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Whatsup Everyone...

I hope you all are fine inside your homes. This CORONA bitch has made our lives hell. Staying inside for 24/7 is like getting stuck in a cell. Well hope it will get over soon and we will start our life again happily.

I want to talk about my first investment in cryptocurrency. Well I had never done it before, as it was my first time investing into crypto. First I thought I had no experience so it might be a bit risky but then I managed myself somehow and invested. And thankfully, I am really happy with the investment.

So let me talk about my first investment in crypto.
2 months back, I hopped into the crypto market and choose some coins to invest in. Off course I was not going to invest into only one coin/token, as some had already informed me about the trade. Well, I followed his steps and invested a few bucks.


The first choice was CHAINLINK. At that time, when I invested into, price of LINK was 2.3$ and I was expecting it to reach nearly 3.5$ in next month. But my good luck, now you can see the price of LINK is almost close to 5$. This happened because of the volume rise of market cap, even also the news came recently that LINK has started trade with China which may also boost its price, so it will be my good choice.


So my second choice was ENGINE. Again when I invested, its price was 0.03 cents. Now its price is close to 0.2 cents which means its price got increased almost 9x. Well, it was also my best choice. I don't know about its price in future but I still hope, it will rise again.

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Now the last one is BAT, I have been using Brave since last year but I didn't get much to withdraw BAT from it. I made an investment into BAT when its price was 0.13 cents and now you can see what is the price of it. Recently it was close to 0.3 cents almost double, which is pretty good for me. That is not its al time high, I hope it will reach its all-time high which is near 1$ and I will be very happy to see that.

Well that was my first experience into crypto investment, I hope you like it.



Thank you.

I hope you guys liked my post.

Keep Supporting.



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the volatility of crypto gives a lot of room to win but also to lose money, I recommend you to analyze strategies and working methods so you can win in the future without many losses.

The money once invested in crypto can give you a huge benefit. Also there are still chances of losing money but that is a rare case unless you keep eye on the market.

It's probably a good start. Those coins have traded pretty well. What I've always had in mind when it comes to crypto currencies, and investing in them is to not risk money you can't afford to lose, and look for ways to recover capital, and after that, it's profit, and if you lose because the price drops, it's not really a loss, it's already recovered. And of course, you don't lose until you sell it at a price less than you bought it.

These are basic rules that I learned a few years ago.

You said it right

you don't lose until you sell it at a price less than you bought it.

Your investment are pretty cool. Link price is now close to $8 the last time I checked it on binance, I should have invested also in bat years back when I have the chance

This is so good and I am happy for you, it is indeed a good start in the world of crypto investment.

I have plans to begin to invest in some coins right after I clear the offline debts I have and I hope I invest in the right one.