How to protect our online accounts from hackers?

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Hacking is widespread around the world. From the past till now even the websites of the most sensitive institutions and government agencies have been hacked. Access to the main server of the head office, from the personal accounts of the most important personalities to the accounts of a common man, computers and mobiles have also been hacked. In the cyber world, hacking is viewed as a cyber crime which is considered as a big and heinous crime for which the punishments have been kept very strict.

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There are many ways to hack accounts. In hacking, a fake page is first created and then the link of the fake page is emailed to the user whose account is to be hacked. This link contains any interesting, unusual information, pictures or videos that can usually attract anyone. When a user clicks on a link to this fake Facebook page, the page asks for his username and password. When a user logs in to this page by entering their username and password, the full details of their account are given to the person who sent the link. Account details are passed to this fake account creator. A lot of people ask others to like some of their things through Facebook and in this way, in the cycle of likes, only your information goes to them.

In fact, if you look at the URL bar on the page you are logging into, it will not be the address of Facebook or Gmail, but it will be the URL of a website but the page that is coming in front of you, maybe it's from Facebook or Gmail. In fact, it uses exactly the same design page which deceives people very quickly. Their login details are stolen and they don't even know it.

Many people open a website there to shop online or to access a non-essential website, so a page is provided. You are asked to create an account on this page. For which e-mail and password are also requested, one of your e-mail and password also goes to the relevant person.

The easiest and best way to find out the location of someone hacking is also to use the link of different websites to your inbox or email. The only purpose of which is to get you to click on it. The IP address of any Internet connection you log in through a call immediately goes to the hacker. The IP address is basically the location of your internet. The IP determines which area you are currently in.

This is not to say that Facebook or any other account cannot be hacked. However, precautionary measures can be taken to avoid the lowest possible level of hackers. As far as securing it is concerned, you should never keep your important information in your accounts. If someone emails or inboxes you using a duplicate page and asks you to log in, you should first copy the link (address) of that page and view it in a separate browser. Use caution when logging into public places and other people's computers. Only use your personal accounts at trusted locations. It is important to note that sometimes the password is saved while logging in. The security question is also important in hacking any email account. Therefore, do not keep your security questions in a way that anyone can think of.

Recently, a new method of hacking is also emerging. This method is proving to be very easy and useful for hackers. A hacker can somehow install a virus in your mobile phone. A report from New York reveals that hundreds of thousands of the most popular mobile apps monitor your private and sensitive data and steal information. Research by technology company, Vocative found that in addition to Facebook, Viber and anti-virus, dozens of the most popular games also ask users for information that they should not have access to.

These apps can record users' photos, videos, messages, call information, location and even the sound of microphone and speaker. Experts say that this information is usually collected for the purpose of sending advertisements to consumers but we do not know what else they use and to whom this information can go.

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Anti-virus apps top the list of apps that receive inappropriate and excessive access to private information, followed by Viber and Facebook. The easiest way to do this is to install the app whenever you want. There you have it, what you need to do to download the app.

One thing to keep in mind is that no one on social media is yours. These are all temporary. If it is today, it will not be tomorrow. You have your own people in your home, which are in your street neighborhood and family. So people on social media can be good but you don't know how long. One thing to keep in mind is that if one person is yours on social media, he or she can belong to many people at the same time.

Thank you for reading! Stay Safe!👋😌

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hello @munawar1235,
I think the best way to keep your assets safe is to use separate wallets, i.e. have one wallet to store your coins and another for everyday use, generally people who are victims of scams are victims of scammers and not hackers, i.e. a hacker does not spend time breaking into a person's email, but a scammer takes the time to steal by deception.

We must be more and more cautious, because scams are the order of the day, since the Internet has become so important for people, hackers have become present and have created many strategies to steal information, among other things.
You have to be very careful, no doubt.

This is one of the most common ways in which fraudsters create websites that are mirrors of the original ones. Many people fall into this terrible situation as they see the page exactly the same, do not verify the address in the address bar and when they realise it is too late because they have given up their passwords.

Hello friend, nowadays cyber scams have become fashionable, especially in the world of cryptos where you can generate a lot of income, I think we should always be wary of any step we take and any malicious link that will harm us financially.

See you later, have a great start of the week.

I really learn alot for this post. To prevent our account from been hacked really takes alot of vigilant, care and curiosity of everything around us, I really don't know they can used antivirus app to get information from our phones. Thanks for the information.

Hello @munawar1235, Throughout the week I have read in steemit about people who have been victims of electronic fraud and have lost their tokens from their wallets and here where I live, something similar happened to a friend with his WhatsApp.

Somehow we must take extreme security measures when browsing the web, when entering our data in some accounts and even when using our mobile phones with some applications, this makes everyday things more complicated than usual, but we must still be vigilant

We all have to be really careful to protect every online account we have. This is a very useful read and thank you for reminding us all.