved and 100% support to the project both @project.hope and the developers.

Thanks for sharing your feedback @cieliss

Appreciate it.

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Yours, Piotr

Excellent, seems straight forward and easy to use.

I was going to ask what the fee structure was after plugging in different numbers, then I realized it's clearly indicated at the bottom. The transparency is very helpful and you can see the overall percentage decreases with larger transactions. Seems reasonable to me.
Keep up the great work!

Thanks for sharing your feedback @minerthreat

Appreciate it.

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Hi @project.hope

The page is definitely very intuitive, I think this type of exchange is a great advance.

However, in the midst of my possibility, it is very expensive for me to make an exchange using this medium.

Due to costs - I did some calculations to find out how much I can make an exchange, I must clarify that I am using the price of the dollar in my country as a reference. and for me as a Venezuelan 45 dollars of commissions is very high.

Zero that only those who have high exchange volume to make change are what can use this page.

However, because of how easy it is to make the exchanges, I will make you a lot of publicity.

The truth is that I am excited to be able to participate in an original project for this type of platform; my appreciation, quite friendly, simple in its requests and content.

A table of DeFi's that if developed will be a significant advance in this world of alt's and more at the moment, the hidden card of many alternatives.

Quick Convert is quite simple, without complications, for many users who are only interested in basic operations without any complications in the transfer.

Again, it is an excellent initiative, I think they definitely caught our attention, one more step in the development of an interactive community of steem through project.hope.

Hi, @ project.hope
First of all, I must congratulate you on the excellent initiative.
On the other hand, I have not had the opportunity to make any changes or use this type of application.
However, when reviewing it I find it friendly enough even for those skeptical of using them.
For the above, I only dare to comment on the visible without going more deeply, as would be the benefits at a glance, such as: the simplicity of its use, a very practical and user-friendly appearance.
I hope to continue enjoying and sharing the fruits of the many successes of the community.

Appreciate your comment @janettyanez

I just looked at Steemscan and input 5 Steem, which would be valued at around $1 at this time since it sits at 20 cents USD. The estimated return was a NEGATIVE number!!! This will not serve anyone who is a small account on Steem. There is potential here to make a lot of money by taking just a very small portion of an exchange for a fee, but this is totally outrageous for an automated system to be gouging like that. I would not be interested in using this exchange when I can trade my coins on any exchange for less than that. If they offered a trade to USD itself, then I could understand the higher fee structure because banks and fiat money are involved. An exchange that only trades tokens and coins can't compete with the established giant, Binance. Why would anyone use a limited exchange like Steemscan when they can use Binance?

Dear @happyme

I appreciate your feedback. I can only hope that team behind will read it and find value in your comment.

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Yours, Piotr

It's a pretty good collaboration. Sorry for the late reply but I wanted to try the platform before I say anything. It is a pretty good platform as it fills the void left by Blocktrades so I really appreciate it.

But I will certainly criticize it on the looks. I would have really preferred a rather more Immersive website. Other than that I am pretty stoked to use that Website as now I can directly transfer funds to my wallet rather than going via Bittrex.

I would also like to add the point that since the fees are fixed this service may not hit the smaller guys who like to transfer 5-10 USD at a time as the fees would be huge for that. So maybe you can implement a smaller fee structure for the smaller guys who like to cashout in small bits.

Dear @arunava

I appreciate your amazing feedback. I can only hope that team behind will read it and find value in your comment.

I would have really preferred a rather more Immersive website

Im not sure what does it mean? Could you please elaborate?

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Have a great monday,
Yours, Piotr

Moments back I have read a review post on this tool ...perhaps by someone whom you had asked to review this tool. What I gathered there was there that this service is quite expensive but is a good option for people who are not willing to do KYC for using centralised exchanges. Since I have several accounts with centralised exchanges, I think this service is not for me.

For record, I used to use blocktrades services when I was new to Steem until I opened up an account with Bittrex. After that I never felt the need to use Blocktrades services again. Hope you got my point!

By the way, can you point me to any expressed guidelines for policies for giving away downvotes by INC. I can't figure out any logic behind handing out random flags. So I don't think you should upvote this comment if it runs a risk of downvote 6 days later.

I dunno, why am I even writing this comment in the first place. Silly me!

Dear @xyzashu

I appreciate your feedback. I can only hope that team behind will read it and find value in your comment.

I dunno, why am I even writing this comment in the first place. Silly me!

Silly you? Why would you think that way?

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Have a great monday,
Yours, Piotr

Greetings esteemed @crypto.piotr @roadofrich and @futureshock great initiative, I love that you are worrying about making Steem grow even more and get back on track, particularly I am at your disposal and willing to help in any way I can so that applications and developments like these have enough spread for a greater adoption.

Now, regarding the platform:

  1. First I will talk about its interface, this is comfortable, simple, without registration which makes it very easy to use for anyone who wants to make a change. Point in favor for adoption.

  2. I am a forex and crypto-currency trader, often I am trading, a trader or any user always looks for a platform where the commissions are much lower, in that sense, I would prefer to make the exchange for example in Binance even if it is more steps, but it would be cheaper than the fee I observed in the platform of 1.3$.

  3. One of the largest user bases on the platform are not whales, not even dolphins, as it is in my case, despite having enough time on the platform since 2017, I'm not even a dolphin, and I usually exchange low amounts, by this I mean that in my opinion the platform should be accessible to all those users who are not whales and who handle decent amounts (Low). The pillar of the platform is us the small ones and the idea is that we grow and so the platform grows.

  4. There must be a variety of currencies to exchange, those currencies with more liquidity and also that the transactions are cheap, for example Dogecoin, add ETH, XRP, XLM etc.

These are the most outstanding observations I have about the platform. As I said, I am available to support you. Likewise if more sincere congratulations for the initiative and STEEM ON.

Financial Markets Analyst

The experience I had with SteemScan.convert ~ 3 weeks ago @project.hope / @crypto.piotr is covered in this exchange, which was addressed by @rdfax.

Hopefully they have continued to make progress in getting the interface to correctly render the info by which their potential customers will be making important decisions.

They certainly seemed to have good intentions.

Thanks @roleerob for dropping by and sharing your experience.

It seem that you already had some awful experience with this tool in the past.

I can only hope that team behind will read it and find value in your comment.


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

First, I commend the user interface design, simple and very understandable User interface plus I love the dark mode option(I've always loved dark mode!). Cool user experience too with the animations.

But, first, the transaction fee is very high and easily turns away users, especially when you're changing steem to usdt. Custodian exchanges charge way less, I'm sure most people will prefer a cheaper option.


Secondly, the arrangement of the exchange options on mobile is a bit poor, the way the exchange options are stacked (the usdt, trx e.t.c) is a good user interface but a poor user experience, a simple horizontal display will be better and will accommodate other options to be added (except if the team is not thinking about adding more exchange options)

Again, the site is a bit too 'steem centred', in my opinion, there should be a a simple widget that displays the current exchange rate of all coins listed on the platform, this will help users make decisions easier.

Again, the team might want to create a smart contract token which will be used to reward users for exchanging on the platform,Amount of token rewarded to a user will be determined by the volume they exchanged and will be sent automatically to their accounts after the exchange.
This token will also be available to be exchanged on the platform, this will surely draw more interest to the platform, however, this just an opinion.

Nice work in summary, there's every room for improvements.

Dear @joelagbo

I appreciate your feedback. I can only hope that team behind will read it and find value in your comment.


Hello there, I've actually checked this out and I feel the simplicity to the website is quite cool. No complexities and anything more technical, I however see issues with the transaction fee which I think will reduce if it's taken into consideration. Another thing is that. Making gains at the moment is simply shouldn't be the aim. However I applaud the interface and I feel it's new and things might be better with time.
Lastly I'm looking forward to seeing how the partnership turns out and how it'll impact project hope by all means. Cheers.

Thanks for sharing your feedback @josediccus

Appreciate it.

The look and feel of the interface can be improved a little from my point of view. It is like a sauce where they miss some ingredients.

To withdraw from the conversion the fees is too high for Tether and Bitcoin. The best option is to convert it in Tron, then change it back somewhere else for any crypto of your choice.

Thanks for sharing your feedback @chesatochi

Appreciate it.

It's a good innovation that will surely make us forget about blocktrades. Looks user friendly. Very brief and precise to the point.

I can 't wait to use this exchange. Though my worry is about the high fees. I wish they can be brought down a little bit.

What about the SBD token? I hope it can be added on the exchange.

Project.Hope partnership with developers such as those that designed steemscan, is indeed a great step forward for increasing the value of steem and such projects on the steem ecosystem.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Dear @yohan2on

I appreciate your feedback. I can only hope that team behind will read it and find value in your comment.

I really like the initiative and I like the website as it provides more services and information than the converting tool in itself!

I have no trouble with the set fee, it is quite nice, and it will make things easier for those who don't want to involve an exchange in the entire operation. However, I do miss the chance to go in the other direction, that is, if I have Bitcoin/Tron/USDT (or what about Ethereum) and I want to invest it on Steem... Wouldn't it be nice to add an option for not only withdrawing funds, but to actually invest in the platform?

What a good initiative @project.hope, it is a very good way for many to participate, although I think that in this community many are to comment on each publication. That's good.

As for the union of two projects, I think it's pretty good, although I don't know much about cryptomonics, I think it's easy to use, it seems steemscan have a good format, that anyone could use. Regarding the prices, no idea, it's not much what I could bring. But, everything that comes to the platform in the form of development must be good.

Congratulations on this achievement.

Dear @jgb

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Have a great monday,
Yours, Piotr

but when we choose usd or trx and select Create order without entering withdrawal address error shows :- This is not a valid TRX address
but no error when we choose BTC .
and on usd error is :- This is not a valid ETH address( USd not Eth )

these two you must check an correct ....

Steem deserves quick convert app, but… I may be missing something but why there isn’t an SBD option for conversion into other currencies? Will it come soon?

Dear @lighteye

I may be missing something but why there isn’t an SBD option for conversion into other currencies? Will it come soon?

Unfortunatelly I'm not sure if guys behind this tool are planning to add SBD as an option.

I appreciate your feedback. I can only hope that team behind will read it and find value in your comment.

Have a great monday,
Yours, Piotr

Firstly, great work in bringing this tool. Having just looked at it briefly, i quite like the simple interface and for me 2 options matter - btc and usdt. I also like the fixed fee bit. One withdrawal a month will make this service quite cheap. Nice initiative and hope to see more developers and tools being added to steem through your efforts.

Thanks for sharing your feedback @karamyog

Appreciate it.

As a financial advisor, I only tell you that the profit of a company is in the sales volume, and with this I think it is easy to know what I say, if you put a high rate no one will use it if you put a low rate everyone will use it and you will also have free advertising, since the one who uses it will tell it to more people. That's what I think

Thanks for sharing your feedback @apoloo1

Appreciate it.

At first glance, it looks basic and sufficiently user-friendly. Of course, I'd have to use it before giving it any full appraisal.

I have great faith in @futureshock, to have a dApp on the iOS platform to use STEEMIT. This is of fundamental importance to be able to use STEEMIT at all times. I need it to be much more incisive with my blog. If there are dApps that allow me to use STEEMIT also from a mobile phone also in the BETA TEST version, I would be available to try them. Let me know. Thanks in advance

I appreciate your comment @stefano.massari

I just visited your profile and it seem that we're sharing some similar interests. Perhaps you could consider subscribing to our community:

Also, consider joining our discord server:

Yours, Piotr

thank you for sharing such a piece of amazing information looking more for your side

Thanks for dropping by @steem.steemit

ps. did you give up on steemit? your recent post is ... very old :P

yes it is very old, we didn't continue here but now we are here looking forward to work on steemit
thanks for your comment

Wow, an extraordinary thing, to make things easier, we are very happy to hear that.

Thank you @syuhada73 for your supportive comment and for resteem :)

Cheers, Piotr

Really good initiative!

  1. It helpful to have a tool to convert currency in order to make life easier;

  2. A fixed fee would be good if not too expensive because the tool must be accepted for a large amount of people;

  3. Making currency convertion easy would be good for small fish specially if you want to popularize Steemit, for exemple in Brazil most of people don't know about Steemit.

Dando resteem al proyecto @project.hope. Un abrazo.

As a young guy who is gradually improving his programming skills, I find the interface rather smart and easy to use but I am not convenient with the charges.
I am still a low income earner on this platform so the rate is on a high side.

Thanks for sharing your feedback @busted1

Appreciate it.

After blocktrades it was difficult to trade, but now with steemscan it will be much easier. I appreciate their work and will resteem his post to get more audience.

The user interface is attractive and friendly and finding an exchange as swift as that where i do not need to go through the long process of KYC before I get my funds is really cool.

I think those developers did a great job.

Some feedback. I think steemscan is an encouraging project, although it still feels like it might be in beta stage as all functions are not yet to full capacity. The fees is definitely an issue. Maybe feels should be paid in steem and burnt. That benefits steem more the more use of it. The app will defininately do with easy to navigate UI( blocktrades some example.) fees should be lower.
I did support the lunch of steemscan, whenever there’s update and progress, I will support to promote.


Thanks for sharing your feedback @pero1337

Appreciate it.

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Have a great monday,
Yours, Piotr

Great initiative. I've never exchanged anything yet but hope I can if it will be here

Need ETH to change from Steem. BTC sucks because of high transfer fees. So I'd rather use Ionomy as an exchange.

Truly its gonna worth it
But in addition to the pros,

  1. Running a faucet would be nice to engage customers
  2. Adding more crypto like ETH, BNC etc would aid customer availability
  3. In making the system user friendly, i think the coinbase or blockchain kindof platform methodology should be used.

So, the fee to convert 2 STEEM is same as 2 million STEEM?.. Whales will love this service.. :-)

Thanks for sharing your feedback @puncakbukit

Appreciate it.

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Have a great monday,
Yours, Piotr

I really do not think it is a fair deal to have a certain fixed charge for every withdrawal, it should rather be based on the amount of withdrawal. (Just my opinion, I am sure the team knows better)

Checked the platform out and i have to say, it is really well done in terms of UI which is stands out - clean and simple to use. In my opinion, this will be of great benefit to the steam ecosystem as it will provide and intuitive way to convert coins. This is really nice and a step in the right direction.

How exactly does the steemscan work, is it a dex?. I am looking for one which charges less fees, I am small player and if a lot of fee is put I am not interested in the app.

Interface looks neat though. I have tried converting steem using blocktrades, that never worked out for me, does this work?

I think that this is a great project. It will be fine if Ether is added to the site and if we could get a redirection to the site from Steem Wallet as we do in the days of Blocktrades. Cheers!

Dear @team007

I appreciate your feedback. I can only hope that team behind will read it and find value in your comment.

That is very mobile friendly too.

I also like the overview with all the dapps that you can easily find through the menu.

I didn’t know there were so many. There are quite a few on that list that I did not know about.

Very nice good looking user interface. Well done!

Thanks for sharing your feedback @elbrava

Appreciate it.

I also would like to take this opportunity and introduce you to our Project.Hope community on Steemit:
Maybe you would find our community worth your attention.

Have a great monday,
Yours, Piotr

I really appreciate the fact that we are growing as a community and having some intelligent developers coming on board with us is certainly one giant step, checking the link it looks so brilliant and compared to other exchanged where you have to look for a way around everything, I found the page self explanatory and exciting.

More success to project.hope

I am not quite sure about the fees.

Thanks for dropping by @marifa

How much Steem do you want to convert?
Steem Amount
Choose a currency
Enter a withdrawal address for USDT
Withdrawal Address
You will receive approximately:
2.82815833 USDT

Fees : 1.03866827 USDT

I am not quite sure about the fees.

Congratulations to the developers for the design of the page, it is very friendly, that is the most remarkable aspect on my part I would like them to include the Spanish language, so I understood the commission in btc is high at least for me, so for I will not use it now but in the future I hope so, it is good to know that there is a way to exchange steem.

If the charges are fixed at a certain price that I find on the site, then I really do not think it is for someone like me who withdraws little amount at a time.

very useful content to understand and actually apply'm really interested in reading more of your articles.

I sincerely love the idea and the interface but I am not about to lose the little I make here to high charges, it really is not my thing but I wish the team all the best.

I particularly think that this partnership is interesting and will add a lot of value to Steemit because I’ve read a lot of positive comments, but I never used it myself because it wasn’t necessary yet. However, it is always very good to see how much good things happen here.

Great job, @project.hope.

Thanks for dropping by @wiseagent

I'm assuming that you didn't really have a chance to test SteemScan and share your own feedback about this tool?

This is very nice portal and I am glad that it offers quick conversion from crypto to crypto but looking forward to have SBD added in this. This will help many Steemians to get benefited.

Appreciate your comment @reeta0119

These are my appreciations of the site: 1- The colors cakes confuse (it is difficult to visualize the exchange rates) 2- While whales move the great capital, they are common users who form a market with the currency. 3- Fixed fees only benefit large transactions; For common users are a better percentage of total transaction amount

Thanks for sharing your feedback @trabajosdelsiglo

Appreciate it.

Not bad, but atm I don't need it, make no conversions since.

make sense. thx for dropping by @cektop.

It's good to partner to generate more applications that keep developing the steem platform, let's hope for many more successes for the project hope community. Greetings

Thanks for dropping by @carlos84

I'm assuming that you didn't really have a chance to test SteemScan and share your own feedback :(

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I appreciate such a nice work. This site helps every steemit user a lot. Now everyone can convert their steem in other tokens easily. People was facing a lot of problems due to removal of steem from the blocktraders now steemscan will help them a lot.
what about the charges sir?

Thanks a lot for mentionning my post! This is a great project because steem needs developers who can bring new apps and ideas to this blockchain. It's in all our interests to encourage and support such businesses.

Great initiative and nice to be part of it!