Waking Up Early And Conquering The Rest Of Your Day As An Entrepreneur - Part 2

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Hello everyone, hope you all are doing good? I'm back with the Part 2 of this amazing series, Waking Up Early And Conquering The Rest Of Your Day As An Entrepreneur. If you haven't read the Part 1, I strongly suggest you do that by clicking here.

Waking up early is quite crucial if you are in a state where you are not productive or uncertain of what to do with your life. This is because, sometimes, we are already in a circle or a rat race, where we don't have adequate time to think on how we can improve ourselves. But if you wake up early, the day seems longer and you seem to have enough time. I know you may doubt me. But I suggest you try it out before concluding. This evening try to sleep before 11:00pm and wake up at 4:00am and notice the difference. In today's article, we would be taking about an excellent tip for waking up early.



Manipulate Your Brain

Whenever we start thinking and doing a particular thing every time, our brain normalize that particular activity. For instance, if every morning, you must brush your mouth before eating breakfast. That's what you do everyday, so it be quite impossible to eat your breakfast without brushing. But you can manipulate your brain, to make brushing before eating bad and hence, you have to eat your breakfast before brushing. But how? Do some research on the healthy benefits of eating breakfast before brushing. You read the article you find every night before you sleep and every morning after you have woken up. Your brain will be reprogrammed and with time, you will normalize eating your breakfast first before brushing.

Same thing can be applied to waking up early. Read books giving reasons why you should wake up early, know famous people that wake early and research on how they do it, listen to podcast of waking up early. Your brain will force you to start waking up on time. You would no longer be able to sleep till 6:00am, because your brain and mind is always all about waking up early. We are like machines, we can be programmed and reprogrammed and we can achieve this by consistently doing a particular thing on repeat. I also watched it on an interesting series, called Raised By Wolves, when a robot said, humans are just like machines, given the right procedures, everyone can be reprogrammed to believe a particular thing and behave in a particular way. Like the famous series, Homeland, a soldier of America, Nicolas Brody was reprogrammed and rewired after been captured by the Al-Qaeda for eight years. Someone who was sent to destroy the group, became a true believer of the group.

We can manipulate our brain, but we need consistency and repetition to achieve it. And if you can continuously be reading books and listening to podcasts on the benefits of waking up early, you will definitely adapt that new habits in no long time. Well according to Evan Carmichael (He interviews entrepreneurs and experts who share their views on how to build a successful business and turn your dreams into reality. PS - This simply means that he understands how the rich and wealthy thinks) ;

Wake up early and tackle the day before it tackles you. Be on offense, not defense. Source




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Part 3, Coming Tomorrow!!!

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It is always good to take possession and conquer the day, and this is being achieved when you wake up in the morning. It is what we have programmed our brain to do that it will do.

Nice piece bro