Visa enters the NFT space by buying $150,000 worth of cryptopunk

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Digital payment giant on august 18 spent $150,000 on an NFT and in so doing took it's first step into the metaverse, a nascent digital online world that promises the internet into a virtual reality.

Cyberpunk is not like canvas or marble but a non fungible token, Nft is a unique as bitcoin proves the authenticity and ownership because it is integrated to blockchain, the nft that visa got is one of the 10,000 24x24 pixel image of tge cyberpunk collection, it is know now that visa first NFT is a female cyberpunk from the collection, it is distinguish with Mohawk, and green eyes and red lipstick on her lip.


As the number increase for crypto enthusiasts, gamers and artists rush to stake their claim in the NFT world that is why cuy sheffeild who is the head of visa had this to say


Did you know that the head of visa is a owner of avid Nft himself

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I think they have a made a good bet!

Yea they have