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Have you ever imagined the internet without GOOGLE ? Keep it apart the services provided by GOOGle as a company just imagine internet without GOOGLE search engine. We know internet has billions of websites with large content, but have you ever imagined what makes all these contents discoverable ? Search engine is the one which makes all these websites visible to us. Now lets talk about META SEARCH ENGINE.

What is Meta Search Engine ?


Before we start META SEARCH ENGINE, you need to be known about working of search engine. The search engine visits various sites where it creates database(known as INDEX) of the site so that whenever a user may enter into search pannel, something (algorithms) happens and whatever a user has searched, the page will return the relevant information.
So lets start how META SEARCH ENGINE works ? Well Meta Search Engine don’t need any index, they get the benefit of indicies which are created by other search engines, infact it is their strong point. A Meta Search Engine takes off the information from the several search engines and then perform their own algorithms inorder to re-order the information, say from google or bing.

Advantages of Meta Search Engines:

  • Meta Search Engine is the best way for the user to get an quick answers or an ovverview of the particular topic.
  • It can also provide safe searching and privacy while searching by hiding searcher’s IP address.
  • It allows more information to be searched by forwarding different queries to several search engines.

Search Engine vs Meta Search Engine:


As I already mentioned, meta search engine gets results from multiple search engines and we all know two is better than one so the results must be better. But the reality behind it is different, let me explain as, first of all one thing you need to be known that no search engines can search the index the entire internet, even GOOGLE cannot. Now if a person need to search something which is in the last index and the engine that person is using cannot find it then meta search engine is the only option to get the result. Perhaps it need to checked whether the first search engine is good search engine or not. It is the algorithm which creates database and search the index which is also used to order the results that makes one engine better than another. So in my opinion, if the meta search engines gives you all what you need and which previous engines couldn’t gave you , the damn yess it is better. But yeah it depends on the everyones prespective.
If some of you are will to use engines, I will recommend DOGPILE and METACRAWLER . At last I would say, meta search engines are simple and fastest engines.



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@tipu curate

Without google there will certainly be another search engine that will be used and the benefits of meta search engine are pretty much too it could perform well in place of google search engine.

Obviously It can perform well in place of google SE.
But fortunately google has already created it huge market so everyone is looking towards it.

It seems google has the market already but no one can ascertain what will happen in the future something else may just act better so we watch.

No one can predict future. Maybe there will be a new engine better than google. Who knows!