The importance of Radio in today's world

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February 13 is celebrated around the world as World Radio Day. Today, when the world has become a global village, the news of every moment, reaches from one corner of the world to another in minutes. Where the Internet, social media and television channels have made their mark due to modern technology, the importance of radio has increased rather than decreased in the world today. Where in the past a radio set was needed to listen to the radio, today we can listen to program from the FM radio mobile set, due to which the number of radio listeners is increasing day by day.

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The history of radio is very interesting. Radio was invented by Marconi in 1885, followed by an experimental station based on technology built by Fessenden in 1906. On November 2, 1920, Mr. Davis introduced the first Commercial Radio station, which ran programs for the presidential election. Thus in 1922, Radio developed rapidly and 576 Radio stations were established.

The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) began its transmission in 1922. It was a private company. The company was disbanded in 1926. The government later realized that it was a source of powerful communication, it was renamed the British Broadcasting Corporation in 1927. In World War II, the importance of radio increased among the people.

Similarly, radio has become a source of information, culture and entertainment for the masses and has become popular among the masses. But the revolutionary change in radio history came when the world shifted from AM (Amplitude Modulation) to FM (Frequency Modulation) in 1980.

FM Radio works primarily for the community. FM Radio station not only offers programs for the community but also provides information on community welfare, issues and regional issues. In short, FM Radio 's job is to highlight public issues and problems. FM Radio is even more important because it is listened by many people.

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Community radio stations are non-profit organizations that offer programs tailored to the public's needs, including news, current affairs, social issues, and other community issues. Community radio around the world is supported by the state so that people can easily bring the issues of the region before the government agency in radio programs but also give their feedback on various schemes and projects run by the government. Today, sadly, many FM radios are only playing music.

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Well said @munawar.. History have made it known that radio 📻 was first used in the early 1900s mainly as a way for ships to stay in contact with land and other ships. Radio messages were transmitted and received using the Morse code's "dots" and "dashes." The system was called the wireless telegraph or the radio telegraph. We can't overemphasize the usage of this device in our modern time. As we can see the transition from AM to FM and FM to internet radio and lot more to come..

FM has revolutionized the use of radio in different way.

Hello @munawar1235, I love the Radio..!

I remember that when I was a teenager, the first FM radio stations in my country were just beginning to sound, many of them with content aimed at contemporary youth and adults, humorous programs and opinion programs, very good radio interviews and best of all the Music that was fashionable in the rest of the world, so it was that I got to know Rock, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Blues and electronic music, it also helped me to discover that there was a world, a planet, a whole universe to discover Outside the 4 walls of my room, today, I continue to listen to the radio, I have followed the same stations for more than 20 years and I feel that radio has no comparison with any other means of communication, radio will always be unsurpassed, radio it opened my eyes to the world ..!

It was really great device of entertainment in our age.

Hello @munawar1235, this post reminds me of few years ago, I was much younger and I just loved the sound of radio playing. My siblings could not understand the reason why I will choose radio over television but I just loved the sound of it, (that is the past now anyways). Radio is indeed worth celebrating.