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Hard work isn’t necessarily a guarantee for a good income, thousands of very hard working people all over the world always earn very low compared with the people who are able to work in a smart way, smartness is very important for earners in this generation. Civilization has made it very easy for so many people to earn from the comfort of their homes, with just their gadgets they can comfortably earn more money than a hard working person who chooses to work under the sun every minute of the day.
With the world moving in a positive direction, we need to also learn how to move with the change in order to live a good life, there are periods when we will need to get an update on the skill we have already and that should not even be given a second thought, we should get on to it as quickly as possible.

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Copy writing.

Copy writing is a good high income skill that anyone can learn, not everyone can be good at copy writing but if you are in any way good with writing and reading then you can take advantage of social media platforms using it as an option to get value for the contents that you put in. The bloggers and social media influencers usually fall within this category.

Closing deals.

Being able to convince people to buy a product or buy into your dream is a good skill that is making people some very good inflow in this generation, closing is no longer just between individuals but people have been able to move a large crowd to believe in them and invest in them, they have leveraged social media platforms and have been able to make significant output for themselves turning a lot of people millionaires on a daily basis.


This generation is more interested in watching videos than reading or doing anything else, commercials that have good video contents seem to get the best of the day every time so speaking through the creation of a vlog or a podcast is another good way to earn from the comfort of your home in this age, being able to improve speaking skills and looking for a good way to monetize it will not only give you the access to the funds you want but it will also help you leave your name on the sands of time for a very long period.

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Hello @papa-mensa
The possibility of earning money from home, optimizing our time is now a reality easier to achieve than before. Technology is the.key to all this, we must take advantage of the options that exist, and put to monetize our resources.

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We need to really take advantage of this fast growing technology and learn to monetize it appropriately.

There are those who do the same thing every day for more than 12 hours and have more debts than money. It is sad, the ideal is to work intelligently and thus be able to achieve true financial freedom. Greetings.

The solution is to learn how to make more money with less time and less energy.