The might of Bitcoin stronger than the World’s most popular financial instruments

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Justified anger with the Governing powers on their inefficient management of the economy

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As an angry bird on the current state of how the Government has managed the economy, I have calmed down thinking of Bitcoin.

True, the economic condition is uncertain, there is inflation, possibility of currency devaluation, unemployment. While our money in banks may not be safe because it’s not in our custody. So if the bank’s borrowers default on loans, then there will be NPAs(non-performing assets) and the principal deposits of customers are in danger of getting eroded. This is quite frightening.

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Imagine in withering business conditions , the Corporates who borrowed money can very well fail to return it back, because their business is not doing well!!

Also we all are angry that our tax money is not utilised well to serve Citizens, they are mainly used to serve the interests of big Corporates, industrialists etc, and the poor remain poor, while the rich grow richer.

Angry Bird calms down becoming a Bitcoin Bird

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So, me as a angry bird becomes a Bitcoin bird singing these lines in the tune of “Mighty, mighty Red” song from the Angry bird movie -

“Mighty, mighty Bitcoin to rescue me,
Defender of our wealth and liberty

Empowering Wealth ownership, Hedging against fiat inflation , freeing us from being power controlled ,

Mighty Mighty Bitcoin to Rescue me

Tra la la la la ...tra la la la… la, la, la"

Anyway… in reality the Governments of the World have the power to make Bitcoin quite difficult for its Citizens to access ):, but still for me as a Bitcoin Hodler I feel secure in all this economic crisis…

Bitcoin outperforms other established and giant Financial instruments of the World!!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Now, there is another reason why we can address Bitcoin as “Mighty, mighty Bitcoin”, because it has outperformed the most popular financial asset classes of the world like stocks of big companies, popular stock indices, and our traditional hedging against fiat inflation instruments like Gold and silver…

Check this chart out, it shows Bitcoin’s performance against the World’s biggest financial investment instruments - stock indices S&P 500 and Nasdaq, traditional commodity asset classes - Gold and Silver , and stocks of the world’s biggest companies - Apple, Google, Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft in a 1 year period.

Source Tradingview

As you can see none of the above financial instruments have given returns in percentage amounts of Bitcoin. Most of these companies still have market caps above Bitcoin but have given much less returns.

Taken from

That’s right Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, gold and silver have higher market capitalisation than BTC for the time being but still have given lower returns than BTC baby!!

Also don’t forget to note that Gold and silver have given negative returns which means it yielded a loss for a 1 year holder of these assets.

All these companies are the giants, the might biggies in the financial world but Bitcoin is mightier than them all, atleast I like to think that way!!

Mighty power of Bitcoin to do good!!

Image by Tamim Tarin from Pixabay

Some heart warming news has come on how Bitcoin can be used by Governments to do good as well.

For example, the Bitcoin Fund established by the El Salvador Government making provisions to keep Bitcoin reserves as Bitcoin is made legal tender there, has now got a 4$ million surplus, that’s profit amount on the 700 BTC they purchased.

El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele has said he has plans to build a pet hospital with that 4$ million surplus without selling any of the 700 BTC that the Government procured . More on that can be read here -

Again what echoes here are these lines - “Mighty, mighty Bitcoin…”

Personally, I am no fan of president Nayib Bukele for his move to make Bitcoin legal tender in his country because the president is known to be a dictator and has a lot of corruption charges on him. Even so, it’s lovely news that the president intends to do some good with Bitcoin(:

God Bless us Bitcoin Holders!!

Disclaimer - I am not giving financial advice, this article is for entertainment purposes only and I hold no responsibility over any investment decisions readers take after reading my article.

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Great analysis that you have shared in the post. Last week only Bitcoin has pushed Facebook down by one rank and good to see Bitcoin drinking in this list after some big tech giants like Amazon and Apple but I hope that this will not take too long to push these names as well down side.
@tipu curate

What matters in the end is the fundamentals... why Bitcoin is beating all other assets?...will its value increase even further , is it already consdiered a digital gold.

I have been blacklashed for talking about Bitcoin in a discort group because they think Bitcoin is spam and other terrible insults on BTC...

But they don't understand the money they hold, the fiat is dependent on economic conditions of the country and globally.

If there is too much fiscal deficit, or bad socio-economic contidions...chances are currency can devalue... they are talking about USD currency devalueing because has too much debths but then what about India, it will be very bad.

So, is it not wise to get Bitcoin and hedge against the risk posed by fiat currency.

Not many people see this...and that's a pity!! Don't you think??

Hi my friend very good analysis and i am really impressed with your information that you shared here but i want to know your point of view on statement of elon musk. According to him bitcoin consuming more electric energy i mining which is not good for climate and i believe that Somewhere he is telling the truth. So according to your research what is the solution could be ? I like to know your point of view on it.

I heard Elon Musk's electric car Tesla business is polluting environment because the lithium batteries for those cars pollute a place, its toxic.

Bitcoin mining can be done sustainably if its mined using renevable energy rather than tradition polluting thermal or coal based dirty energy.

I don't think we can say Bitcoin is polluting environment, its we who are polluting environment by nit mining Bitcoin using renewable energy sources. Bitcoin is not contributing to climate change, as much as our life style does, or as much as banks do.

Thanks for reading and commenting friend!!

you are right i am also thinking the same.. thanks for your answer